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I am hoping for a full C small D. In my family i...

I am hoping for a full C small D. In my family i was always the smallest. Never had boobs till i got pregnant. Always teased about my itty bitty bbs. When i gained 65 punds i finally had boobs but being heavy was not my thing. I recently lost all the weight and back to being itty bitty bbs. My doctor said 400ccs under the muscle would fit me perfect. I want full and not to big but something i can really smile about. I cant wait for March 24th. I am going to pre op tomorrow.

Pre op

Well its all set got all the info for after surgery. Went and dropped off prescriptions. I want have to have tubes or the band. Im getting high profile silicone 400 cc. 2 weeks tomorrow and counting down.

sad boobs

I use to fill this bra up. Cant wait to fill it agan. Waiting for the 24th patiently.

10 days till BA

I am so ready to get this done!

7 more days till BA

Im so excited its hard to stay focused on work. Worried that the 400 cc that my doc is set on is not going to be what i though i wanted. He gave me 2 sizes and i took the bigger one. I dont want to be boob greedy but i want nice plump boobies! Lol anybody else feel this away and did the results turn out like you wanted it to?

5 days till BA

So excited and nervous! Here is a couple pics with the rice bags.lol suppose to be like 400cc.

Getting closer

So yesterday I had a very emotional day. I am anxious about my BA and personal stuff relationship stuff grrrr. I decided to drink a few beers but turned into a six pack unlike me for sure. Well i recently stop smoking and started vaping. I cant seem to put that down but i put my nicotine down to a 3 and yesterday i went down to 1.5. But last night drinking i slipped up and smoked cigs. I feel guilty and now i am having anxiety about this affecting my surgery. Anybody vap or smoke that is getting a BA?

pre op pics

Ok i am putting it out there. Here is my before pics. Ive always been small orher than when i was pregnant and breast feeding and there is when i was 195lbs oooof. Now lost the weight now weigh 138lbs my boobs are small and deflated. Cant wait! I am thankful to all the woman on here for all the updates on there ba. Without all of you we would just be guessing what we will go thru. THANK YOU!!!! Congrats and good luck to all the March BA woman!

3 more days

Omg what a roller coaster of feelings. I am excited and not scared but just ready to get this done. So ready!!!

black chia seeds

I was drinking some in water yesterday and today because its high in fiber. Is this a no no before surgery?

1 full day left till BA!!!

Omg i am so excited and anxious to get this done. I know its going to be so hard to sleep tonight and tomorrow night. I gonna get some good workouts in before Thursday. I am having mine on the 24th at 645am Dallas,Tx time lol

BA tomorrow bright and early

I can't believe that it is almost time. I gotta be there at 645 tomorrow morning. I hope i can sleep tonight. I woke ul at 3am this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Im going to go get my last hard workout tonight after work and tan. Thank you to all the March ladies that has posted there journey it has really helped me get ready for my journey.

BA Day is finally here

Well got a little sleep up at 3am. Sitting here ready before 5 and dont have to leave to 6am. Good luck to all the woman out there scheduled for today. Pics coming soon.

I got Boobies!

I have come over to the other side. My BA was this morning. The staff and Dr. Toledo was so wonderful. I came in and they got me all set up and out i went. I woke up feeling pretty good just pressure on my chest felt like i did to many pushups. I got home and took a tylenol 3 and off to sleep. I woke up hungry. Right now im feeling pretty good. Cant really see my girls yet. Dr.Toledo said one nipple was lower than the other so he tapped it and said leave it the. Ok then. I got 400 high profile smooth silicone. Omg i did it!!!!

2nd day

I took my last pain pill at 1200am. Im feeling good in the recliner. I have a small headache that goes away and comes back. I took some tylenol its just there not to bad. Nurse called me and said it might be a side effect from the pain meds. Im ready to take these bandages off and see my girls. I guess tomorrow is the big reveal.

Day 2

Pain not to bad just pressure on my chest. I can move my arms pretty good! No pain meds since 12 am. I did take some valum and some tylenol my head has been hurting. Cant wait to take bandages off tomorrow and see my girls.

Day 3 shower and first real peak

First peak of my girls they are pretty and i know tgey are going to even get better as thet drop and fluff. Omg couldnt be happier about doing this and the whole process. I really think that being healthy has helped my recovery go so well. I am feeling pretty goid today pressure isnt so bad today. 1 weird thing is i hear the gel squishing around when i bend over or raise my arms. I just laugh! This goes away right?

Day 4

Feeling good today my back hurts from sleeping on my back. My nurse said i can sleep flat on my back but that was not comfortable so sleeping with 4 pillows proping me up. I still feel tight but not to bad. My incisions look pretty good.

Pics from day 4

Post op today

Today was my first day seeing the doc after my surgery since they were closed on goid friday. I got my 2 stitches out and the nurse showed me how to message my girls. Omg did anybody hurt the first time? She massaged my left one up and it hurt bad i guess i got some scar tissue in the pocket. She said it would get easier. I gotta do it 2 x aday. The right one didnt hurt at all. All is good though with recovery excelt my back hurts so bad from sleeping on my back which i hate. I have taken my first braless pic so happy. Im going shopping for bras this weekend cant wait. I hope everybody is doing well.

Sports bra post op

So i needed to get a smaller sports bra the one i got from the doc was a little big. The nurse said i could get another one. I just wonder if this one is good. What do you look for. This one holds me up really hood. Scared to squish my pretties!

6 days

I just wanted to post a couple pics. Love my boobies!

1 week 1 day post op

Im sore today. The pain in manageable but so tight they are tender. I did get a new sports bra yesterday. Im posting new pics.


I was wanting go tan????

2 weeks finally

I am at my 2 weeks today. Everything seems good. I have been waking up to muscle spasms in my left boob but i guess that is normal since it went under the muscle. I was working out my upper body pretty good before my ba. WonderWonder if that has anything to do with it? Other than that i get my tape off on april 27th. I had to order the glue and strips because the ones the doc put on is peeling. I hope everybody is healing great and loving there new girls.

2 weeks

Another pic

2 weeks 1 day

Im just now getting around to posting my card and pics from after my stiches were removed. Feeling just a little sore. Actually just feels like im on my period and i dont want clothes on my girls. Cant wait for that to go away. I guess i cant complain my recovery so far has been so easy to me.

Today pics

Love my girls!!!

Incision pic

I changed one of my strips so thought i would take a pic. Looks ok i guess. My incision was bothering me today so i put a gauze pad on it just now and taped it and wow so much better. This sports bra is running on it.

3 weeks today

I dont see much of a change but the tenderness seems to be less. I went and tried on bras at victoria secrets but decided to wait on getting anything till after my next doctors visit. It was hard to put those bras down. Soon thought!

Today i feel good 3 weeks 1 day

I got to go do a light workout today. Loved it just didn't want to do to much. Took some good pics.

Almost 4 weeks

Tenderness is going away but this surgical bra is rubbing my incision. I had a diffrent sports bra bit it too isnt all that comfortable. Suggestion?

4 weeks

Well ladies its 4 weeks today. I am sporting a bra today. Its not a VS that will be bought this weekend. I cant wait! I also got to jog at the gym yesterday only for a few minutes didnt want to over do it and i will increase that time over the days to come. I hope everybody is doing well!

Wow almost 5 weeks already!!!

I went to victoria secrets and finally got my pretties something nice to sit in.lol

One more

Lol missed this pic.

5 week

So i had my 5 week check up today. I got before and after pics. Omg it is amazing!

7 weeks post op update!!!

Wow is Been 7 weeks!!!! My girls are settled in nicely!!! I want to give ashout out to my doc and the girls in the office. Omg they are the best. I was comfortable this whole journey with them. This is a big change in the first place so having the support and great care i got at Dr.Toledo's was so great. Anyways i got a little boob greed but i just tell myself they are right for my body!!!

How time has flowen by!!!

So it's been almost 8weeks since my ba!!! I am so happy i did this!! Posting new pic. Sometimes they look small but summer is here and cant hide them.

Almost 4 months

Wow almost 4 months now and it seems longer. I have gotten to update in a while but you beautiful ladies that are about to go thru a BA this is the greatest thing ever. Good luck and speedy recovery for you all.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is straight forward and backs up what he says. I have only been to his office once but his reviews says it all.

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