Finally Getting my Breast Augmentation Revision - Dallas, TX

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Hi, I'm about to be 36 and I have a 16 yr old and...

Hi, I'm about to be 36 and I have a 16 yr old and 17 mth old. I had 2 previous surgeries and was not happy with either one. The first I was 22 and after I had my daughter I went in for a BA and lipo. Not sure how many cc's but I was a D cup, saline implants over the muscle. Over the muscle was his choice not mine. It was the Natural look he said. Fast forward 2 years later and I'm back in for a revision. Except I didn't think that's what it was called then. I went down one size 360 cc's over the muscle and silicone, so I had to get a lift and apparently didn't do it right. I learned this with the current Dr. I'm going with for my 3rd revision. Anyway, I'm having a 2 part surgery this time around. So in the end it's going to cost me more money :(. But I want it done right and safe so that's very important. I've developed CC on my right breast pretty quickly after my second BA with Lift. I was unaware that was possible I just assumed it was because I had switched to silicone and it was not massaged enough. Since having my second baby my breast have changed. My skin has stretched and the CC is still there and it's annoying. The other breast is just there, kinda saggy. I'm so ready for them to be redone. I'm sick of surgeries and I hate going under because I get super nauseous after. I'm posting pics I took today of me in my new swimsuit. I'm so excited to see the new boobies in this suit! June 25th can't get here soon enough!! I promise to update my journey :)

Breast Augmentation Revision done!

Hello ladies! So surgery went super well. Better than I expected. I had a little bit of fear of not waking up because I mean lets face it, people in the past have not come back from going under. My other fear was nausea. My anesthesiologist was awesome. He have me meds and I can say they worked beautifully. When I came to I noticed I had drains. Eww. If you never had drains before they are a pain in the ass. I had my follow up appt on Friday and he took them out then. OUCH!! He said he had taken some skin off the bottom breast because he thinks I'll be happy with the end result and that way I don't have to come back for another surgery (lift). I hope as time goes by I'm happy with the results. I'm still sore but to be honest it feels like I did 200 pushups and that's all the pain I have. I'm pretty mobile. I think the fact that I worked out before surgery helped. He went with Natrelle style 15, 339 cc's. We went smaller. I told him do what you think will make me look great! I completely put all my trust on Dr. Pin and to be honest I really like the way I look. Sometimes I'm like no then I stare and I'm like that's really good considering last dr. did a shitty job on my poor breast! Dr. Pin is AWESOME!!

Day 6

I am overdoing it but it's hard to not run around my son who is 18 mths! Here are day 6 photos

going into 3rd week

Well I am ok to work out again. Vacation is a few days away. Went to the water park w my kids yesterday. As for how in feeling. I can sleep on my side now. I was sore on my arms from carrying my son. Other than that I feel fabulous. At my follow up Dr showed me my before. Yuck. Huge improvement! !


Wanted to share pics from my sons first water park visit. He had fun. 3 weeks on Wednesday! Oh I tried to do a push-up just on my knees! Omg I can't I thought I was gonna bust my incisions open.
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