1650 Cc total 11 Month POST - Dallas, TX

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Yeyyyyyy the time is finally come to count down....

Yeyyyyyy the time is finally come to count down. To all of my real self family thanks for all your stories and support.

I've been thinking about a butt augmentation ever since I was 14 when i realized that I had very little to nothing back there! For years I thought about my body in this form and only wished my genes would have given me more of a round shape. It wasnt until February of 2013 when I decided to further my search and actually do a consultation.

I found Dr.Ricardo Meade on yours truly: realself. The staff was very polite and professional making me feel right at home.

Since then I've been continuing my research and preparing for my surgery. I paid 7k cash and financed the difference ( I know what your thinking BT I couldn't wait!). Dr.Meade charged 7200 and the rest were medical fees for the facility he would be using.

Now were down to 10 days and I can feel the excitement! I recently informed my sister and a few others of the procedure....wasn't sure how they would take it! I mean how do you tell someone your getting work done without them thinking your out of your mind?

Those who I have told were very supportive... everyone who hasn't been told will just have to see the new Mr and wonder where I got all this a$$ from lol. I can't wait...I want the biggest natural looking behind I can get.

I've attached some of my own before pics. Because of my big hips I can actually hide some of my weight if I wear boy short panties. I've added the sexy pics where i hide my real shape and the real view body shape i have. More pics to come. Be sure to tune in next time! See you soon..

So I'm getting anxious for May 17. I'm reviewing...

So I'm getting anxious for May 17. I'm reviewing everyones profile and I see a lot of drains and garments being worn. My doctor hasn't told me anything about this stuff. Guess I'll call today. If you didn't note here are my measurements

I weight about 148 which is the highest ever! Size 10 or 11 jeans last time checked

Breast: 34inch D
Waist(under breast): 27in
Waist (love handles): 38in
Booty(lol): 40in
FYI I HV big hips so its mostly hip hip

Hi Ladies. Its coming down to the wire surgery in...

Hi Ladies. Its coming down to the wire surgery in three days! Picking up my prescriptions today. I read my manual again and it does appear I shouldn't need drains but I will need to wear a binder (garment) for fours weeks post.

I just sent an email to my doctors office about my wish pics. Im hoping I can get at lease 1000 cc's. I don't see any before and after pictures I like with anything less. I'm scared that there wont be any noticeable results...some of the post by others are making nervous! Here is one of my wish pics.

Sooo....my Doctor's assistant is saying my wish...

Sooo....my Doctor's assistant is saying my wish pic is not realistic! Now I have to go in for another consultation tomorrow the day before surgery! Urgh I just want the look i want. Well see what he says tomorrow. Any who I've been sick for almost 24 hrs and I hope this stomach ache is gone before I go in :( Im certain it was something I ate

12 Hours Til Showtime

The time has finally came...this may be my last post before surgery. So far I have baby wipes, cleaning my house, a maxi dress to leave the hospital in,shoes, my meds and I'll get the binder at the hospital. I already have soap and hygiene everything. My doctor didn't mention anything else. Alot of you have these gigantic check list with iron pills water pills etc..... Am i missing something?

It has been a rough week... I was sick yesterday because of something I ate and today the day before surgery my cycle came...I freaking knew it would. Yep...Im in pain and can't take any medicine before surgery....maybe tylonol

I have to say I'm secound guessing Dr.Meade as he is not really being specific on the projection he can give me...he says depends on how much my body will give and take. So far all my wish pics are "unrealistic". I almost just canceled and delayed because I don't care for any of his before and after pictures online. The ones he showed me on his iphone initially looked good BT his online pics dnt look like the look I want. Their booties aren't big!

Either way in I went for another consultation and I'm just going off a hope and prayer this will turn out looking good. He says hell put in as much a fat as my body allows. Dr Meade is nice but am crazy for going in without being certain about his before and after pics? Should I back out?

Surgery Complete

Hi ladies. My surgery was done Friday and I'm just feeling up to making a post. My pain hasn't been bad at all...maybe at a 3. The day of surgery my nausea was the worst part as the nurse didn't put the nausea medicine in my iv. Trying to stay medicaided!

Ive been drinking a lot of Gatorade and staying away from salt so I don't swell. You definitely need to HV someone help you the first few days. Ive been peeing standing up... my garment has a hole dwn there to use the bathroom. Oh yes my menstral stopped so I'm happy for that. I HV no idea what my shape looks like because of all the swelling and foam inside the garment. I'll try to see tomorrow when I clean my self... I'm just really uncomfortable. Tomorrow my sister is leaving me so I'm working on being more independent.

Any who ....I'll update in later days to come...I need to get up and walk around


Today I was completely independent feeling good. I tried to remove my garment and the foam under it. I moved one wrong way and felt the worst pain thus far! I think it was one of my incision areas....I just know it felt like someone slicing through my skin continuously. Help!!! ! I Immediately stopped and put it all back on. I'm gonna have to wait til my sister comes back to help me shower. Too much too soon.

Doctor Meades nurse called today to check in on me. She was nice as usual. Its so helpful to have support from everyone. Shout out to Guera booty... she's been checking with me alot :) thank you

Booty Pic with Garment

So I took my garment off and I love my results so far. I have absolutely no brusing on my bootie and I'm gratified I don't have to have those fluid packs!! Only had a little bruising on my upper tummy

7 Day Pics No Bruises

I don't have the projection I was hoping for in my wish pic but I must say my ass looking fatt! Maybe when the swelling goes down ill see more of a curve in my back.

Today I cut the cheeks out of my Garmit...i checked with my doctor and he says its OK to do so. Can't wait til recovery is over.. tired of sleeping on my side. Ready for this side view to pop out better also. Let me know your thoughts. Over all I'm happy :)


I read sometimes in the recovery phase patients become depressed. I must admit this process takes a lot of support...first physically then emotionally. I live in a city where my closest friends are 8 hours away and I do not have any friends where I live... merely associates. I HV been single since my last break up in January. Thank the lord for my sister, cousin and Aunt. They have been here for me first hand. If it wasn't for them I'd be a emotional mess.

Although my family had shown support...im still going most of my days alone. This surgery leaves you wondering about who's really there for you. I knw ppl hv lives to live bt its nice to know someone puts you first...espicially when your down. My friends back home have called....bt there is only one who I feel like is holding my hand 8 hours a way. Thank you.

Besides that I still feel lonely. Bt thats why we all are here right? So I'm here with my real self family on a Saturday night. Thanks for your support.. I'll be sure to spread it around because I know its much needed.

As far as my body... I've been searching the web for a Lymphatic Massage...they run from $80 on up... thinking about having someone come to my house. I havnt left the house since the surgery..just been walking my dog around the complex.

New Pics---16 Days Post

I had my first post op appointment with Dr. Meade. I must say my results are getting better and better. I do have my knots in my lower back and sides. I have not seen a massuse...Dr.Meade actually suggests to save money and purchase a electronic massager and massage twice a day to loosing the tissue.

He said I was cleared to sit butt to take it easy. I still have not sat directly on it buy I have sat down with a pillow under my legs while in the car. I can actually feel my weigh on my legs and not my booty. Im going to hold off on sitting on it as long as possible... Im scared to deflate! It actually seems to be getting bigger!

By the way girls...buy stool softeners...going to the bath room has been really hard. Also regardless of what your doctor says buy an extra garment that covers your entire torso just in case you dont like the one your provided.... its also helpful to have a discreet one for when u start getting dressed.

Measurements- Still a little swollen

Breast: was 34inch D still
Waist(under breast): was 27in still
Waist (love handles): was 38in now 31
Booty: was 40in now 42 what the heck?
Hips: was 42in showing 41 ( maybe garment smashing)

Booty Greed (?)

So I'm overall happy with my results....but I wish my butt bigger. I mean I kinda wanna look like I have a $9500 ass... you know the biggest one in the room. right now it just look like I have a big booty... I'm comparing my results to others out there and I see some donks out of there! I look good but I feel like I just joined the club...BT I wanna be the head booty in charge! Booty greed (?) Or shouldn't we all wanna feel like that after paying so much? I may be addicted to looking at women's booties now

Booty Greed Cont(?)

I meant without those fake silicon death shots and implants!

Losing Volume~~3 weeks day 23

Yep so I'm losing volume and I'm pissed... I feel like I shoulda went to another doctor. He told me I'll lose volume. I'm not all the way through recovery and im not happy like I was a week ago. I'm changing my rating on Meade and his skills obviously he doesn't know how to give big butts...some doctors make this there absolute specialty....i shoulda looked around some more. I was 25 pounds over my normal weight....why u can't get it right after $9500??? Only received a two inch projection now I'm at 1 inch. Urgh. My measurements this week( I have only laid directly on my back twice this week ie getting my lashes done and eye brows arched) I hvnt sat directly down at all.

Breast: 34inch D
Waist(under breast): 27in
Waist (love handles): 31in
Booty: 41

1650cc per cheek

So i certainly have mixed feelings... guess im nervous about losing too much volume. But I like these pics.

6 weeks-- Wear Your Garment as long as possible

Hey sisters just wanted to stay in touch. Dr. Meade cleared me to start sitting two weeks ago but i tried to hold off as long as possible. I started sitting last week at 5 weeks. Luckily I work from home so i have been sitting on a stool with my but hanging off the chair. At this point I still try not to sit down unless its neccessary. But for the most part when I'm out I'm sitting down or driving.

I am nolonger seeing any volume loss....I must say I'm adddicted to my garments... they really make a difference. I would say keep one or two and wear them as long as possible.

I do see a dent in my ass now...so I may have to get a garment covering the cheeks to smooth it out.

I won't lye my eating its not the best but it is good. Been mostly eating salad,low sodium soup, chicken, and protein drinks.

Its time for me to work out! Six weeks is more than enough time...guess I'll try to go in the am I look good but i feel sooo out of shape.

I still have scar tissue on my sides...I need to really massage more...here is the massager I bought $30

11 Months

Alright ladies and gents. Its been almost one year since my journey began. I am so happy with my results. If you see I had booty greed but after a while I can really say I am happy. My results are long standing. My weight has gone between145-130. Right now I am 136. I try to work out 3 days a week if I start to reach the higher end of my weight. When I'm trying to trim I will wear my garment... those things are simply magic. My sides where i had love handles still have some scar tissue and is a little firm...but only i notice it. I havnt been massasing like i should. My doctor has been very supportive and continues to see me. He even have me a thank you gift from Victorias secret! This body is banging and I'm keeping it that way. Adios.

Reposted Photos

I took alot of photos down for privacy reasons, but here's is the 2 month photo. I had went from 145 to 130. I prefer my higher weight but like to be toned. I'm still trying to find my balance when working out. I do drink protien drinks when I work out to keep a good weight.

My Body

Just adding that I still have some scar tissue on my sides. You can't see it but I can feel it a little bit. Im focusing on this more.

I would like to add that I do have scaring from the surgery. Two in my lower back that looks like dots and then two in my middle back above the bra strap area. All are healed but one of them is not flat...the scar tissue didn't heal right or something. My Doctor schedule me an in office visit and says he can numb it...then cut it out. Well see how it goes.

My butt is still in good shape, my stomach is still flat. Im starting to work out more because I do see when I gained 6 pounds back my stomach us not as tight as it was after surgery. I was thinking if I got back up to 145 again it would be as flat. I don't think it will. I'll continue to work out with my protein and we shall see!!
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