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I am super excited to have scheduled my BA. I have...

I am super excited to have scheduled my BA. I have wanted larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I really like my doctor. He worked with Dr Tebbetts, whom developed methods that require much shorter recovery time. Dr Tebbetts also developed a sizing system and they believe that there is an ideal size implant for each person based on measurements.
I am tall and thin, somewhat muscular. My Dr
suggests that I go with 300cc and that I should be a full C post recovery. Bra sizing is so different so I'm not really married to getting a certain size. I just want fuller breasts to balance out a curvier butt. Attached are a few before pictures

Another before pic

Although I have some size imbalance between my natural breasts I am getting 300cc on both sides. The Dr believes that the difference will be less noticeable after BA and that getting a bigger implant on one side would make a bigger imbalance because of the difference in width of the implants.

4 weeks to go

So I have 4 weeks until my surgery. I'm not feeling that nervous right now but definitely excited. I haven't told many people, I am going to try to hide for a while.

I did see a negative review for my doctor on RS but I guess they probably all have unhappy people. I'm going to stay confident in my decision to use him.

Recently I was also questioning the size. I think 300 cc will be good but I have thought about maybe a smidge bigger. I will probably stay with the 300s. I am thin and I don't want the implant to be too visible. I have leaned out a little lately too.

Bikini pic

I was at the pool today so I snapped a pic of me in my bikini top. I feel like bandeaus make me look smaller than regular bikinis. Also, this shows how small and muscular I look.
After more consideration, I feel like it would be a mistake to go any larger than 300cc. I was just looking and it seemed like I have more breast tissue than a lot of girls that get that size of implant. But with as narrow and lean that I look now I would not want to risk going larger.

In a month I will be typing up post BA updates! So excited

Scar worries

I have probably been looking on RS a lot but I'm starting to notice other women with breast fold scars that are not in the breast fold but higher up on the breast. I don't like the way it looks and I'm afraid that I'm not going to have much of a crease anyways. I will contact my Dr's office for some reassurance probably.

Only a few weeks to go!

Three more days

Three days to go! Surprisingly not very nervous. I was scrolling through Instagram and found this girl that kind of has the look I'm aiming for. If I am noticeably augmented looking I hope I look like her.

Before pic

In a sports bra

Day of surgery

I arrived at my doctors office to have a breast augmentation. Everything went smoothly, all of the staff were great. I consulted a with my doctor and he asked me about size again, he asked me if I were to want to go a little bigger or a little smaller than 300 cc which would I chose. I said bigger and he ended up putting in 325 cc implants.
My recovery for day one has been pretty easy. I did wake up feeling sick and I vomited in the recovery room. I went back to the hotel and took a 2 hour nap, had lunch, took a shower, and then went shopping for a few hours.
I was able to lift my hands over my head before I left my the surgery center and I fit in stretches throughout the day.
I actually stayed up until after ten. I am not sleeping so good but I guess that is to be a expected.
I attached a few pictures I took when I tried on a bralette from VS. I will add some more that show more soon!

Day after surgery

So the day after surgery went pretty smoothly. There were a few times that I got real tired and stiff but after I ate and took some ibuprofen I got much better. I slept better last night than the first night. My doctors instructions are to sleep however I am comfortable. I just have been moving around a lot to prevent laying on one side too long.

From what I have seen I feel like i look really good for being right out of surgery.

More pics to come!

24 hour recovery

I am a believer in this 24 hour recovery method by Dr Deuber. I do feel like I could have gone back to work today but I am so glad I have taken off some time so the swelling can go down further.
All I have been taking for pain is ibuprofen and I'll take half a tramadol occasionally.

My current stats:
5'7.5'' 117 lbs I was in a 32 a/b before surgery. I had 325 cc silicone under with a high profile type implant.

I will get my exact implant info in the mail soon. I thought I got a moderate profile but the dr told me it was hp. I trusted him completely and left that to his discretion.

You can see I have little to no bruising but I'm still bloated from the fluids. The bralette is from VS and is a small, their small is for 32 C-D and 34 A-B. I am definitely filling it out. I'm not worried about sizing for now, just comfort.

Less than a week

I am missing the sensation in my nipples but I feel like it's coming back. Also, my boobs feel colder than the rest of me. I really like the size and I feel like it will be great for my figure once the swelling subsides. I have had sex a few times with extremely limited gropage (is that a word?) and no problems. I asked the recovery nurse sex was ok and she said yes.

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