35 Yr Old with Severe Cellulite - Dallas, TX

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I have what I believe is severe cellulite meaning...

I have what I believe is severe cellulite meaning my dimples are wider and deeper than most I have seen on this site. Getting rid of cellulite would be life changing for me as I have to avoid bright colors and even light jeans because my deepest cellulite shows through.
I had this procedure 4 days ago. The staff and Doctor were extremely nice and professional. The procedure went pretty smoothly,the most painful part was the numbing and other than a few tinges during the actual procedure it was fine.
The swelling has gone down and the bruising is not too bad at all. The pain is pretty bearable and will probably be gone by next week.
What I'm concerned about is the fact that I see absolutely no initial results. I am praying that I did not do this in vein. It was a lot of money and more importantly it's a real let down on what I thought would be life changing.
Only time will tell and I will update this in a couple weeks to say if I see any progress by then. FINGERS CROSSED!!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

The Doctor was very nice and professional.

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