I LOVE my new boobs!!!!!!! 100%worth it!

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Hello ladies! I've been lurking this website for...

Hello ladies!
I've been lurking this website for quite a while! Since my breast augmentation is about 2 months away I thought it may be time to create a profile!! I'm a 28 y/o wife and mother, 5'2 118 llbs. I've been interested in having this procedure done since I was about 18-20, the timing was just always wrong! Luckily I have a super supportive husband that is on board! I recently decided to go to a consultation initially just to get some info but....we ended up walking out with a date booked and a deposit made! I really liked Dr. Lester and decided he would be the doctor for me! I had to reschedule my appointment once but hopefully Dec.16 will be my operative date :0) as excited as I am, I am super nervous and have a major fear of going under with the anesthesia....

I am hoping to end up with about a 34D as an end result. I am starting with a 34A, I hope I am not pushing it to much with size. I am trying to make sure I account for the fact that the implants will lie under the muscle. I am not sure where this will put me as far as cc's are concerned. I think it would be around 350-375? Dr. told me 330 would put me at a full C....anyone go from A to D? Cc's?

Anywho I will upload some before pictures very soon!

Balance paid! Officially two weeks out!

So today I paid off my balance! My surgery is officially two weeks away. This time next week I'll be in full recovery mode! Eeek! I'm definitely getting more nervous. My mom took off the day of my surgery so she'll be there for sure "0) I haven't even begun to buy any of the things I've seen some other ladies here buy in anticipation of my surgery! I feel so behind! I haven't even bought a bra to wear after the surgery! I plan to have my blood work done later this week.....the clock is winding down. This will likely be the longest two weeks ever! I guess I'll start rounding up all my must haves!

Wish boobs!

Here are some of the pictures I plan to show my doctor. Hopefully I'll fall somewhere among here. I plan to show these pictures to my doctor right before surgery so It's fresh on his mind. I'm more concerned with how they Look opposed to how many cc's I will get.

Bloodwork done!

I just left Quest Diagnostics where I went to get all my bloodwork done!! Things definitely seem more real now. It's all sinking in and I have had some silent freak outs lol. I read a bunch of profiles on the explant forum last night just because I wantto feel like I've considered all outcomes and can accept them. I wasn't very discouraged since most of the ladies seemed to have their own personal Reasons for making their decision. A couple of ladies suspected the implants were causing them health related issues which was scary. I think overall at this stage I feel mostly confident about my decision so now it's just a waiting game. In 6 days I'll be in boobieville!!!!! (.)(.)

Before pics *clothed

I realized i hadn't uploaded any before pics of myself! Here are a few. I'll upload some without clothes later today.

One more pic

ugh! Lets try this again

Some final pictures before the Big day!

I got a call from the surgery center this morning to confirm everything was on for Monday morning. They confirmed the time, and asked if i had any questions. Everything is all set!! I'm excited but it still feels like it's unreal. I don't think it'll really hit me until I'm at the hospital going in. I wanted to post some pics of my little friends before they are gone! !


I decided to pull out my paperwork I've had since i booked my surgery months ago to double check i hadn't forgotten anything..... and i did... my prescriptions!#@!! I really forgot to Cal thethirties office see if they had sent them off to be filled. I haven't be told ANYTHING and now it's Friday after hours and i can't call the doctors office to check and my surgery is at 9am on Monday morning..... :( :( :( idk I'm gonna do! I have no pain medication! This is a disaster i can't believe i didn't catch this sooner:(

Less than 24 hours to go...

On Saturday morning i awoke to a text from Walgreens saying i had a prescription readyforpickup! Whew!! IWas ecstatic! I rushed over and picked my meds and now I'm all set! It's now Sunday night and i have to report to the surgery center at 8:12-230am tomorrow morning. I'm sure my sleep will be troubled tonight. I haven't been nervous up until Friday night but now i definitely have the jitters. I guess this will be the last post until after surgery! I'll update asap!

All done!

Hey ladies I'm all done and back at home. I'm still pretty drugged up so I'll write a full review later. Just wanted to add one pic. Until tomorrow!

First pic!

Day 2

Hello ladies! Today is the first day after the sugery. I woke up feeling great but last night was very difficult. I ended up falling asleep at about 11 and forgot to take my 1am dosage of pain pills. I woke up around 3am in excruciating pain. I literally cried like a baby. It was rough. Anyways, about the surgery...I got to the surgery center right on time. Filled out some paperwork, got called back, undressed and started my IV. The Anesthesiologist came in gave me the meds and I was out like a light.

I awoke in minor chest pain and with a terribly dry mouth. I drank some water and the nurses helped out as much as they could. They were all very sweet. I got home and rested. My chest was very tight but overall I actually felt pretty good. Last night I slept through one of my med times and woke up in excruciating pain in the middle of the night. I took all my meds on schedule today and have been totally fine. I've been itching alot and think it could be the Hydrocodone, icalled my doctor and he said he'd call in another prescription for me. I'll add more pictures in a moment thank you ladies for all the kind words!

The new girls

Day 4

So today is day 4, it's been pretty smooth sailing today I took a shower this morning and got some much needed rest. Yesterday was pretty good as well I didn't have much pain. I've been taking it easy and have been really luck to have a bunch of family and friends dropping in all week waiting on me hand and foot. I showered alone today and only had to ask for help once. I forgot to take my mess again while I was asleep last night and I awoke in slight pain in the middle of the night. I was mostly in pain because I had gas pains in my stomach. They eventually subsided and today I didnt have any gas pain. I guess it may be time to take some Milk of Magnesia....I am pretty happy with the overall look of my boobs. I suppose they could have been slightly bigger but I think once they d&f I'll be happier. I've seen the huge difference the dropping can make so I'm staying patient. I have noticed that the breast that was larger before the surgery is still larger still after the surgery. Its not dramatically different but I def notice. I would've thought that my doctor would've corrected a small imperfection like that with the cc's. Today I've been wearing the bralette that I bought before surgery. It's been very comfortable. The surgical bra was starting to make my sides hurt and it was also somewhat itchy. I have not yet really begun to get really excited about my boobs just yet because they still look pretty strange to me. I am happy to see a change (they have dropped just a teeny bit) but I also realize its so very early I would be crazy to expect anytihing to dramatic. I've been doing some very gentle massaging on the top of my breasts. I wish I had a fast forward button so i could go forward about 6 months to see some progress. I will add a few pictures. Until next time ladies!

Day 4 Photos

Moving right along!

Today was pretty normal. I showered, and wash some clothes and did some light cleaning. I experienced a little pain in my chest but nothing to major. I took some of my pain meds just in case and it made me super drowsy. I tried on a bunch of old bathing suits and clothes just to see how things fit and it was fun! I've still been sleeping upright at night since it just feels strange to sleep on my back. I'm not sure when I'll be back to my bed but hopefully soon. I still haven't gone to the restroom if you know what i mean, lol. Overall I'm doing pretty well and just anxious to feel normal agAin! I'll add some pictures! Until next time. O yeah i have my post open on Monday at 11:00 so I'll be able to get the info on how many cc's i actually got!


Feeling great!

Hello ladies! Me and the boobies are doing pretty great these days! I've been off my pain meds pretty much since day 5. I had my post opp appointment with my doctor on the 23rd and he said everything looked great! My right boob is stubborn and it's dropping a bit slower than my left. I had moments initially where i thought maybe they weren't going to be big enough but now that they've dropped down a bit, I'm totally happy with the size. At my post op i completely forgot to ask my doctor about the amount of cc's again!! Ugh! I'll be calling as soon as i can remember! I have been contemplating getting nipple piercings so i need to ask him about as well. I'll add some pics in the next post! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!

i forgot. .

I also went bra shopping and was able tofind some really comfy bras without padding and under wire. They were only about $7 at Ross. I'm fitting comfortably into a 36C right now. Adding pics now....

Can't believe it's been so long!

Hello ladies! It's been almost a month and i wanted to take a moment to update on my progress. I'm virtually pain free, still not sleeping in my bed because of the discomfort. My breast actually feel a lot softer than i thought they would. They've dropped a bit more and my scars have started healing pretty well. Every now and then i have muscle spasms in my chest but no real problems lifting my arms or anything like that. I've still stayed away from heavy lifting just to be safe. I finally got the information on the CC amount from my doctor, it's about what I thought. 350ccs! Anyways nothing else to really update, I'll post pics on my next post! Until next time!


My how time flies!

So it'll be two months on Feb.16 since my surgery date! Things have been great. The pain is almost completely gone. I may have a random shooting pain inside my boob every now and then, but it's very rare. I have yet to really go shopping to buy any clothes that show them off a little more so i almost feel like i haven't fully began to enjoy them yet. Lol. By summer I'll likely go shopping for some different looks. Everything i own now totally shies away from any real cleavage. I have definitely enjoyed filling out more simple clothing items and bought a bathing suit as well. I now have to buy a medium top and bottom which is awesome! I've always had to buy a small top and medium bottom! Ugh! I feel like i finally match! Things like this make me love my boobs even more! They're perfect as far as size. I've noticed more attention from other males and females in public when i have any type of cleavage showing which is hilarious to me. I am very surprised at how squishy they feel. I expected them to be more firm. I really love that when i touch them they feel like they are real...well in my opinion. I feel as though I'm squeezing my breast tissue when I'm feeling them, since the implant is behind the muscle i don't really feel it as much. I'm still hoping my scars disappear more. This pretty much sums it up. No complaints here! I'm going back to see my doctor in early March. I'll be posting pictures in my next update shortly. Xoxo!



NYE pics

comparison shot

Almost 3 months!

So it'll be three months for me in about 10 days! All is well here. Still 100% happy with everything! I was able to go shopping this past weekend and really got a chance to appreciate them so much more! I am so happy i got them in ample time for summer! I get so many compliments from women and they usually can't believe they're impants! They are ridiculously soft and have dropped nicely! I really ? them! No pain, no problems sleeping, and my scarring is healing nicely. I never lost any real nipple sensation but want to note all is well in that department. Well that's all for now! I'll be uploading pics shortly!


Clothed pics

checking in!

I hope everyone is doing well! I'm working on my fourth month since my surgery and so far all is well. No major updates. I haven't taken many pics lately. They have settled a bit more since last month and the slight difference in size that i thought was very obvious before is becoming less and less noticeable. I'm still happy with the size and overall look. I will take some pictures to post later on today. Happy Monday! ;)

Boobie Jewelry ;)

Today i decided to add something pretty to my boobies! Lol! It hurt and i totally didn't think i was going to go through with it until the end!!! But i did it!!! Loving them even more!!! :):):)

Almost 6 months

Hello folks! Just checking in, it's been almost 6 months since my BA and I wanted to update my profile. I haven't really had pain these days. There's sometimes a dull aching pain in my right breast but that's about it. I have noticed a really small kind of lump in my right breast. It's not painful and hasn't grown any since I noticed it . I plan to ask my doctor about it in August at my next follow up. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm enjoying summer and swimsuit shopping ???? nothing else really going on. Pictures to follow!!

7 month update!

Every time I update I can't believe the time! It's been 7 months but they feel like they've been with me forever! I have a little pain from time to time in my right breast but overall it's pretty minimal. It's really more like a dull ache. I had to move my appointment out to September 16th. I will update what my doc says. No major updates! I'll post pics shortly! Hope everyone reading this is doing well!!


Update time!

Hey Ladies! All is well here. There aren't many changes in my boobs these days. I recently lost about 15 pounds so I do feel like they shrunk just a wee bit. I guess I gain and loose weight in that area like any other woman! Lol. I have been having just a dull ache/pain every now and then in my right boob that does concern me but that's about it. I have been super busy and unable to go see my doc. I plan to go very soon though. I'm still very happy with them and give my doctor recommendations all the time! I'm almost at my year mark! Can't believe that! I went to try on some lingerie! I attached the pics!

One year (and almost two months) Anniversary!!

Can't believe it's really been over a year already! I barely think about my boobs anymore these days. They are a regular part of me and feel like they've always been here lol! I didn't get to wear my bathing suits or many cute outfits as i wanted to this summer to enjoy them, but it's almost summer again! I passed by Victoria Secret the other day and decided to finally get sized. The worker measured and said i was a 32DD. I know Victoria secrets run larger than most but it was interesting to be sized lol. I took some pictures to update my one year mark. Everything Is still going well and moving right along. I'm sure at some points updates won't really be necessary anymore, lol. I don't really see to many changes these days. Until next time ladies!

1.5... and counting!

So it's been a little over 2 years, and things are going great! I've been really able to enjoy swim suits this year! No real changes in myboobs except they have grown some, i can attribute that to weight gain though, i always gain in my boobs and butt. I'm starting to finally get in to buying pretty bras and things and it has been so fun! I have some picturesi will share with clothes on and tomorrowi will post full pics! Xoxo!


forgot some!

Little black Dress!!!

Hello ladies! Just had to post this picture of this dress i wore recently for an outing! Before my implants, i would have NEVER even thought of wearing this! :) :) :) it was perfect!


Can't get the pic to attach for some reason :(

Pictures finally!

Omg! Today is my 2 year anniversary!

Hey ladies! So it's been two years andi think it may be time to say goodbye :( this forum was beyond helpful when i was contemplating my surgery,so i hope my posts have helped someone! Good luck to all! XOXO P.S. the pic attached is a comparison shot, 6 months in (left pic) and today (right pic)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lester was awesome! He's extremely friendly and nice! He answered all my questions and always made me feel comfortable. He took his time and never made me feel rushed while I was In his office. He did a great job and I would recommend him to anyone, in fact I already have!

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