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I was blessed with breasts at a young age. My...

I was blessed with breasts at a young age. My 3rd-grade teacher told my mother that I needed to start wearing a bra before school started up again. If that wasn't humiliating enough, I skipped right over the training bra stage!

I wore a D-cup throughout high school, and was a DD at my first wedding. My breasts grew bigger every year, no matter what weight loss or gain I had. I'm 42 now, and wear a 38H.

I have constant back, shoulder, and neck pain. I've even started to lose feeling in my hands. I feel like a circus freak, and can't buy *normal* clothes anywhere. I gave up on trying to be thin, because it's easier to just be plus size than so disproportionate.

Insurance didn't cover BRs, so I have borrowed money to pay for this. At this point, I'm nervous about the pain and potential for things to go wrong. I have a great doctor, who is well known in Dallas for this procedure. My mom is coming to help, and my husband is supportive, but I don't feel like I can talk to him about my fears. I have a million questions, it seems! I joined here, for the support and sisterhood.

Thanks for having me!

A week and a half away!

My back, neck and shoulders must know that I'm having the surgery done...they have been hurting more than usual these days! I'm used to the lower back pain, but as I have gotten older (and bustier), I now have pinched nerves in my neck as a result of carrying around my funbags. My arms and hands have started losing feeling, and I cannot find a comfortable sleeping position. I'm so ready to have the surgery!

These last few days are dragging by. I've been cleaning and organizing my house before my mother comes to visit. I've also been a crazy person at work, trying to plan ahead so that I don't have a big backlog to return to.

My questions so far are:
1. What will be the best positions to sleep/rest/sit during recovery?
2. Will I have to stay in the hospital overnight?
3. If I don't tell anyone about my reduction, do you think they will know?
4. Why do I feel guilty about doing this? I don't have kids, the money isn't an issue...but I still feel like people will see this as a vanity thing, and not see it as a real surgery or medical need.

My dear hubby will be taking my before and after shots, so I will post them here soon.

Having doubts...

My doctors office keeps changing the price on me. It's more than a $1000 difference from what they said it would cost at the beginning. Insurance isn't covering this, so I'm paying out of pocket. Now, I'm being told that the hospital visit will be a lot higher than what the doctor's office quoted me. I'm pretty upset, and am now questioning my decision. Is it worth it? I'm stressed and worried. I'm afraid of what surprises I may get when I show up at the hospital...or worse, what bills may come afterwards. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it normal for your cost to go up?

The day after surgery

I feel like I'm being run over by a train. I have a lot of pain on the undersides, where the incisions are. My sides feel really swollen.

First few weeks after surgery

I've really hesitated about writing a review, as it seems like my recovery has been slower than others. The first week was pretty painful, and I was in a painkiller-induced haze for most of it. My surgeon did not use drains, so fortunately I did not have to deal with those. I seemed to be pretty swollen however, and the surgical bra they gave me no longer fit. I bought a couple of front-opening sports bras, and they worked fine.

The second week was better, but I was still in a good deal of pain. I describe it as feeling like two softballs of hurt, wrapped in barbed wire and stapled to my chest. I have 18" of incisions, and that seems to be what hurts the most. I also had a large hematoma on the right side, pretty low down. My doctor wasn't too concerned, and told me to take it very easy and rest. I was able to get out and move around a bit, but I would tire pretty easily. Most of week 2 (and 3) was spent resting.

I attempted to go to back to work on week 3. Ultimately, it wore me out, and I opted to stay home for the rest of the week. I still had the hematoma, and wanted to keep an eye on it. Other than a moderate amount of pain, I was also very constipated and found myself getting overheated easily. I was getting out more and more, and wasn't as worn out as before.

Around the 3 week mark, I did find myself getting a bit depressed. Being smaller on top, I noticed that my waistline had expanded a bit over the years and I felt frumpy. I'm still on a no-major exercise limit because of the hematoma.

3.5 weeks out

I tried on some old bras yesterday, to get an idea of what size I will be. My previous size was a 38H, and it seems that I am now a 40DD. I think I still have a bit of swelling on the sides, and I hope that's the reason for the band-size increase. I'm still quite a bit bruised on one side, and the incisions are red and angry-looking. The doctor said they were healing nicely. Ultimately, the doctor took 985 grams out of my right side, and 935 out of the left side. My left nipple is ultra sensitive, and my right one is mostly numb. The right breast still hurts quite a bit, as well as the left nipple. I still can't sleep in any other position but on my back, reclining slightly. I've stopped taking painkillers, as they make me loopy and because I've returned back to work. I've been suffering from insomnia and I'm still pretty constipated. My lower back is starting to hurt from reclining so much, but I still can't sleep in any other position. I'm usually a side-sleeper. I can almost sleep on my left side, but with pain. My right side is still pretty painful, but probably because of the bruising.

I'm still a bit depressed, mostly because of feeling like I didn't have enough taken off. Logically, I know that the doctor did what he felt was best, and I would be fine with a 38D or 40D. I'm concerned that they will grow back!

4.5 weeks post-op

This is the first week I've felt no pain. I've finally been able to sleep on my sides, and sometimes even on my stomach. I have random pains occasionally, but nowhere near as bad as the first couple of weeks. I still feel swollen on the sides, still have some bruising, and still have one ultra-sensitive nipple. They are starting to look more like real breasts instead of Frankenboobs!

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