Early 29th birthday present, 375cc HP silicone unders

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I am 28 y/o, no kids. I am currently a 32A and I...

I am 28 y/o, no kids. I am currently a 32A and I am looking to get 375cc HP sub-muscular. I still have a couple of months until my surgery, but can not think about anything other than the recovery and how much pain I will potentially be in. Everyone has told me I will be out of commission for a long time. I live alone but have friends and family willing to help me out, should I be that scared/nervous?

Updating with pictures

Adding some before pictures and what I am hoping to look like. I am getting 375cc HP mentor silicone unders on Dec. 18. I really can't wait to have a more womanly figure!

Pre-Op Its Starting to Get Real

Well I went in for my Pre-Op on Dec. 3 and lets just say I can't believe my day is approaching so fast. The nerves have not really set in, it is more I am ready lets do this so I can get through the recovery process. 

When I got to my PS I handed in my large stack of pre-op paperwork, all the dos and don'ts of surgery, what to expect from the procedure, anesthesia, etc. I was given a list of stuff to prepare for the day of my surgery and what to expect immediately after.
I was then taken to a room where my pre BA images were taken. Then the nurse went over even more stuff with me including my prescriptions. I was not expecting that much medication. I will take a valium the night before, a valium and flexeril the morning of the surgery, then to manage pain I have tramadol, phenegren for and upset stomach, ceftin as an antibiotic for 6 days following the surgery. She let me ask all my silly questions that I pretty much knew the answers to, but needed some peace of mind.
When do I need to stop working out before the surgery? You can work out up until the day before.
Can I take my multivitamin? Yes, they encourage that I stay on that routine and add vitamin C as well. I am adding Arnica too, to help with muscle soreness and swelling post op. They said that was ok.
Can I have my nails painted the day of surgery? Yes. This used to be a no because they needed to be able to see the blood flow in your fingernails, but with technology they aren't worried about that.
After she answered more questions she confirmed my implant size with me. 375cc HP Mentor smooth round silicone. I said that was the one, and forgot to ask if he would have different sizes in the room in case that one didn't work out.
I couldn't help but have a multitude of thoughts running through my mind while I was there. Is this right for me? Will I look good after the surgery? Will the implants be the right size or too big? How much pain will I be in? Will I be happy with the results?
I then countered the negative with some positive thoughts I have had in this whole process. I have always wanted to have breasts. I will fill out shirts better. I will look more womanly. I won't have to wear a big padded bra anymore (even though I have quite a collection haha). I won't be self conscious in front of my future boyfriend (yes I am single, but don't plan on that forever haha). I will have the confidence with my body that my personality normally eludes. Lastly, I am doing this for me and for no one else and I am ready for this. I have thought about it for years and gone back and forth on it and I think it is time to do it. I am in a place financially, I have a good job, I am finishing my MBA, I have a lot of doors opening for me soon, so why not do this for myself?
By the end of my Pre-Op the nurse took my last payment and told me my tentative surgery time. I am scheduled at 12:45pm on Dec. 18. I need to be there by 11:30. As much as I wanted to be first thing in the morning I couldn't help but think this time will work better. Where my surgeon is located there is quite a bit of traffic and construction. We will be missing the majority of rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon.
I am excited for this new me that is about to come out, an early bday present for my 29th. What a way to spend your last year in your 20s. I feel like I have Real Self to thank for helping with all my questions and just being supportive in this changing time in my life. Having surgery is a big deal and I love that I have had the back up from real self to get me through!

Prepping for my surgery on Dec. 18

I thought I would let anyone that reads this know what I have done/am doing to prepare for my upcoming BA. I am a planner and a list maker. I like the satisfaction of being prepared it relaxes and calms me down. I think that is why I am not feeling the nerves of the procedure yet.

What I have done to get ready:
Got my PTO approved (I am taking 2.5 weeks off to ensure I am feeling good before going back, plus it is the holidays so why not)
Made a list of supplies that I will need post op
secured my ride to surgery and my post op care the days following
Set up babysitting for my puppy (I am going to miss her soo much for the few days she is gone)
Got her groomed and bought food for her
I have a haircut for myself on Dec. 17 (only time she could get me in and I want to look halfway decent for Christmas with limited mobility)
Finished Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. They will be distributed to the houses they are unwrapped at next weekend so I am not carrying anything around.
Completed my pre-op and confirmed surgery time (still tentative) and got prescriptions

What I have bought to prepare:
multi-vitamins, vitamin C, and Arnica Montana (gel and pellets)
post op bra because you can't have just 1 you're wearing it for 6 weeks ladies (I am waiting until after surgery to buy more than one just to make sure the sizing is right)
Prescriptions (Tramadol, Phenegren, Valium, Felxeril, Ceftin)
baby wipes (until I can shower again)
Double AA batteries for my remotes
a couple of extra pillows (I opted out of buying a wedge since it won't be used for a long time and they are a little expensive)
Ice packs
plastic forks and paper plates
cocoa butter
lever 2000 soap
Loofah on a stick
button down shirts and zip up hoodies (just a couple, I didn't go crazy)
slipper socks
Bendy straws
heating pad
TV tray
Pill organizer

Food to prepare before surgery
I live alone and although I have people coming to stay with me and help me, I will be on my own the majority of the time. Here are a few things I am getting/making to eat
wheat bread
chicken (Ill make it in the crockpot so it is just shredded, I can eat it with rice or on salad)
tortilla soup or chili (crockpot so I can just make single servings and heat up)
My plan for the food is to prepare and put it into single servings so that I can just grab and eat.

I am going to do clean and do ALL my laundry the days leading up to the surgery and probably some the morning of just because I have a later surgery slot. I am a neat freak as it is so I am not too worried about the cleaning part. I am going to get everything out and make sure it is accessible to me when I get home.
For the people that are caring for me I have a dry erase board that will have my medications on them when they need to be taken and the last time they were taken to make sure I do not over medicate. A friend that had surgery recently did that, and it helped him to remember what and when he was taking as well as an alarm on his phone that went off. I feel super prepared and excited!!! I hope this helps anyone about to have surgery. I will update if my preparedness really did help! haha

My love for Crossfit and getting a BA

I love to workout. I have been doing Crossfit for a little over a year and just in that short time I have seen so much progress. I am pretty weak when it comes to upper body strength, my mom says we have t-rex arms and we get it from her family, and I have progressed so much in that year when it comes to my weaknesses. When I came into there I could barely get 35lbs above my head, now I am easily doing 65lbs. I was doing pushups on my knees and now I am able to do regular pushups. And my biggest accomplishment, I can do pull-ups. For me that was like a game changer, I couldn't believe I had been able to achieve so much in a year. I guess it just makes me a little sad that I am going to regress by getting my boobs done. I am hoping that I can bounce back pretty quick after I am cleared to lift, but I know things will still be difficult. I have heard that the recovery from having a baby is worse than that of a boob job and I am also hoping that holds true. There has been quite a few girls in my gym that have had babies recently, and they came back pretty quick after 6 weeks. Just keeping my eye on the prize and that the length of time I am out is temporary.

The "what ifs" have kicked in

In two days I will be having my surgery and the what ifs have kicked in!
What if they are too big?
What if they are too smLl?
What if they don't look good?
What if something happens during surgery?
What if I don't like them?
What if the pain meds are too much for me?

I have been going over these questions (and more I can't remember) over and over in my head. I start to feel a little doubt, but then I also think about how this is something I have wanted for a while. I don't believe the surgery is going to be that bad, more worried about the pain after waking up from the procedure. I just need to get some rest and focus on the fact that I want this!

'Twas the night before...

Twas the night before surgery and all through the house, Rachel was stirring like a crazy mouse!
Getting my apartment ready has been relaxing and has helped the time pass. All my laundry is done, my food is prepped, and I have adjusted the couch to where I will be more comfortable for the next several days. I am about to take a hibiclens shower and a flexeril and hopefully get a little sleep. I have managed to drink 96oz of water and eat quite a bit hoping I dont feel too starving by the time my surgery comes around at 12:45pm.
I also have some pretty awesome friends. My girls games by with a "booby basket" full of all kinds of goodies to get me through. A blanket, button down night shirt, magazines, baby wipes, ice packs, an ace bandage, a VS sports bra, etc. I'll post a picture of some of the stuff.
I also emptied my bra drawer. It's a little sad that I won't wear them again, especially since I spent SOOO much money on all of them.
Anyways, I'll stop rambling. I am not nervous at all yet, I think it will kick in tomorrow morning!

My day of becoming a woman with some boobs

Alright so I am updating my post for the day of surgery. I started my day with a hibiclens shower and cleaned up a few loose odds and ends. I took my Flexeril and valium before leaving for the surgery. As we were walking to the car my surgeons office called and said to be there at 11 because he was ahead of schedule. Which worked perfectly cause thent we would be waiting less! When I got there they got me back , changed, and marked up within 30mins of my arrival. Although it felt like no time had passed because of the drugs. The anethesiologist walked me to the room gave me some lidocane and then added whatever drug cocktail they use to knock me out cold. All I remember is asking how long he had been doing this. I was out and on my way home in about 2.5 hours. My dad said he pretty much carried me to the car haha. We got home and I tried to nap, I woke up around 4pm and took a tramadol and was in and out of sleep all afternoon/evening. I have felt minimal pain, mostly pressure on my chest. It is hard to get a deep breath, and my back is sore cause i dont sleep sitting up. As soon as I put the ice pack on my chest I immediately felt relief from the pressure on my chest. I am really swollen right now, but I now it will go down. I sneaked a peak and saw that I have some cleavage as of right now. My brother has come over to stay with me and my neighbor took my pup so I would risk her jumping on me. I am feeling super grateful for my friends and family. I got so many texts and phone calls to check up on me. So far a good experience for me. If you have any qusestions about anything, let me know!! Sorry for any typos this was written on my ipad.

Post-Op day 1

So today has been good so far. Minimal pain mostly just sore under my right arm. I am swollen and riding pretty high. But they look pretty good. When I went to get the bandages off the nurse said I looked pretty awesome and seemed like I didn't have surgery yesterday. My friend was with me when they took the dressing off and she said they look good too.
I am staying on top of my pain meds, stretching it out till about 7hrs with the tramadol and 12hrs with the flexeril.
I have a little bruising by my incisions but not bad. I have been laying around a day with the exception of having to pick up my dog. She was aite neglected with the friend I left her with. That stressed me out a little, thank goodness for pain pills and muscle relaxers because it kept me from getting really angry.
Sorry if this post is all over the place, the pills are kicking in. Oh and so far no BM, I am allowed to shower but really not feeling it right now.

Incisions day 1

Had a few dots of blood on my post op bra, not too worried about it. But there is some bruising on my left incision, not so much on my right.

Day 2 Post Op

So today is the second full day of recovery for me. I had a BM this morning, which was great, even though I was not feeling super bloated or anything. I am going to shower today and try on a couple other bras to see what works and fits for me. The PS told me to start massaging down my breast to release fluid and move the implant into the pocket cause I am riding pretty high. I woke up super swollen this morning but in no pain. I am going to try not taking the Tramadol today, unless I absolutely have to, and I will take the Flexeril to make sure my muscles aren't tight and I can get the impants to move into the pockets better. So far I am feeling pretty good, just like I worked out really hard. I have been sleeping a lot which is great cause I rarely get to rest. I haven't had a hard time sleeping sitting at a 45degree angle either. But I will be happy when I can lay on my side again. All in all recovery is still going well!!!

Day 3 Post-Op

Well today is the third day with boobs, and I haven't taken any medicine except Tylenol. Yesterday all I had was a flexeril and tramadol when I went to bed just in case I laid weird and needed it.
Alright so now for how I am progressing. Like I said I am not really taking any medications. I am having a hard time with swelling. Halfway through day 2 they felt so swollen that I had to switch to a bigger bra. I have been doing the massages they showed me and I really don't see/feel a difference. When the swelling gets really bad I ice them for about 20mins and it helps a little bit.
I am also really tired all the time. I fall asleep even when I don't feeling I am tired. It's so weird! But the morning boob isn't too bad. Just a little tightness like I worked out the day before. I have gotten out to walk my puppy several times a day, and that helps me to get moving. I am also able to shower but it feels weird because I can't get my incisions really wet.
As for my mood, I feel kinda blah. It has only been a few days and i need to be more patient with the progress. I really can't wait till they drop and fluff because to me they just look pointy!

Days 4 and 5 Post Op

So I am updating for days 4 and 5. I have had one of the easiest recoveries I could have imagined. I stopped taking my pain meds and muscle relaxers after day 2. I have not really felt any pain, it was mostly pressure the first 2 days. And I was also having regular BMs at day 2. Now at days 4 and 5 I am starting to feel like they have dropped a little more and are starting to feel a little more squishy. But most of the time they feel like rocks just sitting on my chest, then I massage them and they start to feel more "real" if that makes sense.
Yesterday I did have a weird incident. It was my first day to really get out so I went to Starbucks and then to my moms house. By the time I got to my moms I felt lightheaded and a little nauseous, my heart was racing, and I felt like I needed to lay down. I drank some water and took a nap for about 30min and felt better and was able to help my mom bake and decorate Christmas cookies. My mom drove me home because I was afraid it would happen again and I didn't want to be alone if it did.
I slept in my bed for the first time since the surgery ( I had been sleeping on the couch) I could just not get comfortable on the couch anymore. Moving to the bed was much better, but still could not sleep. I took a tramadol to help sleep and it knocked me out. I called my PS this morning to see if they could prescribe me a sleeping pill or if I could take something OTC. I am allowed to take whatever I want. I really didnt want to take my pain pills since I don't need it for pain.
I keep hearing that people have pain and are super sensitive on their nipples and incisions and I have had none of that as well. Just some dry skin on my nipples. I am kind of waiting for it to start kicking in. I guess I am still pretty numb.
I tried on my old bathing suits and that was also exciting. They looked awesome with boobs!! I do need the swelling to go down a little more so they aren't up so high.
I got an email for VS semi annual sale, I am so excited to start shopping for bras, and I think I will have some good side boob (I was hoping for that). I keep taking pictures just so I can see the progress! My mood is finally getting better, I just miss having my sister around during this time (she went to Vegas with her husband for a few days) But we are going to hang out the whole week when she gets back.
I feel like my posts are all over the place, sorry!!!

12 days post!

So it has been 12 days since my surgery and there is really not much to report back. I have had a very easy recovery. Minimal pain, mostly just stiff in the morning. I have developed Mondor's cords under both breasts, but they aren't painful at all. Just makes stretching out a little difficult. I massage them in the shower but really not worried about them. I also feel sore under my arms, like deep in my armpits. I constantly feel like I just need a really good stretch.
I was approved by my PS to sleep however is comfortable. But I normally end up on my back. I guess I got a little used to it.
I am starting to see the change in my breasts. I am still waiting for them to drop and look more round not pointy. I am so ready for my 2 week appt, to get the tape off and stitches out.
I still don't have all my sensation back in my nipples and lower breast. Sometimes my incisions feel sore but nothing too painful. And going outside in the cold was an experience. My chest tightened up pretty good and let's just say it did not feel pleasant, not painful just weird.
A highlight was buying a couple bras at the VS semi annual sale. I am a 32D there and a 32C in normal brands.
That's about it for now, I still have a week off of work. I am a little stir crazy not being able to work out since all I do is eat, shop, and sleep!!

Progression picture

So you can kind of see my progress

Two week appt

I had my 2 week appointment today and it seemed to go week. I took the tape off of my incisions before going in because I had just showered and figured it wouldn't hurt as bad. It didn't hurt, however my incision on my left felt a little sensitive.
I got to my dr and got in right away, she talked about massage techniques (I am not massaging under and over, pushing the implant up and down for 6 months), I was instructed to take vitamin E twice a day for 6months to reduce the risk of CC and tissue growth, I bought silicone strips to wear for the next 6months. I was also told no physical activity until 6 weeks. I think they are feeling a little paranoid because they had a patient come in 2 days prior with a hematoma (pt was 2 weeks post) so they are being cautious. She removed my stitches and I was good to go, she said I looked good. Oh and as for the Mondor's cords, I can take ibuprofen and warm compresses go help them go away.
On another note, the boobie Blues have officially hit me. The last couple of days I have been a little depressed about getting implants. I think they look great, but being so limited has really been a struggle. Then there is the fact that I think they look HUGE. They have also become sensitive which is good, but super annoying. They feel like they are sunburnt but you can't see anything. Lastly, getting back to how I was before, fitness level wise. I am really starting to miss working out, I miss that high I know it's only another month I can get through it. I am hoping this feeling has to do with the nasty weather in Dallas, it's cold and rainy, or PMS, or because I really don't want to go back to work Monday. I have really enjoyed being home with my pup and spending time alone and with the family.
On a high note, I have been complimented on my progress and people have asked about my dr!
I hope everyone had a good New Years!

2 week pictures

They didn't post for some reason.

2 weeks trying this again

For some reason the pictures aren't attaching, let's try this again.

Trying one last time

First day back to work

What a day!!!! Anything that could go wrong, did. It was nothing I couldn't handle, I was just on high alert that I didn't do anything to injure myself or overexert myself. I can say I was absolutely exhausted by the end of the day, but I was off for 2.5 weeks so that's kinda expected! By the end of the day my back was killing me from hunching over, and my boobs were sore/achy. I had to take the silicone strips off halfway through the day because it was SO hot at this clinic and they were sliding off. I came home, immediately took off my bra, took some aleve, and put on my comfy clothes! I so thankful to have a job, but I am even more thankful for my awesome bed!!! Here's to a better tomorrow!!!!

3 weeks!!!

I made it to the three week mark and it is kind of crazy how much can change in just a short week. I am starting to feel even more comfortable sleeping on my sides, I wake up with minimal morning boob, the nipple sensitivity has gone down (although I am still numb on the bottom of my breast between my nipple and incision) and they even look different from my 2 week pictures.
I went back to work on Monday, like the post above says, and it hasn't been too bad. I notice soreness at the end of the day and can't wait to take my bra off for a little bit. I noticed some pressure behind my left, I thought maybe because your heart is there, but I don't know. The Mondor's cords are still there and the left has started to have like a pin prick feeling of I move wrong. Other than that all has been well. I am starting to round out a little more. My left is working faster than my right. And I have not gotten any smaller since I bought my 32D bras. Guess there wasn't too much swelling left. I just need them to drop so they actually sit in the bras. My mood has gotten better, when I am sore is when I start to feel sorry for myself. And question why I did this to myself. I think being a little helpless at work has also made me feel a little down. I did however learn how to manipulate my equipment without using my chest muscles to move it. That was pretty impressive. I am posting a couple pictures of bathing suit tops I bought. Not really sure I'll keep either yet but we will see.

Possible muscle flex deformity

Muscle flexing
I had my surgery 4 weeks ago today and I have noticed some weird movement in my breasts (mostly left) when I flex. Now this could just be me being paranoid because the implants and pecs will move when you flex, but I feel like the left is pulling a little more than it should. Other than that going on, I feel good. Sometimes I feel some pressure around my breasts and sleeping on my sides sometimes is uncomfortable for some reason. But I have to say they look pretty good. They are starting to round out more and are softer. Still no jiggle. I am pretty sure I am not a D cup in normal bras because they are starting to look smaller, or I'm getting used to how big they are. I am trying to be more positive about everything because I am not willing to take them out haha! I have gotten complimenta from friends and that makes me feel better about my choice. I am still a little numb on the bottom of my boobs, really ready for that feeling to come back! So far all is good, I'll get this concern figured out and I'll be even closer to getting back to my normal life!

6 weeks!

Well it has been 6 weeks. I have been officially cleared for all activity, I am shower facing the water, and wear an underwire bra. My PS was very happy with my results. His staff kept saying I have "internet" boobs and that not all people get results like me. That made me happy because I am such a perfectionist. I was told to keep wearing the silicone strips for at least 3 more weeks (I will probably wear them longer, they really do work!). I ordered more online because it was cheaper than buying them from my PS. I am still doing the massages 2 times a day, for the next 6 months. I have minimal discomfort and really only feel weird when I am bending over. Like I can feel the implant move a little but not bad. I told my PS I tried laying flat on my stomach, just to see how it feels, and he said that that is actually a good way to stretch the pocket because it flattens the implant evenly all the way around. So good to know! It does feel like 2 balls on my chest haha. I am also still taking the vitamin e just 1000 ius though. He also told me I do not have muscle flex deformity. It is normal for them to move a little if I flex. They definitely don't move as much as in my post 2 weeks ago.
I was measured at VS and I am officially a 32DD, way bigger than planned but at least they look good. i am really just ready to get back to the gym and get back in shape. This journey has been a good one and I am really starting to like and adjust to having boobs!

6 week pictures

Crossfit with boobs

So I have officially gotten back to doing CrossFit I actually went back last Monday, and the workout was killer. My legs hurt so bad for 3 days that I didn't go back until yesterday. The day I went back we did power cleans and push presses and then the workout had weighted lunges, box jumps, wall balls, and hand stand push ups (I did pike push ups, and then just regular when I fatigued). I can honestly say I feel pretty good so far. The only thing that has really bothered me is hanging from a bar for pull ups or toes to bar. One I loosen up and stretch out I don't feel too uncomfortable. And I don't even feel uncomfortable on my boobs, its more underneath, like I need to stretch and retrain those muscles. Anything jumping is kind of weird too, it may have been the bra but I am not sure. Burpees also sucked, but they are burpees so yeah they always suck.
I haven't found a sports bra that I just LOVE to work out in. I wore a couple from VS and can't really stand the underwire while working out. The one I like so far was from Fabletics, the Sintra Bra. It held me in and it has adjustable straps which is just what I need, and NO underwire. I may have to get a couple more of those. So all in all, workouts are going well. I am SO happy to be back especially since I feel like my ass has gotten huge as of recently! Gotta get summer ready!

Fabletics bras I love

I said I would post about the sports bras I love the most mainly because that is all I wear. I have tried to VS ones and I feel so bulky. I love the fabletics bras. Not to mention they are affordable.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Stagnone is seriously the best. I am so happy with the results I have gotten from him. He is meticulous and really cares about his patients. His staff is great as well. They knew me by name when I walked into the office, I wasn't just another face. My results couldn't have turned out any better. I am very happy with my breasts and will be recommending him to friends.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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