30 Years Old Mother of 2 Finally Getting New Boobs!! 500cc Saline Moderate Plus - Dallas, TX

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I have been scouting this site for some time now...

I have been scouting this site for some time now and I thought it was time to document my journey. First off I'm about 5'3, 120lbs, and I'm a 32a possibly a b in some bras. I have always wanted boobs and finally decided it was time. I am going to Dr. Liland in Dallas, Texas. I had my consultation which him back in March. Even though I haven't consulted with any other doctors I have researched Dr. Liland and I think I made a great choice! I am wanting to go with a 500cc saline implants under the muscle. I will definitely keep everyone posted. Hopefully I can find some booby buddies with the same date!! 5/22/2015

30 days and counting!!

Time seems to be flying by!! I'm super excited but a tad bit nervous! I am a planner so I am already packing and getting things together. (My surgery is out of town). Anyone have any suggestions on what I need to buy for after care?

I'm going to post a few "boobs I don't want" pictures. I want as natural as possible.

No turning bacK!!!

Saturday I received all my paperwork from the Dr. After i received everything I was a little nervous reading all the warnings and everything but after a day of contemplating I was ready to sign on the dotted line. So, last night I signed everything and today I mailed it off along with my payment and I am ready go!!. There's no turning back now! I actually started packing a little today. I am taking my children and my ex husband with me so they are making it a mini vacation.

Before pics

I just received my prescriptions and this all just became so real!! I figured I should post my bride pics.

I think I got it all

Today was my last day to the store to get the things I needed for surgery. I hope I got everything. If u guys can see anything I'm missing please let me know. I'll list what I already have.
1. Pillows
2. My medication
3. Stool softener
4. Benadryl (in case I have an allergic reaction to my antibiotics)
5. Ice packs
6. Adhesive tape
7. Bio oil
8. Vitamin e oil
9. Chewing gum
10. Chapstick
11. No rinse body wash (for the first 48 hours with no shower
12. Wipes
13. Sports bras
14. Bottle blender (for my protein shakes)
15. Zip up shirt for day of

Nesting??? Maybe

My surgery is two days away and I have been a cleaning maniac! Kind of feels like when I was preggo and I was nesting.

It's done!!!

Surgery is done!! My appt was at 8. After signing paperwork and going over everything I was taken back around 8:45. I don't remember anything after that. My boobs are really high right now but no pain. I just feel like I'm engorged with Brest milk. Here's my first picture.... I have alien boobs right now and they look small to me. I got 500cc. I'm not sure what profile yet.

Day 3

Boob greed is in full effect!! I went with 500ccs and I feel like I should have went bigger. I think a lot of it is in my head bc they are still so high and haven't dropped much. I can see a revision in my near future lol also I haven't pooped since 2 days before the surgery. My stomach is really swollen.

Day 4

Just thought I would post a few pics

First time in a bra

1 week

I think yesterday was one was my worst days. Not because I was in pain but just because I feel useless. I am still getting use to the heaviness on my chest. I have 2 small bruises on my left breast that have been causing a little discomfort and it's starting the bother me. Also I don't think I've has much change. I might post pics later.

Couldn't help myself

Had to buy a bra today. Went to Victoria secret and measured at a 34D! That's a lot different than the 32AA I started with. Haha

Day 10

So it's been 10 days and it's a little unbelievable how fast this is going. I feel great but I'm not yet to the point where they feel like mine yet. I still have a heavy feeling on my chest but it's getting better. also sleeping is getting better. I never had too much problem sleeping. I just used a neck support pillow and the other I posted. But the for the past few days I have been able to sleep on my side. I do have to put a pillow under the boobs to support the weight but other than that I'm sleeping great.

Here are the incisions

I think they are healing nicely.

Sensitive nipples

I have started to experience very sensitive nipples. And it's like no matter what I wear it is a shirt or bra anything there rubs up against them it hurts tremendously. I guess is just one of the side effects of having the breast augmentation but today I was at the hospital and visiting and niece and a nurse came in and offered me this patch that has a soft cushion in the middle and it's sticky around the outside and it works perfect am I posted up a couple pictures not only of the patch that I have on but also of the packaging I guess is just one of the side effects of having the breast augmentation but today I was at the hospital and visiting my niece and a nurse came in and offered me this patch that has a soft cushion in the middle and it's sticky around the outside and it works perfect. I am posting up a couple pictures not only of the patch that I have on but also the packaging. They are a tad pricey but if your nipples are as sensitive as mine it's more than worth it.

Pic didn't post. Sorry


So everything has been going great and I haven't had much pain but everyone now and again in my right breast I get this sharp pain. I feel as if it's my muscle tightening up because I'll start to massage it and it will go away. Does anyone else experience this? They haven't dropped much since my last pictures so I'm
Not posting any but I will soon. Also wanted to ask is anyone wearing a bra at 2 weeks? I can't go without one at work but as soon as I get home I take it off. Is that ok?

Update!! Nearing 3 weeks

So I am nearing the 3 week mark and I absolutely love my boobs!! I haven't been able to show them off much because I've been so busy at work but hopefully I get a weekend soon to show them off. One question I do have for you guys how do you handle the "did you get your boobs done?" Questions? I've kind of just been beating around the bush without actually saying it to them. Anyways I am posting some pics. The leopard print pic is my previous bra (32aa) only my nipples fit haha and the black bra is a 34d but I think it's time for something bigger. It's getting a little snug in the cup. Also I think my left is dropping faster than my right.

Uneven nipples

My left is dropping faster than my right and it's making my nipples very uneven!! I hate it!! Does anyone know when the right will catch up to the left?? My left boob is absolutely perfect!! My right is high and my nipple looks extremely low.


It's been awhile but I am now about 3 months post op and I am a 32DDD. I absolutely love them!! I have 1 more appt next month and then I'll be free and clear!! I will post pictures soon.
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