21 Year Old Nursing Student, No Kids, Breast Red. Needed - Dallas, TX

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I am 21 years old. I am in nursing school. I've...

I am 21 years old. I am in nursing school. I've wanted a breast reduction for a while, but I actually looked into it more this semester because of the strenuous activity I was having to do during school. My back and neck give me pain constantly. At the end of the day, I have the worst headache that I'll come home, do any homework, shower in complete darkness and go right to bed. I had my consultation with Dr. Meade in March. He was wonderful. He gathered all necessary measurements and information. His office sent over a pre-authorization letter to my insurance; United Healthcare Choice Plus. I've called my insurance company several times. Each representative has told me that I was approved and the letter is on its way in the mail. I have yet to receive the letter, so I am patiently waiting. God's speed!

Surgery in SIX days

Insurance company finally approved me. It was actually an easy process. I'm set for surgery this coming up Thursday, May 15. I'm so nervous. I'm having doubts and thoughts that I shouldn't go through with it; that I should just continue to live with my big breasts. Hopefully, my nerves calm down. I'm excited to see the end results, but again I'm very nervous.

Two days

Surgery is in two days. As time gets closer, some of my family and close friends are telling me that I shouldn't go through with it. They say that I'm too young to have this surgery and I should try an alternate option. Some went as far as saying there's a fifty percent chance I don't wake up from the surgery. I was already very nervous. So of course I'm even more nervous. They have me second guessing. But I really want this; I need this.

Surgery was this morning

I'm finally up to write an update. I arrived at the surgery facility at 6:15. I was so nervous. I had to urinate so many times. I registered, had pre-op with my PS and met with the anesthesiologist; that's all I remember!!!! My breast are everything I could ask for. My PS said surgery went very well. The charge nurse informed me that it was really difficult to wake me up, scary thought, but thank God I did wake up! After being moved from recovery to discharge, I had to urinate on my own and keep down a granola and a small thing of Apple juice. I "mastered" both rather quickly and was released from the surgery center in least than 30 mins. The ride home wasn't bad with a pillow for cushion. I took a nap soon after I arrived home. My throat is really sore and has started to secrete phlegm which I'm sure is the result of the breathing tube. It's annoying. I'm not in any excruciating pain as far as my breast. It is really manageable. My family stopped by and I actually enjoyed their company. I'm getting really tired. I'm going to sleep. Will update pictures soon. Thank you all for helping settle my nerves and the kind words!

1 Day post

I've been sleeping off and on all day. My PS told me that I could shower today and I did. Here's a not so great before/after picture. I will take better ones when I'm feeling up to it. Thanks again to all the kind words and encouragement.

4 days post

I just haven't been feeling well at all. Today I am four days post and I feel horrible. My head and stomach hurts. I've stopped the painkillers altogether. I've only been taking Tylenol for pain. Hopefully, I will feel better soon. Again, I will post pics once I actually can get out of my recliner longer than just to shower.

5 days post

Thanks everyone for your well wishes! I'm feeling better after I stopped taking the meds, but I'm still very bloated. My stomach feels so tight. Hopefully, this will pass also. I think my breast are healing properly. I don't have pain, but slight soreness. I return to my PS for my follow up this Friday. I'm happy so far. Here's some pictures. I'm not the best picture taker!

Healing well

I just received the worst comment ever from someone close to me. They said to me, "You messed yourself over. You look like a flat chested little boy." If I wasn't content with myself, this comment would have broke me down. But I'm happy. I think I made the right decision for myself. I just wanted to share this to encourage others who may experience negative feedback. Follow your heart and do what's best for you. Everyone may not be welcoming to the new you. I'm learning that now! Honestly, you guys have been my biggest support throughout my journey. But anyway I'm feeling great and healing well. Thanks again everyone.
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