I have a Booty!!! Dr. Sam Jejurikar - Dallas, TX

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Hi! I just found out about this website not to...

Hi! I just found out about this website not to long ago and I'm completely obsessed it's amazing how people talk about there experiences and what to expect. In so little time I've learned so much I knew nothing about. So glad I found it!! I officially I paid off my BBL quote I'll be getting it on June 27th. I'm very nervous, anxious, scared and it's quite unreal to me at the moment. I'm trying to get everything ready for that day since I'm 22yrs old married with 2 kids and very little help so I'm hoping I won't have any problems after surgery. Today I ordered Anny buttocks enhancing extra-firm bodysuit so hopefully it helps out and gets here on time. I don't know what else I might be needing for surgery but I know for sure I can not wait!!!!

The day is here

Today, is the day, I'll be getting my BBL surgery!! I'm feeling very nauseous!! Not a good start since yesterday I couldn't find myself to relax. So my husband decided on taking me to the movies to watch that new transformers, to calm me down which it worked but ruined my sleep. Running on one hour of sleep I'm sitting here waiting for my nurses to get me ready. Hopefully, Dr. J gives me booty!!

So far

The doctor and nurses been amazing!!! Here's a photo of my new booty !!! Sorry took a while they discharged me not to long ago I couldn't feel my legs so they had to keep me longer. I'm now home swollen n still can't walk. The only pain I'm feeling is my feet I can't feel them so hopefully that changes quick. The doctor told my husband he added 1800cc on each cheek so I'm excited

Day 3 post-op

Today, has been great. I can finally walk, all the numbness I had on my feet, due to the anesthesia has subsided. My booty looks amazing!! I can't believe I actually went through with it! Yesterday I had some bad bruising on my booty it was quite painful I applied some anicare gel and it's all gone! So far this surgery has not been nothing painful like I thought it would be, only problem I had were my feet that were killing me! So glad that pain is gone!! Very thankful for my husband and mother for being here to help me and especially to move my legs. Tomorrow I'll be taking my first bath after surgery I'll be uploading more pictures.

Loving my results

Sorry haven't updated ya ladies lately but I've been extremely tired. Today has been good I can do almost everything by my self. My right butt cheek, since day 1, has been hurting and still very swollen but other than that I love my results so far!!

While waiting to see doctor

Hi!! Today has been way better than the other days. You can actually see a smile on my face lol I been in so much pain these past days, on my right butt, due to the swelling and my right leg numbness. I was already starting to give up! I was so depressed on why I even went through with this! I'm so glad I have my husbands support. He can't keep his hands off my butt LOL I'll post more of my before pictures after my apt with Dr. Jejurikar

My before's

Well here are some disturbing pictures of me before surgery! I'm very embarrassed of my old body Dr. Sam Jejurikar really did an amazing job! Loving my results
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