51 Year Old Ready to Downsize 550cc Implants - Dallas, TX

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I have had 2 implant upgrades over the last 20...

I have had 2 implant upgrades over the last 20 years.i am ready to downsize, have a lift and look forward to having small breast! I will have my procedure on June 6 th, and I am nervous and excited? I am posting my before pics. My breasts are super large for my small frame. I am 5'4 and weigh 125 lbs.. I will post my after pics and keep updating as I can.

Pre-op visit

Well the pre-op went very well. Dr Annigians nurse was very informative on everything from what to expect when I first take off my bandages for my first bath on post -op day 3, to how much activity I should be doing for the first few weeks. So, hubby and I are to arrive 1 hour before scheduled time for surgery which is 10 am. Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before ( this is going to be hard for me :). I will see the Dr In His office, he will see me and mark my breasts where he wants thenew position of nipples to be ect. Then we will walk down the hall to the surgical suite and do this!! We will spend the night in the hospital hospitality house and go home the next day! I will be wearing a compression garment and sports bra for the next several weeks. Now to get everything here at my business and home caught up before the next two weeks. I am also to start Arnica 3-4 times a day as reccommened by his nurse until after surgery for bruising and soreness... Until next time...we will talk soon :))

Well I did it..had 550 silicone overs taken out, a lift, and replaced with 200 cc

I can't write a lot to day because I am feeling really rough..but the whopper 550's out, my lift and lipo to flanks, bra line and tummy ...it is no cake walk ladies...had 3 kid without any anesthesia and this far more painful ...I'll try and write more later. Today is just been 30 hours...

2weeks post op on mastopexy, implant downsizing and lipo

Here is my 2 week update. Somehow I lost my others, but I feel like I've been in a fog :). I am happy with the progression now. Until a few days ago I felt like I may have made the wrong decision to do this. But, there's going to be a period that you go through that you question results. This is a long recovery for anyone that's on this recovery journey....I still have extensive bruising . I took arnica 2 weeks before and after, but I bruise easily anyway, so the specimen here wasn't the greatest to use as a barometer, lol. There has been a lot of emotions flying around with this. Before and after . I hope everyone is healing well, taking care of you and following your post op recommendations ! Hugs! I will keep updating ...meanwhile me and my 3 Yorkies stay piled in the bed for our naps several times a day!!!

4 week update on BL with implants

It seems like these last 4 weeks have flown by. I tried to take more than one pic, but my memory if full on my phone..will post more later. I still have steri strips on and have to keep them on for 2 more weeks to help the incisions stay together and to help with less scarring. I have changed them once, and I'm ecstatic over how small, thin and light the scars already are. I love love the way I feel in my clothes. I feel so blessed to have been able to have this procedure. The lipo areas are still sore, a little hard and a few lumps. I massage everyday, and I'm not too concerned about this nor the swelling I have. The swelling is worse in the evenings and I'm still wearing the CG most of the day and all night. My breasts are still quite tender, but sports bras help with keeping them close to my chest wall. Any movement of them and I kinda freak , mostly thinking I'm tearing something..I had one side that seemed higher than the other and now slowly that's resolving...I am more than happy at still this early in the recovery period ,to have had this procedure done. I can see that not being careful choosing a PS that is an expert at doing this could be a disaster. I will continue to post pics as I can so that all of you that trying to decide And those of you that have had this behind me can be updated..I pray for fast healing and peace for all of you:)

6 weeks post op mastopexy with implants

So, I removed some of the steri strips. On the bottom incisions for the first time, and I'm very pleased with them,.still have some stubborn bruises over my nipple area..but I'm trying to be patient..I go for my 6 week follow up next week. Finally starting to feel human again..hope everyone is healing well and to your liking :))

7 week post op..like pics better in soft lighting

Went for post op today,,,very happy ..I have a little pucker under my left breast that he will fix in 6 weeks...I was concerned about the areola coloring..brown in the middle, darker pink to light pink around the edges..said it would all settle back down to the brown color, but may be a few more months...still swollen in lipo areas, but I knew that it could be 4 months or more before that takes the shape it's supposed to..I think I'll take more pics in the soft lighting at night in the bedroom :)) looks all filtered and good to me. This was a thumbs up procedure to me. I would do it again in a heartbeat! Dr. Anigian is awesome. For anyone that is wandering g about his ability. He is a board certified PS in Dallas Texas and has been for 30 years. His specialty is breast surgery, BA, BL, Reductions, Reconstruction after breast Ca ect. His staff is very accommodating, and professional. I will continue to update as the weeks go on. I appreciate the support of this site and the women here who share their stories and support each other...this is the third augmentation I've had in 20 years and the best by far...

5 month BL implant downsize

I can't beIieve it's been 5 months..Dr. Anigian did an incision revision on my right breast 3 weeks ago, so you can't still see the steri strip underneath..they have dropped and settled pretty much where they will be. The incisions are continuing to fade. I'm very happy with less chest than I used to have. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I wated to take more pics but I have run out of space . I hope. Everyone is happy with their healing process. I'll try and update again in a month or so!

Revision on retained areola on Nov 30th...

I will be having the scars revised to removes old retained areola...
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Annigan is a very professional and competent PS. He explained to me and my husband what was safe as far as taking out implants, performing a lift and adding more implants. He is easy to communicate with and made us feel very comfortable. His staff is awesome. They always answer my questions and return my calls promptly. I would reccommened Dr. Annigan to anyone. I will add my post surgical reviews after surgery.

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