43, 185 Lbs and Tired of Feeling Too Small! - Dallas, TX

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I am an even 6'-0" and have always been that...

I am an even 6'-0" and have always been that "tall, skinny" girl. I have a decent bottom half and long legs, but I am also long waisted, so the overall effect is just kind of stretched out! I have battled self esteem issues and body image issues my whole life because as you all know, clothes have only recently been made "for us" tall gals. In high school, I had to wear boys jeans for the length! In a time where all the other girls got to wear the cute tapered Guess or Generra jeans, I had to wear Levi's. All the shirts had shoulder pads, and they just made me look and feel gawky and awkward. Fast forward to my adult years: I've always been around an A cup until I had kids. I finally made it out to a large B/small C while I was breastfeeding, but as we find out: the Boobie Fairy giveth, and she taketh away! I spent a few years eating garbage and ballooned up to about 198lbs. - just slightly less that what I weighed full term with my second daughter!! Nothing against my 200 lb sisters, but my frame isn't built for it.

My second daughter poked a hole in my belly, so now I have lovely little hernia slightly above my navel. Because my chest is so small, at times, my belly sticks out farther than my chest! I hate that! While school shopping with my 14 year old a couple of months ago, the stupid little cashier asked me "when are you due?" I wanted to cry. I don't know what is worse: having people think you're pregnant when you're not, or being so tall and underdeveloped that people call you "sir"? Yeah, that happens to me too. People just suck.

I have whittled back down to around 185 with a goal of 175 to feel comfortable in my skin and ease up on my joints. Now that I can start to see my ribs again and have a little curve to my hips, I want to fill out my top half.

I had a couple of consultations with doctors here in Dallas that have been pioneering the dual-plane technique, and I have decided to go with Dr. Adams. My surgery is tentatively set for the week before Valentine's Day, 2016. That gives me time to get as much of it paid off in cash so I don't have to finance very much. Based on my height and width, we are looking at maybe a max fill of 445 cc round silicone implants. His practice utilizes the 24 hour recovery method. According to this program, I should be able to do surgery in the morning, go home later that afternoon, take a nap, be up a couple of hours later, and showering! Patients are instructed to do over the head arm raises and go out to dinner that evening to keep moving. By rights, I should be able to go back to work the next day! I sit at a computer, so it's not a whole bunch of heavy lifting. Doe anyone else's Doctor use this technique?

Bombshell bra

I went to VS to check out the Bombshell bra. I had never heard of it until someone on this site had made mention of it. If you are also in the dark, it is SO SUPER PADDED, and claims to take you up two cup sizes. There is also one that will take you up one cup size... I'm going back for that one later. My idea (even though I did it backwards) is to ease my coworkers into getting used to me with bigger boobs slowly, so it doesn't become an overnight thing.

I stuffed my rice sizers into a sports bra, then strapped on one of my regular bras to get an idea of the look of my ideal volume. Those suckers were heavy, and I didn't want to mess up a perfectly good bra, so I invested in the Bombshell. Going to try it at work tomorrow... Wish me luck!

Another drop in the bucket

I just faxed in a cc authorization to put another chunk of money toward my BA! I'm trying to pay down the total with as much cash as I can to keep from having to finance as much. The plan is to pay off the financing with my tax refund money, ASAP! I have not quite two months to get it done... Merry Christmas everyone!

This is going down for real!

The scheduling coordinator called yesterday; due to a scheduling conflict, they had to push my surgery date back a week. In the grand scheme of things it's not that big of a deal, but It threw me off plan a bit. I went ahead and applied for Care Credit today - I was approved for an amount that would cover my balance due, but I plan on paying down as much as possible between now and my surgery date to delay the clock starting on paying it all off! What a load off that was - I wasn't sure how much I'd be approved for. I'm starting to feel guilt about the enormous amount of money I'm dropping on myself. We need new countertops, new flooring, etc.; I feel like if I don't do it now, I never will! The kids had a great Christmas; no one is going without so I can have what I feel will finally make me comfortable in my own skin. That's not bad, right?

It's getting closer!

I'm about a month away from my surgery date on 2/18! As luck would have it, my cousin is coming to town from Atlanta that weekend, and she will help me with my post-op recovery and getting my kids home from school that day.

I got some of my pre op instructions, and finalized my details. I'll be going with the Allergan Inspiration smooth round moderates, 445 cc. My OCD demands that extra 5cc, but I suppose this brand doesn't have that size available.

Last week I went to the mall to find a decent day-of-surgery velour jogging suit. VS only stops at large, nor are the pants ever long enough, so I went to New York & Co. They had theirs on clearance! I was able to find several sets for $12 per piece! By the way, the price has now dropped to $10!

4 weeks until "T-Day"!

4 Thursdays from now...


I had my two week pre-op appointment on Monday! I got all my paperwork squared away, finalized my size at Allergan Inspira 445 smooth round moderates, and paid off my balance! For right now, I am schedule for a 7:30 surgery, but that may change as the day gets closer.

My biggest worry was telling my mom what I had decided to do. We are very close - I am an only child, and I didn't want to keep anything from her, but I had no idea how she'd react, so I kept it under wraps. Until today. To my surprise, she was understanding and supportive once I had told her my reasons for choosing to do it! Whew! What a huge relief that was to get it off my chest (so to speak)!

Two weeks to go!

Next week! Eeeek!!

Well, I finally talked to my mom... I had been dreading the conversation, thinking she would be all judgy and "what in the world do you want to do that for?", but she actually surprised me by being supportive! You could have knocked me over with a feather! She understood how miserable I had been growing up skinny and shapeless in the 80s when big hair and big boobs were a thing. I explained how pregnancy had changed my body, and how I hated looking at myself in the mirror getting in and out of the shower. She had some benign tumors removed from both breasts when I was about 8, and she shared that the doctors didn't do a very good job, so she was left with some pretty bad scarring. My dad was in the military, and the Army hospitals didn't exactly have cutting edge plastic surgeons on staff, so she got what she got. She also mentioned that he suggested implants back then, but she was fine with her body the way it was. She was always very slim, and just seemed proportionate. I'm bigger than she was, and a small chest just doesn't look right on me (I feel). Anyways, that conversation lifted all of my nervousness and made me really happy that I decided to come out with it to her!

I have my 1 week pre-op call this Thursday. I guess that's when they will go over all my meds and stuff. I am going to have to take Uber or a cab to the surgery center, then my husband will come pick me up after he gets the kids off to school.

Anyway... 9 more sleeps until Boobie Day!!! Good luck to all of you having yours this week!

Two more sleeps!

I'm starting to get emotional about the process. Now that the time is really almost here, I'm a jumble of feelings. I don't want to back out, but I already almost miss my little boobs! I will miss 3/4 side sleeping and being able to go braless on the weekends!

Ok, I'm over it.

New Boobies Eve!

Excited! Getting ready to iron some front buttoning shirts I bought for the first few days back to work so I don't have to do them later, then a nice long shower, then sleepy time! I'm driving myself to the doctor tomorrow, and my mom will bring my husband to come pick me up and drive my car home.

Fingers crossed girls!

Turned my molehills into mountains!

Everything went textbook perfect today! Only a tiny bit of nausea in recovery, but once I got some REAL food in me, I perked right up!

Everyone I dealt with from Billy the Prepping RN to Jojo the OR nurse to Stacy(?) the anesthesiologist to the Doc himself was phenomenal! No nerves at all, I was just anxious to get this show on the road!

Jojo gave me some crackers and Sprite as soon as I started to come to, along with some anti nausea meds. My mom and hubby got me home, where I immediately took a a two hour nap. I woke up feeling a million times better! Hubs brought me some soup and saltines and some canned peaches. I took my 800mg ibuprofen and hopped in a nice warm shower. The power of hot water made me feel like a billion bucks! I did my arm raises (5 every hour on the hour) to keep things loose, and chilled some more. After a little while, my husband took me to Acadmey to return a sports bra. Came back home and had some more soup and peaches. I took a preemptive dose of Miralax hoping to fend off any OIC from being under anesthesia.

I would describe my current state as comparable with being loopy on Benadryl. I want to go back to sleep, but I'm supposed to stay up until 10.

I feel like a rock star! I was going to try and go back to work tomorrow, but my post op appointment is in the morning. I think I will call in sick and come home for a nap.

Discomfort abounds!

My stupid bra keeps rubbing on my incisions! I can't get comfortable on my back, and these things weigh a ton! I just want to whine and eat ice cream!

Getting better.

Healing up. I only have some small waterproof band aids covering my incisions, and there has been a little "leakage". A tiny bit of bleeding, but nothing major. The bandages will come off on Thursday, then I can see what's going on under there. I'm still doing my arm lifts every hour. It really helps relieve some of the tightness. Showering is my favorite pastime now! The warm water helps sooooo much. Not much else going on.

I almost forgot!

One other thing I wanted to mention - I had been really thinking hard about going bigger than what I ended up with. I had read so many reviews where women had talked about boob greed, and had advised to go ahead and get the bigger ones. I can just say I am so happy I listened to my doctor and stuck with his recommendation based on the measurements of my body! I'm not even a week post op, but dang these things are huge and all in the way! Lol! To recap, I got 445 Allergan Inspira SRM silicone. I had been toying with the idea of going up to 475, but I can't even see how they would have fit!

1 week post op

I want to have my band aids removed this morning. The after surgery nurse said everything looks good, and I can start my scar therapy cream next week, along with my massages.

For those of you who may not have gone through your surgery yet: be sure to ask your surgeon or nurse to test you for adhesive allergies prior to your BA! On Tuesday night after I got home from work and took my shower, I felt a burning sensation up high on my chest, right by my armpit on the left side. It felt like I had been stung by ants and I couldn't understand why - dude, I had just gotten out of the shower!. I also noticed marks that almost looked like stretch marks on my ribs right below my breasts, and right where my rash was, but on both sides. At first I thought it was irritation from the recovery bra they had given me. That's exactly where the adjustable hooks on the shoulder straps were rubbing, and is why I switched to a softer one. The nurse this morning was like, "yep, looks like you were sensitive to the adhesive on the surgical drape they used." She said there was a simple test that they can run to determine if this will happen again, so next time I have any kind of surgery done to be sure and mention the reaction.

I don't know if different manufacturers use different types, so just be aware! It's better now - I put some organic coconut oil on it to help with the itching, and it worked like a charm. Of course that close to my surgery, all that was running throughly mind was "Staph infection!" and I was trying not to freak out! :)

Finally found a comfy bra!

I found it at Sears of all places! I scoured the mall and every sporting goods store in my area trying to find something that fell farther down on my ribs, and away from my incisions, and ran across a two pack of these!

Bralette tag from Sears

I think it was just generic Sears brand, but they came in a 2 pack for $20.

Scar therapy

My scar scabs are all finally gone, so I am able to use my BioCorneum scar gel. I started that last Wednesday, and all is well. I had a couple of loose stitches, and a poky stitch that still hasn't worked itself out, but it's not causing me any grief. It could be a strange coincidence, but I have also developed a rash all over my body! No fever, no itching, just streaks of bumps on my body from my neck down! I went to the doctor today, and gave her my whole story. She wasn't too concerned since I wasn't sick or feverish, so gave me a course of steroids to take. The timing is strange. I went back on Spark and started my scar cream on Thursday. Rash appears Friday night, goes away after Benadryl, comes back with a vengeance Wednesday, now Benadryl has had no effect!

Very comfortable with his businesslike demeanor, and the friendly office staff. They have been very helpful so far! Update: I am completely amazed at the 24 hour recovery method Dr. Adams has adopted for his augmentation patients! I had read up on it, but the reality is shocking! I really could have gone back to work today - that's how awesome I feel a little over 24 hours post op! I shook off the after effects like they were nothing! Kudos and many thanks to the entire staff at his practice!

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