32 Years Old 120 Lbs 5'7" 300cc Silicone - Dallas, TX

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I am super excited to have scheduled my BA. I have...

I am super excited to have scheduled my BA. I have wanted larger breasts for as long as I can remember. I really like my doctor. He worked with Dr Tebbetts, whom developed methods that require much shorter recovery time. Dr Tebbetts also developed a sizing system and they believe that there is an ideal size implant for each person based on measurements.
I am tall and thin, somewhat muscular. My Dr
suggests that I go with 300cc and that I should be a full C post recovery. Bra sizing is so different so I'm not really married to getting a certain size. I just want fuller breasts to balance out a curvier butt. Attached are a few before pictures

Another before pic

Although I have some size imbalance between my natural breasts I am getting 300cc on both sides. The Dr believes that the difference will be less noticeable after BA and that getting a bigger implant on one side would make a bigger imbalance because of the difference in width of the implants.

4 weeks to go

So I have 4 weeks until my surgery. I'm not feeling that nervous right now but definitely excited. I haven't told many people, I am going to try to hide for a while.

I did see a negative review for my doctor on RS but I guess they probably all have unhappy people. I'm going to stay confident in my decision to use him.

Recently I was also questioning the size. I think 300 cc will be good but I have thought about maybe a smidge bigger. I will probably stay with the 300s. I am thin and I don't want the implant to be too visible. I have leaned out a little lately too.

Bikini pic

I was at the pool today so I snapped a pic of me in my bikini top. I feel like bandeaus make me look smaller than regular bikinis. Also, this shows how small and muscular I look.
After more consideration, I feel like it would be a mistake to go any larger than 300cc. I was just looking and it seemed like I have more breast tissue than a lot of girls that get that size of implant. But with as narrow and lean that I look now I would not want to risk going larger.

In a month I will be typing up post BA updates! So excited

Scar worries

I have probably been looking on RS a lot but I'm starting to notice other women with breast fold scars that are not in the breast fold but higher up on the breast. I don't like the way it looks and I'm afraid that I'm not going to have much of a crease anyways. I will contact my Dr's office for some reassurance probably.

Only a few weeks to go!

Three more days

Three days to go! Surprisingly not very nervous. I was scrolling through Instagram and found this girl that kind of has the look I'm aiming for. If I am noticeably augmented looking I hope I look like her.

Before pic

In a sports bra

Day of surgery

I arrived at my doctors office to have a breast augmentation. Everything went smoothly, all of the staff were great. I consulted a with my doctor and he asked me about size again, he asked me if I were to want to go a little bigger or a little smaller than 300 cc which would I chose. I said bigger and he ended up putting in 325 cc implants.
My recovery for day one has been pretty easy. I did wake up feeling sick and I vomited in the recovery room. I went back to the hotel and took a 2 hour nap, had lunch, took a shower, and then went shopping for a few hours.
I was able to lift my hands over my head before I left my the surgery center and I fit in stretches throughout the day.
I actually stayed up until after ten. I am not sleeping so good but I guess that is to be a expected.
I attached a few pictures I took when I tried on a bralette from VS. I will add some more that show more soon!

Day after surgery

So the day after surgery went pretty smoothly. There were a few times that I got real tired and stiff but after I ate and took some ibuprofen I got much better. I slept better last night than the first night. My doctors instructions are to sleep however I am comfortable. I just have been moving around a lot to prevent laying on one side too long.

From what I have seen I feel like i look really good for being right out of surgery.

More pics to come!

24 hour recovery

I am a believer in this 24 hour recovery method by Dr Deuber. I do feel like I could have gone back to work today but I am so glad I have taken off some time so the swelling can go down further.
All I have been taking for pain is ibuprofen and I'll take half a tramadol occasionally.

My current stats:
5'7.5'' 117 lbs I was in a 32 a/b before surgery. I had 325 cc silicone under with a high profile type implant.

I will get my exact implant info in the mail soon. I thought I got a moderate profile but the dr told me it was hp. I trusted him completely and left that to his discretion.

You can see I have little to no bruising but I'm still bloated from the fluids. The bralette is from VS and is a small, their small is for 32 C-D and 34 A-B. I am definitely filling it out. I'm not worried about sizing for now, just comfort.

Less than a week

I am missing the sensation in my nipples but I feel like it's coming back. Also, my boobs feel colder than the rest of me. I really like the size and I feel like it will be great for my figure once the swelling subsides. I have had sex a few times with extremely limited gropage (is that a word?) and no problems. I asked the recovery nurse sex was ok and she said yes.

One week

Everything has been going really good and I have been able to do most things around the house. I am kind of concerned though. Today when I got out of the shower my breast looked a little red and I thought it was just from the warm water but I went to do some shopping and when I was changing I noticed that they were still red. I am going to contact my doctors office in the morning. Hopefully it is nothing but it freaked me out. I finished my antibiotics yesterday.

Has anyone else had any redness? Any input is welcome.

One week

The constipation is real. Anesthesia always does this to me and I can't wait to get back to normal.

On the plus side I don't have any redness anymore. I am taking ibuprofen regularly still and occasionally put an ice pack on.

I got my implant cards in the mail. Natrelle Inspira SRF 325 cc. It is the softest implant that brand offers, smooth, round, full profile. They are started to feel softer already!

Attached are pictures from one week

Two weeks!

Today is two weeks since my surgery. I am not taking as much ibuprofen as before and I'm sleeping pretty good (no bra or wrap).

No one other than whom I have told about the surgery has noticed, exactly what I wanted. I think the size will be perfect in that way, if I want I can be full and busty looking but I can look conservative too! I feel like my booty has shrunk a little since surgery haha, figures...

I went to the gym for the first time since surgery today. It was pretty uneventful. Starting today I am good for cardio. I did some stair master and also some leg exercises on the machines (leg extension, leg curl, leg press, and calf raises). I made sure to only do exercises that isolated my legs so I wasn't supporting any weight with my upper body since I'm not supposed to lift for another week.


Swelling has gone down a lot and I don't have much pain just some soreness. I've been more physical at work the last few days and no problems there either. The steristrips are gone now and the incisions are still pretty pink and bumpy but I'm hoping as time goes on that it looks better. I'm still not even three weeks out.

Pics didn't post


3rd times a charm

Coming along nicely

I have been wearing silicone strips on my scars the last few weeks. They feel much smoother and I think I will be pleased with the scar.
I am so happy with the size! Good for my body! I can cover up easily but I look much better balanced!



Scars are smooth but still red. A little lighter on the right side. I've been using BioOil and silicone strips daily. Also I try to massage the scars often. This seems to be working for me.
In the pictures it looks like the scars are kind of high but I think it's just because I'm lying down.

8 weeks

Two months has come and gone. I don't have any pain. Scars are healing nicely. Still use BioOil and silicone strips. The only thing that bothers me is that it seems like my nipples sit kinda high. I am probably looking at them too hard, but oh well.

Feeling softer

Scars are still red but are completely smooth. I still haven't gone bra shopping but I intend to soon.

First new bra 32D

My first bra that I bought is a 32 D from VS, I am not used to wearing bras yet and I feel like they make my boobs stick out more than I'd like but probably just because I've been wearing a sports bra or nothing ????

Feeling good!

I've been trying to get back into a routine with working out. I think I've decided just to not go backwards for now. I'll hit it hard after the resolutioners quit ;)

Close to 3 months

So I know a lot of people talk about how after a few months they feel like they have had their boobs their whole life, that is not the case for me. I still notice them all the time, when I look in the mirror I always check them out.
I haven't had any problems with my recovery and feel super fortunate. I'm still wearing the silicone strips regularly. I'm hoping the scar color fades. I was thinking, what if you get an IPL on the scars?
Anyways, the only thing that bothers me about them is when I lift my arms over my head it's like my nipples star gaze. I think that may be normal for dual plane. Does anyone else have this issue?


So I'm now seriously considering having something done about the high nipples that I have mentioned. After the holidays I'm going to call and make a point to see my surgeon to get his opinion.
They look 'fine' with both of my arms down but in doctor speak the nipple is still above the point of projection.
I think to fix it is pretty simple but we shall see.
Literally a few centimeters would make me much happier I think

Arm up arm down

Semi annual sale y'all

I spoke with my doctor yesterday and am reminded why I choose to go to him in the first place. He took his time explaining to me what is going on with my breasts. He is willing make some adjustments after 6 months post op. Capsulorhaphy I believe. So that will be in March. I don't have any regrets about my decision to have an augmentation!
So three more months! I need to get in better shape before I undergo another surgery.

Fold revision 3/10/17

I have scheduled my surgery for fold revision on March 10, so about 8 weeks to go. I feel much better since I have got this sorted out. Maybe what is so stressful is wondering if there is a problem and what the solution may be.
My boyfriend has been supportive with it all. I really do like my breasts but I feel like I will like them much better with this adjustment.
My PS asked me if I was glad that I had the augmentation and the answer is YES!

Perspective shots


So I can still wear a small size sports bra but I'm popping out all over ;) Sometimes I feel like I don't need to get a revision just to avoid another surgery but I think I will be happier to go ahead with it

Capsulorhaphy today

Hopefully this all goes well! Prayers and vibes and good thoughts are welcome

First day post op Capsulorhaphy

The pain is definitely different from the BA. Everything is looking good, more upper pole fullness. My nipples appear a lot closer to the center of my breast mound. I have kept my original implants (325 cc).
The scars look longer than before, the Dr told me that would happen with this procedure. I don't mind them so far, the placement seems to be better.

1 week post op capsulorhaphy

So I really don't have much pain anymore! And they look perfect to me. I am so glad I went through with the revision. Will post some pictures soon

10 days post op

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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