41 Years Old, Mother of One, Two Large Pendulous Breast

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I have had large pendulous breasts since high...

I have had large pendulous breasts since high school and I wanted a reduction and lift for half of my life.
After discussing breast reduction with my OB/GYN, she recommended that I see Dr. Stagnone for a consultation.
Feeling fully confident, we scheduled breast reduction/lift surgery to be done on November 30, 2011. I found out that I was pregnant November 5, 2011. ????
Needless to say, the surgery had to be put on the back burner. Now that my little game changer is four years old, now is the time to move forward with the procedure.

Monday 28, Nov. Day 7.

Went in for 1 wk check. Removed sutures around areola and steri-strips. The steri-strips were causing blisters to form, especially around the T incision on bottom of left breast. It felt so good to get those itchy strips off.
Nurse called in topical and oral antibiotics, just to be on the safe side.
Still swollen, right more than left. Still feeling very tight, especially the long incision on bottom.
Overall, extremely satisfied. This discomfort is worth the end result.

Driving, with pillow...

I drove my family to the grocery on Sunday, (Nov 27th, day 6), just to get a feel for it. My husband headed out of town early Monday morning so, Monday I dropped the kiddo at preK and headed to my check up.
I did ok, but had some discomfort on turns.
Today (Wednesday), I'm feeling much better! The drive to preK was much easier and I'm feeling more comfortable and confident! Not ready for any major road trips, but maybe a Christmas shopping day is in the forecast??

Driving, with pillow...

A pic of my ugly, but incredibly soft, pillow. And my velour track suit, highly recommended for post surgery.

So how will my boobs be today?

So I was excited to think that some of the swelling was going down and today "POOF" back to swollen again.
I'm learning that because I'm right handed, the right side seems to swell more; which is probably my body's way of saying, "hey girl, I know you are feeling better, but that doesn't change the fact that you had surgery 11 days ago... slow down". And I guess that's ok. And let's talk about bruising... I took photos in natural light coming through bathroom window for the first time today, and there are colors on my chest that I don't think exist in crayolas spectrum.
Still washing with hibiclens every day, still using Bactroban ointment. Still tired of this straight jacket bra that I wear 24/7. ???? I know it's for the betterment of my recovery, so I will reluctantly continue to "lock and load" every day, and night, and afternoon, etc., but I can't promise that I won't curse.
I did move myself almost to tears when I tried on a shirt that has the band that goes under the boobs. When I used to try to wear it, it cut across the bottom third of my my chest and was terribly tight. Fit like a charm today!! I was like, "oh I could get used to this!!"

I bought a "bralette" today...

I have spoken the words, "what is a Bralette, a training bra for grown women?" I know... Hateful right? It was just my frustration at my boobs for forcing me to wear steel boned, reinforced, huge bras; that literally could double as a hat...
But, I'm not a hater anymore! Can I just say it?? I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!!!! ????

Two week check up

Incisions looking good. Right breast really swollen so I got fussed at for overdoing it this past weekend.
I still need to take it easy and wear the ugly bras, but that's cool. Anything to help my healing process!!
Almost forgot, I got my silicone strips today, too. Fun!!!

2 pounds!!

I also remembered to ask how much he removed from my breasts... 620 g from R, 264 g from L; so, 1 and a half pounds from R, and 1/2 pound from left!

Hey RealSelf, what types of silicone scar strips are you using?

Got these from PS office. So far they seem ok, but it's the first day to use them.

Ice, ice, baby...

Yay for an assortment of different sized ice packs.
I'm like, freezing; but hoping to keep my swelling in check.

Three weeks post op

I'm still hanging in there. Three weeks postop and I guess I'm doing OK; I just wish the swelling would go down and these hard spots around the incisions would settle down and soften some. My nipples and areola's are still extremely sensitive, and I still ,just every now and again, have really sharp shooting pain's in my breasts.

I feel like I look OK on the outside as far as my incisions, I feel like they're healing really well; but I guess I'm more concerned about what may be going on in the inside.
Like, why all the swelling and pains and tightening?

I'm taking it easy, definitely trying to not lift anything more than 5 pounds. I do have a four-year-old that I get up every morning for pre-K and I do make her lunch and pack her backpack, but it's not very heavy.

Four weeks today!

Today makes four weeks. My breast have softened quite a bit, most of the bruising is gone, my incisions look great (I think), but I'm still not symmetrical. I know that this is not my final result, because that doesn't happen until, what I've heard is; 3 months, 6 months, even a year...
However, if they stay like this, I'm still happy. They are WAAAYYYY much better than before.
Anyway, I'm still trucking along. Using my scar strips pretty regularly and wearing my big, tight, ugly bras.
Hope all of you are doing great, and Happy Holidays to you all!!!

9 weeks, 2 days

It's been a while since I've done an update. We had a very busy holiday season, but things have settled down a bit.
I was released from docs care on Jan 9th to resume normal activities but to listen to my body.
I'm not sleeping on my stomach as before but side sleeping feels great. Probably won't ever sleep on stomach again now that I'm used to sleeping other ways, as it's terrible for my back anyway.
Able to go to chiropractor and get adjustments so that's great. Also, not having to go as often because of the weight that has been removed.
I have been walking and doing light workouts at home, but I've got to get back in the gym.
Incisions look great, and are just very fine lines around areola and vertical. The anchor incision is still a bit thick and slightly "ropey", but with continued use of silicon strips seems to be softening.
Every now and again I still get pains and tightening, more so on my right side.
Also when wearing underwire, which I rarely do, I get reddish/purplish (almost looks like bruising) so I'm still in my post sx bras mostly. I also find it more comfortable to sleep in a very thin bra, as opposed to none. I think I got used to it so now it feels weird without one.
I know that it can take up to a year to have the final result
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