28 Yrs Old. 5 Ft 130 2kids Depressing A Cup - Dallas, TX

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I am so ready to do this but unfortunately I...

I am so ready to do this but unfortunately I cannot get my husband on board. I was hoping to only need a BA but after sending my pics in to a PS I was told I need a lift as well. Breast feeding sure did do a number on me. I haven't gone to an actual consult but I have narrowed it down to 5 PS. I guess I will base my decision on my consult.

I'm so ready to bring these girls to life!

1st consult tomorrow!

I have my first consult tomorrow with Dr. Landon Perry! So excited. Hubby can't make this one but he's going with me on Tuesday 2/18 to see Dr. Mark Deuber. Has anyone heard of or experienced the 24 hr recovery BA? I have a friend that went to Deuber and she loved him. Well I have all of my questions ready for both surgeons. Hopefully choosing between the 2 of them won't be too difficult!

Omg omg omg

Ok within 2 days I had 2 consults. Both went very well but I have decided to go with Dr. Deuber. I have yet to schedule bc hubby and I are trying it figure out what date will be best. Well....today while at work his office called and said they had someone cancel for Feb 28th and if I book they would take something off the price. So looks like I may be having boobs sooner than I thought. As soon as I get cleared to take that day off I will be calling his office and locking in my date. Omg!!!! That is only 10 days away. Everything is just falling right into place. I'm scared, excited, nervous, anxious etc... My biggest fear is this whole anesthia thing. He said I would only be under for about 45 minutes. Freaks me out tho. I'm 5'0 125lbs and a bit of a Judy booty lol I think I'm going with 350cc I'm a bit torn between 325 and 350. Guess when I wake up I'd much rather them be too big than too small :)

Tomorrow is the big day!

Wow! Tomorrow is almost here. I am so excited!!! I'm still having anxiety about the anesthesia but I know it'll be fine. I tried on a few things to see what the look like with my current deflated breasts...can't wait to see what they will look like post op!

Today is boobie day!

Headed in! Didnt sleep but maybe 3 hours! Say a prayer for me girls! My nerves are all over the place!

I'm here!



Omg what a wonderful experience! I'm about 4 hours post op. I feel absolutely amazing. There's tightness and heaviness in my cheat but not really extreme pain. After surgery I came home took a 2 hour nap...woke up ate showered took my IB profen and did my little exercises. I don't feel groggy or sleepy at all! This 24 hour recovery thing is the truth!!! Please go see Dr. Deuber. I had a wonderful experience. I have young kids and I am so grateful I do not have to be on bed for the next 3 days!

Day 2!

Just wanted to say I feel great this morning! My boobs kinda feel like their in my armpits...hopefully this goes away once the swelling subsides. One of my nipples is a little larger than the other and one looks out more. I had this issue pre breast aug. Hopefully it doesn't bother me too much.

Work today

Went back to work today. The day went really well. I wasn't in pain at all...the girls are just kinda heavy. My only complaints right now are the fact that I cannot poop and I look 3 months preggo and my boobs feel like their in my armpits. My hubby seems to like them! I tried on a dress yesterday that I've never worn bc I couldn't wear a bra and lord knows pre op I needed one! Happy healing ladies and good luck to those of you that are having surgery in the future. I'll try to keep the updates coming!!!

Doing well!

I've been so busy! I've tried to post a few times but my phone wouldn't allow me to do so! Work is going well...I've started back working out. I still wish I had gone bigger and they still feel like they're too far in my armpits. Right now I'm wearing a 36C. My scars are looking good! Overall I have no regrets just wish I had've gone bigger!

Redo please!!!!

The more my breasts heal the sadder I become. They are shrinking more everyday. I put on a B cup bra today and just wanted to cry. I was so afraid of getting 350cc and now I wish I hadve gotten 375 or even 400. I didn't expect them to be this small. Even my hubby was afraid 350 was over doing it but now that they've dropped and shrunk he says I should've gone bigger. My boobs are also in my armpits I thought it would've gone away by now but it hasn't. I want a redo but I know that ain't gonna happen. I had a hard enough time convincing my hubby to agree to this plus we don't have money like that!!! What's a girl to do!?

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Dallas Plastic Surgeon

This was the best experience ever. The process was smooth and easy. I didn't experience any of the excruciating pain I read about. I was expecting to be in much more pain. The 24 hr recovery procedure really works! I believed in my doctor and my recover and I've been following my post op instructions to the T. Dr. Deuber and his staff were great. If you have small kids this is definitely the way to go. I had surgery yesterday around 8am, made rainbow looms with my kids around 2pm, went to the mall around 5pm and woke up this morning to drive my friend to the airport at 5am. I didn't even have to take the benadryl I was given to help me sleep. I was truly blessed with a great experience. I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat!

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