31 Years Old, 5'5 and 124 Lbs. Ideal Implants

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Hi everyone! I am 31 years old with two little...

Hi everyone! I am 31 years old with two little ones- breastfed both. I've never been very large chested, but I've always loved my shape. They were a small, perky B. However, anyone that has breastfed knows, that changes! I'm still a B (I think?), but small and no upper fullness. When wearing a B size bra, I have a large gap at the top. I loved how they were when I was pregnant and nursing-a full C. I I'm scheduled for Friday to have the Ideal Saline Implants placed. I'm hoping for a very natural look-one that you wouldn't know if I had gotten implants. Also, no one knows about this except my husband and parents, so I want to still look within porportion to my body. I'd like to keep it just between us if at all possible! :) There aren't a lot of reviews on the Ideal implant, so I thought I would put my experience out there. Right now, I'm looking to go with 280 to 300 cc's.

Some of my wish pics!

I'm so thankful for this site and hearing about everyone's experiences. It is nice to have a place to share this since it is something I'm keeping quiet!

Less than 24 hours away!

I've been too busy to be really nervous, just yet! Picked up my meds today and a few other things that I thought I might need. Trying to get all my wish pics together to take to Dr. Lester. Really struggling with size. I am worried that 280-300 may be too small? I don't know. I guess all I can do is show him pictures and let him decide what is best to achieve that look. I'll try to upload a couple of pre-op pics tonight!

Today's the day!

On our way to the surgery center! My check in is at 11 and surgery is at 12. I am HUNGRY!! Also, very nervous! I'll update again when I can.

The new girls!

Surgery went great! I was extremely nauseated afterwards and it took a while to get it under control. Dr. Lester and the staff were wonderful and very reassuring. He ended up going with 300 cc's. Apparently I had a lot of blood vessels that made my chest difficult to access, so surgery took a longer than normal. I slept good last night. My husband woke up every 4 hours to give me my pain medicine. Today, I'm just really sore and getting used to not being able to use my arms as much. I got a good look at my chest today and love them! I can't wait for the swelling and soreness to subside! How long did it take for your soreness to get better?

Day two!

I feel so much better today!! To be honest, those first 24 hours were tough! The soreness and back pain! The heating pad has helped, also walking around. I'm pretty swollen at this point, but I already love the change that the ideal implants have given my shape. I just feel like I did when my milk came in and I was engorged. I'm able to move my arms much better today. Looking forward to being able to do more and more.

Day Two Pictures

Side profile, day 2

Day 3

Every day is getting so much better!! I'm able to move my arms pretty easily and can raise them above my head today. Sleeping is good- I sleep reclined on pillows in my bed. I went 7 hours inbetween pain medicines last night. I'm hoping to go to Tylenol only after today. I think my swelling is probably had it's worst right now, but it still isn't bad. I took a shower yesterday with the help of my husband and it felt so good! I was so nervous to get my incisions and boobs wet, but my doctor reassured me that it was okay and to let my glue air dry before putting my surgical bra back on. I go in Wednesday for my first follow-up.

One week!

So, I had my first follow up at 5 days post op and Dr. Lester thinks that I'm ahead of the game on healing and that my swelling is minimal! He said most of the swelling is gone actually and that I wouldn't see much change in the size, which I'm incredibly happy with by the way! I think they are perfect for my body and can easily be hidden. :)
I am still sore in places, but feel better every day. I am looking forward to when I don't even notice that I had anything done, soreness wise.... And when I can sleep on my side!!!!
I have not posted a pic in a few days because one breast hasn't dropped as much as the other and they look a little "off" right now. I guess I should upload one anyway. I don't notice it when i look in the mirror, but i do when i try to take a photo. When I met with Dr. Lester, he noted some asymmetry in my breasts and planned to correct that with where he placed my incision. I can feel that breast is still a little more swollen up top and he noted that it hasn't completely dropped yet.
Anyway, I am very pleased so far! I went to be measured, which I was dreading. I've had nightmares that I still measured my old size. It was a good experience and they said I was a 32 D. I tried on a bra in that size and it was so tight in the cups.... I found that a 32DD or 34C is the best fit for me! Exactly where I had hoped to be. Hope everyone else out there is healing well!

Day 5 pictures

Day 7 photos!

Two weeks today!

Hello all! I am 2 weeks today and feeling great! I have slight soreness on the outer edges of the implant, but that gets better every day! I absolutely LOVE my implants. I feel like they look natural and so far, I don't think anyone has been able to tell that I've had anything done. I know to some, that might sound crazy and they may think, "what's the point then?" But, my goal was to look better naked and in a swim suit. I was able to wear a pretty heavily padded bra before my augmentation, so I did't look so small. The difference is, now I don't have to wear a padded bra! It is such a freedom. :)
Also, my glue is finally off! I didn't have the steri strips that some do- I have a tape sensitivity, so they just used glue. Well, it started to get sticky and peel a couple days of go. I called my doctor's office and they instructed me to put Vaseline on it over night and to shower in the morning, then peel it off. It worked great and feels so much better! My incisions are looking good, but are pretty itchy right now.
My left implant still hasn't dropped as much as my right, so the nurse instructed me to do my massages a couple of extra times on that implant every day. Hopefully it will be there soon!

Week 2 Pictures

17 days!

Just curious...

Anyone out there know when the extreme nipple sensitivity goes away?

3 weeks tomorrow!

So I'm going to go ahead and update a day early because I've noticed a major change in the last day... My breasts have become SO soft!! I am honestly amazed. I knew they would soften, but I wasn't sure they would feel completely natural after my surgery. I am so happy with my results!
I've started putting vitamin e oil on my incisions. There are some red bumps next to the incision site. I called to talk to the nurse and she said it was likely the sutures. I'll take a pic and share it. Also, I think I still have some air or fluid traped in the capsule next to my implant. I can feel it when I press on my breasts just the right way. At first I thought it was air in baffles, but Kendra (my nurse) said that it was unlikely to be the implant and more likely to be air or fluid that will eventually absorb. She said that can take weeks even months to go completely away. I feel great. Still a good bit of nipple sensitivity and the bottom of my breasts are still numb, but every day gets better! I think I even slept on my slide for a little bit last night! :)

Three weeks

Love my ideal implants!

Everything is going great! Still healing. I feel a little tender every now and then. I'm finally getting back into the swing of things cleaning and taking care of my little ones. Vacuuming can still be difficult and wiping down my counter tops... I guess because that really requires a lot of pectoral muscle?

I love the shape the implants give my breasts. They are getting softer every day. I think that they feel like my natural breasts!

6 weeks

Hi guys! Had my 6 week appointment this week and everything is going great! I don't go back for 6 months. I absolutely love my implants! I do get a tiny bit of Boob greed every now and then.... If I had it to do over, I may have gone slightly larger... Like 350. That being said, Dr Lester did exactly what I asked. They are not noticeable with my clothes on, however there is a big difference without my clothes. If I had gone larger, I'm sure it would have been noticeable. I love how they look in my swimsuit!!! It is amazing how much doing this had boosted my confidence.

A side by side comparison

11 Weeks

Hello all! Just wanted to share an update. I am feeling great! I've started using the Scar Away strips to help fade my scars. I'm looking forward to them being less visible. My nipple sensitivity has gotten much better now, however I'm still numb on the lower part of my breasts. They have gotten incredibly soft and are settled. I prefer to sleep with a bra on at night and sleep on my back or side. Sometimes if I sleep wrong (maybe too much on my breasts), they can be sore the next day. Also, one of my incisions still feels tender sometimes. Anyway, just wanted to update! Still love them and so happy I did it. I can get a little obsessive sometimes and worry about if they are symmetrical enough, if they look okay, etc.....but there weren't before my augmentation, and that is where having realistic expectations plays an important role. :)

11 week pictures

Size 32 DD from Victoria's secret
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lester was very knowledgeable and honest. He explained, in detail, about the particular implants that I was interested in and put me at ease with his kind and funny nature. He listened to what I wanted and I felt like he delivered that exact result! He called to check on me after hours and was available whenever I had a question. I had absolutely no bruising and my results are exactly what I had hoped for. I would highly recommend him!

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