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So...I have talked about a breast reduction for...

So...I have talked about a breast reduction for years, but didn't really think that I would ever actually go through with it. I am so tired of having to buy tops extra big so that it will fit across my boobs. I'm tired of not being able to get cute empire waist tops or maxi dresses because my boobs are huge. My consultation is tomorrow. While I am starting to be a nervous wreck, I'm really excited to start this process towards being a C cup and am hopeful to have my medical insurance cover it.


*sigh* I was very excited to have my consultation yesterday, but it ended up having to be rescheduled. Of all the days of the year to possibly come down with strep, it would be the day of my breast reduction consultation! UGH! I'm going to call today to get my new consultation date with Dr. Anigian and I have another consultation for mid-July with Dr. Young. I wish I could get everything done right away, but with my sister's wedding (in which I'm matron of honor) coming up at the end of August and moving to a house coming up about the same time...I'm probably going to be shooting for mid-September to actual schedule the surgery.


Finally posting a pic...so looking forward to not being this large.

Delayed post...consult went great!

Tuesday morning I went to the doctor and actually had my consultation. As I pulled into the parking lot, I was so nervous I wanted to throw up! Walking in...my nervousness was completely misplaced. The receptionist was kind. The nurse was so sweet.

The doctor was fantastic! She actually sketched on a piece of paper as she was explaining the surgery to me. She didn't use a bunch of medical jargon, but "dumbed it down" so that I could understand. She thinks that she can easily get me down to the C that I would like to be. I'm slightly higher risk because of the size of my breasts and what I want to go down to, so I'll have an overnight hospital stay.

Now the torturous part. Waiting to hear from insurance. 6-8 weeks!


It is so hard to be patient and wait to hear from the insurance company! I want to call every day and ask, but at the same time, I know I was told 6-8 weeks, so I'm trying to give it at least the 6 weeks before I start being a pest! EEK!

Updated my title...just got fitted on Friday for a strapless bra for my sister's wedding. I'm 36G. Can't wait to be SO MUCH SMALLER! (Victoria's Secret vs specialty shop...here I come!)

I'm approved!

I spoke to United Healthcare yesterday and I am approved for my breast reduction! I'm looking at out-of-pocket costs of approximately $100. My surgery is officially scheduled, too. January 5, 2015. I will be starting the year and ringing in my 27th birthday with new, itty bitty breasts. I am a nervous wreck, but unbelievably excited, too!

34 days, but who's counting?

The countdown is seriously on! I've talked about the possibility of getting a reduction for YEARS now. It's not just a thought or an idea anymore.

I'm approved through my medical insurance
I'm scheduled for my surgery!

January 5th, these large boobs that won't even fit into a G cup at this point are going away. I'm a smidge sad if I'm totally honest because I know my husband really loves them and I feel like I'm having a part of my body removed. However, I am really excited. My husband is completely supportive and will love my new boobs, but all the better...I will.

I'm asking for Victoria's Secret gift cards for Christmas and my birthday so that I can go shopping a bit after my surgery and get some goodies. :)

Pre-Op Complete

Just left my pre-op appointment. Took about an hour and a half. Very impressed with my nurse Cheryl! I truly barely felt the needle stick to have blood drawn! I'm such a weeny when it comes to needle and nearly passed out last time I had blood drawn. No big deal this time.

Dominique was the nurse who reviewed all of my pre-op and "what to expect" information. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight before surgery. I should be able to survive 6 hours! I arrive to the hospital at 6am (agh, so early!). Understandable since my surgery is slotted for 375 minutes...just under 6 1/2 hours!

This is starting to actually seem real! 2 weeks to go.

10 Days Post-Op

Technically I'm 11 days post-op, but this is the review that I couldn't post yesterday.

Jan 5th - Arrived to the hospital at 6am. Checked in. Went back and re-reviewed some medical history information with a nurse. Anesthesiologist came in to touch base with me before hand. Nurse put IV in. Operating Room Nurse came and introduced herself so my hubby would know who she was. She called him every hour to keep him updated on how I was doing. Dr. Young came and marked me up about 30 minutes before surgery time. Anesthesiologist came and did his magic to my IV. Hubs kissed me and that's the last thing I remember before waking up in recovery.

Once in recovery, I was very in and out of consciousness. My hubby came to see how I was doing and say hi (and let me know my parents were there). I slept fitfully in recovery because of the short life morphine has (pain pump). Was about 3 hours post-surgery when we got my room.

I was very grateful to have been kept overnight. This was my first real surgery and it put my mind more at ease knowing I would be there should there be any complications.

Nurses were fabulous and took great care of me. My only complaint at all would be the pain I had when they tried to give me something for nausea through the IV because it hurt so bad! They were quick to stop and then flush the IV with saline to give me relief.

My drains came out after 1 week. The drain removal was so quick and easy. I was terrified about that part, but it was fine. A bit awkward feeling, but far from painful!

My first post-op appointment was very brief, but everything looked good. I look forward to the next one and being cleared to do things like workout, pick up my 3 year old son, etc.

15 days post-op

Yesterday made 15 days past post-op. It also meant an extra trip to the surgeon's office. After two weeks, I was still needing to wear gauze at the site of the T incision on both sides due to them oozing (more from the right side). If it had been clear, I probably wouldn't have been to worried, but it was yellow/green clear drainage which freaked me out and didn't seem normal.

Good news was that there is no infection. Whew! That was my biggest concern (I'm allergic to two families of antibiotics which limits options there). Dr. Young thinks that I just had fluid build up behind the tape that couldn't drain out properly. She snipped off the tape over the T incision so that it's open to the air. I'm to keep dry gauze on it (changing dressing at least 1x a day) and then come back to see her next week. We'll see how everything goes this week.

I was excited this morning when I weighed myself and realized that I've lost an extra 5 pounds after my breast reduction (on TOP of the 5 pounds of breast tissue that was removed)! :D
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