I'm officially a Cabral Barbie!Yayy booked my flight!!

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Hello everyone, I haven't been on this website in...

Hello everyone,

I haven't been on this website in a while, I used to have an account but I forgot my information. I've been wanting to get the BBL since I was 18, I'm 20 now. It's amazing how much these doctors are charging now, since I left BBL. I remember when I had a consultation with Dr.Jimerson he quoted me $8,000 and something, now I heard he is charging $10,000 or more thats crazy!!!

Anyways I'm having a problem choosing between two doctors. I like Dr.Perry work, and since I'm small he said he was still able to do the procedure on me. I'm 5'2 115 lbs. I'm going to try to gain 10 lbs before my surgery. The only thing is I don't think I'm going to have enough money and I don't want to take out any loans. Now Dr. Duran I heard a lot of good things about her, but I never seen her do work on someone my size. Have any of ya'll seen her perform these procedure on a petite person? The only thing that scares me about going to her is I have to fly out of the country. To all my Duran dolls who got the procedure done, how was it? How can I get in contact with Dr.Duran? I went to her website and it was all in spanish and I was lost lol. Do any of you know if she has anything available for December 2013? I'm also looking for a partner to go with too.

I thinking I'm leaning more towards Dr.Duran

Hello, I just uploaded some pictures. As you see I'm really small(115), but I'm pretty sure I can weight 130 by June. As you can see I'm boxy and I'm looking to have the hourglass shape, I have zero hips!!! My measurements are 32-27-34 and my goal is 32-24-37. I really don't want a big ol booty since I'm small, but I do want it to be noticeable and have projection. I sent Dr.Duran an email today and she literally emailed me back like 2 minutes later. I was like WOW that was quick!

Wish Pics

More wish pics

I actually look small in my pics, but that actual pics I sent Dr.Duran I look bigger. Since I don't have that much fat I plan on getting stomach,flanks, and inner thigh lipo. I don't have any fat on my back unfortunately, maybe when I gain some weight I will.

Good News!!!

So I went through Jazmine so she could get my stuff together, and she said dr.duran will email me Sunday!!! I'm so happy! I can't wait! I'm also changing my date to May 12th now.

Found a Travel Buddy

Yay I'm so happy I found a travel buddy! Shout out to brainsandbeauty!

Patiently waiting...

I spoke with Jazmine today to see if I could get my date switch to May 9th. I plan on purchasing my plane ticket in January and getting the rest of my stuff situated in March. My buddy and I is also staying at Armonia. I have a question anyone that stayed at Armonia, did ya'll send in a deposit? They told my buddy we didn't have to send in one, which is weird because how can we make sure no one take our room.

Looking for a new buddy!!

Hey everyone! We'll I'm looking for a new buddy, my old buddy had to postpone her date due to school :(. My surgery is May 13th but I'm leaving May 12th from Dallas. I'm also staying at Armonia. Please contact me ASAP!!!

Chin lipo???

Has anyone receive chin lipo from Duran? I'm seriously thinking about it, but I never seen any of her work. I want to get it done, but I don't want to come out looking crazy, I mean it's my face if something go wrong, people can see it lol.

Doctors & weight gain!

We'll I have updated in a minute, I gain 10lbs so far, so I'm at 122(started at 112). The ensures really work. The only thing I'm not liking about my weight gain is, it's going to my chin! So I'm pretty sure I'm going to get my chin lipo. I plan on gaining another 10 lbs also. I'm also considering dr.cabral. Yes I know his resume is not squeaky clean, but I really did my research on him. Don't get me wrong I love Duran, but I love the teeny waist he gives girls and that's what I want. Plus he taught yily and Duran. He quoted me $3500 which is the same as Duran. We'll talk to y'all soon.

Her waist is everything!!!

Got my date w/ Dr.Cabral!!!!

Yay I'm so happy I got my date w/ him!!! I really like Duran but I just feel like Cabral can give me what I need! & his assistant is so helpful!

Booked my flight!!!

Finally got my ticket. I'm flying Spirit and my ticket was $532.00. I wish it was $300 like all the other girls lol, but since I'm flying from Texas, tickets are always higher. I also purchase the insurance since so many people say to get it. I'm also still looking for a buddy...

57 days away...

Well nothing hasn't really change. I'm going to get my passport tomorrow. I weight 124 and my measurements are 32-29.5-37(b4 weight gain 32-27-34). I'm going to stop once I hit 127. I've been gaining weight in my face and I hate it lol(getting my chin lipoed). I think I have enough fat for the results I want. Like I said I don't want a big ol booty I just want something cute,plump, & round. I'm more focus on having a hourglass shape. I'm staying at Armonia and still looking for a buddy...



Has any one went to him on here?? I can't find anything on him but I heard he does a really good job on petite/small women.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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