Excited to See How This Will Change my Body Shape - Dallas, TX

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I am doing the brazlian butt lift and liposuction...

I am doing the brazlian butt lift and liposuction to my flanks, abdomen, thighs, back, arms and fat around the back knee area on Friday. I am new to real self. Initially, I did a consultation for liposuction of multiple areas, and then considered having the bbl when I saw how much it can enhance curves. I am already curvy and have some junk in the trunk so I'm a little nervous. I hope that I will be able to see a difference in my back side from the bbl with me already having a pre-existing butt. I am excited about removing the fat from my waist area. I have always had back fat and hate it- it will be nice to put a bra on, and not see my back fat being squished under my bra straps or the rolls I my lower back. I have always had thick thighs too, and the doctor said that I can't take a substantial
amount of fat out on the inner thigh or it may sag due to my age. However, I am
really hoping that enough fat can be taken off the inner thigh area, to wear it will no longer be as much of a problem area for me. I am about 12 pounds over my normal weight right now and will work out after to maintain my results. I hope this will make my works outs more of a payoff and that the bbl is noticeable on me. I will post my before's and keep you posted- :)

Bought the boppy today- surgury tomorrow

I read that the boppy is not good to use right away. However, I have also heard it's the only alternative to sitting down. Ugh- I guess I will stand until it's unbearable and then stand on my knees if I want to sit. Any ideas? arrggg





Feeling good- swelling is going down

The second day was pretty bad. However, I'm feeling way better. Took my first shower last night and it went way better than I thought. Meade gave me is cell phone just in case I needed to call him with any issues. However, so far it has gone way smoother than I thought and I have yet to call him . The only thing that really sucks is I want to get out of the house, but I don't want to drive because I don't even want to risk smashing my cheeks while driving . I have heard from some that even putting a pillow under the thighs is not good and can flatten results. I have not even sat down to pee - lol- I know this sounds nuts but I bought large disposable Dixie cups - I stand when I pee and aim for the cup over the toilet lol- I'm too worried that the hard pressure from the toilet seat could alter the results- so stand and aim is what I am doing - lol - I got a 1000 cc in each cheek and I hope to preserve at least 50% of it- meade tends to be more subtle with bbl so I told him to give a little more. However, I'm not expecting huge. I guess if it's huge, then it will be a surprise. I saw the burns on one girl after surgery on here and it scared the crap out of me. I am blessed with just having safe results even if that means my butt does not come out massive after the bbl. At this point it has been smooth and I am just grateful that I won't have jelly rolls on my back still or a bunch of muffins on my sides. I paid more for my safety then for just the results. I want the results to be amazing - but if they just dramatically improve my shape then I will still feel that I didn't waste my money. Some say to massage and other docs say not too. Called the office today and they told me not to unless advised to. I was scared to do a massage anyways because I can't imagine doing this on tissue that is still healing. I would think it could create more scar tissue or damage some of the fat cells that have been grafted and are trying to connect - so I'm not. I'm just going to try to be in my garment as long as possible and not sit at all even when peeing lol - I don't have drains in. However, I had these when I had a tummy tuck and they drove me nuts so I'm kind of relieved that I don't have to have them in - I have just been avoiding sodium, eating pinapple, walking every hour or so and the swelling has gradually been coming off. I'm itchy has h?!: though - took benedryl and want to scratch my a$& off. Arrggg

abiut to start my period so my swelling should be wonderful- feel like poop

Why must my period come the same week I am wrapped up in this garment? I feel like my garment is about to bust- good times

5 1/2 week post and loving it-

I see my waist going down every day. Still very swollen- however, Meade did and amazing job of giving me more than enough without going overboard. 1000 liters in each cheek- no more bruising, no complications. I'm still wearing my garment but back to full speed. I have to kids and I so I'm relieved to be able to lay down now on my sides for sure and was over always laying on my belly. I barely started sitting last week. Glad I waited but boy were my elbows sore from always leaning on them and neck hurt sometimes. I love my sleep so I'm finally feeling like I'm back to my normal sleep now. More photos to come when swelling goes down-

Dr. Meade in Dallas did amazing

I am 34 with two children and I have noticed my butt has started to go south and that my body was becoming more square with age. I can't say how much this surgery has changed my overall shape. Many of my friends have traveled to other states like Miami to get a bbl desiring a more pronounced buttocks (not thinking that it could be achieved with a doctor in Dallas.) However, my friends were amazed by my results with Meade. I did a lot of research. I considered traveling as well out of state until I found Meade. He was realistic, honest and upfront with what my results would be. His personality and bedside manor says it all. I asked him to put as much fat as he could in each cheek and he did exactly that. He put a 1000 cc's in each cheek. Many friends that traveled for their bbl had to sit on their fresh fat grafts on a plane ride back to Dallas (killing fat cells , with slower recovery time, and less projection than what I got. I think they didn't think there was a doctor in Dallas that could give them the "South Beach Booty" - however, Meade did amazing- my recovery was great, and I couldn't be happier having Meade as my PS. Thank you Dr Meade!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I have yet to do my surgury. However, I looked up Dr. Meade on the medical board site before choosing him, and he has a perfect md record. He has numerous awards though the state board site and I feel very confident that he takes very great care of his patients safety. I instantly liked him. He really took the time to talk with me, and I never felt rushed through my consultation. I have had plastic surgery before and was happy with the results. However, I must say that Meade ran a more thorough health screenings such as more blood tests, nose swabs for staph etc ( which I did not as much as Meade did with my previous surgeon ) - so I really feel great about the fact that he ensures that his patients are in good health before proceeding on surgury. I have heard cities like Miami and Atlanta are the best places to do a noticeable bbl. however, I have heard that Meade is the best bbl doc in Dallas. I am really excited and I can't wait to see the results - little nervous about recovery - however- we shall see!!! ;)

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