BBL (35 y/o woman) - Excited and Nervous

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I've be looking for support groups, or even just...

I've be looking for support groups, or even just groups that can discuss all topics regarding the BBL process. I came across this site, so hopefully I will get some knowledge and new able to give some.

I've wanted "butt surgery" as long as I can remember, but never thought it would happen. Finally! I am able to get it done.

I am more excited than nervous, but am anxious to share my journey.

BBL Stories

Everyday I read blogs, reviews or look at sites. I don't know if its helping or making me more ???? nervous.

Some days I even feel bad that a I'm getting the surgery, because I could be doing other things with the money. What a rollercoaster!!


I arrived at my consultation at 9:00am. Dr. J shares the floor with other cosmetic doctor's, so I was greeted at a main front desk. I finished up some paperwork and was walked back to the waiting room. I waited about 20 minutes, but didn't mind because the 180° view of North Dallas was beautiful.

I was walked back to a temporary room while the main consultation was begin set up. While waiting, Dr. J visited with me and asked a few questions while we waited. After about 10 minutes, we moved to the actual consultation room. I changed into a neutral high quality robe and waited a few minutes for Dr. J to arrive.

He asked what my goals were and what I wanted to look like. I simply told him natural but noticeable. He physically examined me them with his assistant present. He put my picture on the monitor in the room and proceeded to draw where the incisions and differences are going to be. Note: I felt comfortable the entire time.

After the consult, I went down the hall to take pictures for my file. It was a female photographer and the door locked. Again, very comfortable environment.

I went back to the consultation room and got dressed.I was lead to the scheduling/financial office, where I met Karen (Dr. J'S wife). She broke all of the costs and additional options ,down . I went ahead and scheduled my surgery, and put my 10% deposit down. On the way home, I decided I wanted to stay at the medical hotel they have attached to the surgery center (pic below)

Current Pics

Current pics of me 1/7/2016

Waist 36.5"
Hips 46"

Prepping for Recovery

Are there any must-have supplies I should keep bedside?

For now I have:
Top: Wipes/Mild Soap/Pills
Middle: Bed Pads
Bottom: Nightgowns/shirts/underwear/socks

5 days and counting! !!

I've gotten past the scared feeling, now I'm just anxious. I have a few more recovery supplies to buy, but other than that, just waiting to complete the tasks I can't do until the right day.

?Still need to cut hole in chair
?Figure out easy hairstyle

Pick up prescriptions

Over the phone pre surgery call
Wash with special soap that night
Finish packing bag
No eating after midnight

3 Days away!!

The nervousness is kicking in. Every time I think about any part of the surgery, my head starts hurting. My face is breaking out and my mind is constantly wondering.

I just emailed some questions to the doctor. I hope that eased my mind a little, anyway.

1 Day and a wake up!!!

Well, I picked up 3 of my prescriptions today. One was out of stock so I'll pick it up tomorrow. I also go my "P EZ" (pictured). I tried it out, and it works awesomely!!!!

I've felt calm today. Maybe my body is just ready now.

14 hours and counting!!!!

Surgery is at 9:30am,tomorrow . . . I'm actually excited!

Tonight and in the morning, I have to wash with Hibicleanse. I have to take a nausea pill at 6:30am, and be at the office at 8:30.

I will post as many pics as I can. Wish me luck!

So worth it!!

Sorry that I haven't been on here. Recovery has been extremely hard on me. I am apparently sensitive to pain meds so coming around took a very long-time. The wonderful nurse there with the red hair was kind enough to start longer until I got enough energy to get moving.

I'll update pictures tomorrow


My boyfriend is a God sent!! If it wasn't for him I don't know what I would've done, or been doing.

Day 1
I paid extra and stayed in the medical hotel attached to the surgery center. My boyfriend was already in there waiting for me. I was extremely drowsy but the nurses asked me some questions and said they'd be back in in a couple of hours. I did have a catheter, so I didn't have to worry about getting up to use it. They did make me drink juice and water, and eat crackers. I just didn't have an appetite. I was checked on at least every two hours.

My boyfriend was so sweet and bought me a Godiva teddy bear to keep in my bed

Day 2
Still at hotel . . . Nurses tried to on get me to walk, but I couldn't with no strength or eneregy. About an hour later, my boyfriend said let's just try our selves getting me up. It worked!!! I was able to use my "P EZ"and then brush my teeth.

I did have some leakage but it subsided the second day.

Day 3
Moving around is a must!! It not only keeps the blood flowing, but helps with energy. You have to eat or drink protein shakes. You probably won't have an appetite, buy you gotta keep the calories coming in.

I took a shower with not so hot water. I got in with my garment on because it felt like it was sticking in some places, but it easily peeled off. I washed with liquid dial antibacterial soap.

Boyfriend washed it in cold on gentle, then in the dryer on air/fluff

Day 4
Feeling a lot better and getting around better. It is still a challenge bending down, but that's to be expected.


Day 4

I'll do better y'all

Just trying to get my energy back up

Been a rough 6 days. Everyday is something different but I still not regret anything. Today I've done the most moving around I've done since I've been home. I was able to take a couple pics today hopefully more as the days go on sorry so slow

1 Month Post Op

I've been through so much since the surgery, but I'm protecting my investment. It's crazy how the body changes everyday. I went to my second follow up last Thursday. He said everything is looking great, that I just need to make sure I'm eating 3000 calories daily.

I'm still sore from the lipo, but it's getting less and less, slowly but surely. I still have significant swelling but it'll go away the more active I become. Going back to work was harder than I expected.

Valentine's Day 2016

Can't wear jeans yet, so leggings it was
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So far, he and his staff have been wonderful! I trust him and the whole office has made the process comfortable. 1/12 and 1/13/16 I emailed Karen (office manager) with questions and she responded quickly and thoroughly. She has such a positive vibe and seems genuine. Dr. Jejurikar is the best!!! He made me and my boyfriend feel at ease , and was just very easy to talk to. He is very funny and knowledgeable. I am extremely happy with my results so far. Looking forward to my follow up, next Monday.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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