37 Yr Old BBL completed!!!- Dallas, TX

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Hi. Im a 37 yr old mom to two boys. Im 5'0 ft...

Hi. Im a 37 yr old mom to two boys. Im 5'0 ft 137lbs, trying to decide if I should get BBL with lipo to full back, flanks or a tummy tuck with lipo to full back and flanks or do both..lol... if the cost is reasonable. I had one phone consult with Lucy with Dr. Cortes, the cost was reasonable 10,500 and some change for BBL with lipo to full back and flanks but I have to gain 10-12 lbs. So sad...im scared to gain weight because I gain it all over..my face, hands, arms... i end up having shape like a minon! ;-) I've had two local consultations, both recommending tummy tucks, one surgeon said no weight gain was needed, the other surgeon (his wife/coordinator) said you really dont need fat transfer cause you have a butt. I've had a telephone consult with Jasmine with Dr. Jimmerson (very very nice) he suggested a small weight gain of maybe 7 lbs. However I was quoted , $18g for tummy tuck, BBL, additional lipo to upper back and bra roll, plus transfer to hips....All that sounds like it would make me perfect, but thats the price of a nice lil car for my 16 yr old. Not ready for that amount. I have one more consult with Dr. Jejurikar here in Dallas Thursday, will see what he recommends. I am just stuck with deciding what procedure to get done. I would like a little more volume on the butt but definitely need the tummy tuck plus lipo to full back. So confused...do i want bigger butt, flat stomach with curves or both. If any of you out there go to Houston as an out of town patient, is there a recovery house/hotel or service of some sort.

Surgery set

Had my consult today with Dr. Jejurikar. He was the first doc to come in and talk to me with clothes on first!????he listened to my dislikes and then he left so I can put on the robe and came back to examine. He immediately told me what he can do to shape my body, as he was telling me what he could do, it was exactly what I was wanting but I didn't explain all of that. He knew exactly what I was asking for without really giving him too much info. I like to give very little info and let the docs look and see what they recommend to see if I agree or not. Well this doc knew what to do with my body by looking at it and me not giving much info. He was just great, really took him time with the consult. His nurse was very nice as well. I took my ver professional pictures and scheduled my date. Now time to gather my supplies and see who can take me. Very happy and excited

Surgery done!!!

Ok ladies I had my surgery this afternoon. I'm sore but I'm up and walking. Was a little nauseous once the mess from anesthesia wore off, but I took my medication as soon as I feel a symptom that I don't want to deal with, then I'm fine. He injected 760cc (I believe that's what I was told) in each cheek. I'm a small frame person so right now my butt looks huge!! My sister and I were laughing, but I like be the results thus far. Dr Jejurikar is an excellent doctor, I love his bedside manners! I would recommend him to everyone! Here are a few pics.

1 day post op

Okay so had to take my garment off because I'm real slow to get out of the bed and make it to the toilet in time. Lol..sucks! I had the female urinal but if you don't position it correctly it's a mess. Took it off to wash do I took a few pics. Swelling is more today.

Updated post op pics 6 days

I feel pretty good. No complaints other than just bored. I did lay on my side yesterday on the couch and noticed this morning there was a little decrease in size. So my advice would be to not do it. Not sure if it is just the expected decrease in swelling or if laying on that side had anything to do with it but I would love to keep as much as possible. I'm still very pleased with my overall shape.

More pics post op day #6

Keep taking your meds and stay off your butt and side laying!

37 Yr Old Completed BBL

Excellent doctor who knew exactly what I was wanting and gave me that without me showing wish pics. Excellent and professional from first visit. OR staff was great! Office staff great! You can look at my review for my pics. Will see him again for tummy tuck! I had a couple of other local consultations and just wasn't impressed. My out if town consults were too expensive plus inconvenient and wanted me to gain weight. That was the last thing I wanted to do.

2wks post op

I love my results. I went in just wanting all my fat removed and just wanting to know if I had enough fat worth transferring. He gave me a perfect shape. He knows exactly what women are wanting these days. I will definitely go back for my tummy tuck because of my muscle separation. (4 consults told me I needed this)

Post op pics

I still have swelling back area and you can tell it swelling because it's tender when you move or apply pressure. If any of you have ever had csection and experience swelling in ankles/feet the pain the ambulate, is similar to the discomfort when I attempt to turn to side or do a twist motion of my waist. I can feel the fluid on my side. Wish I knew what I could do to help get rid of that faster

Still happy

Sorry I've been out of contact on here. I had to have emergency surgery 3 was post bbl on my ovaries. Developed an infection from that surgery and now just recovering from that surgery. I was so upset cause I was doing so well staying off my butt unfortunately with my ob/gyn having to go in thru my csection scar I was forced to lay on my back. I was planning on completely staying off my butt for 6 weeks. However I think my butt still looks pretty good. Will post pics soon

Updated pic

Tummy tuck completed with Dr. J. Exceeded my expectations!

I had the BBL last April 2015. I had my final exam for that in January of 2016 at that time we discussed tummy tuck as I had diastasis plus umbilical hernia. I waited a long time to finally get it done on 12/28/16. I lost weight on my own and no matter how much weight I lost and looked decent in clothes my abdominal area was just ugly to me. So I went through with the tummy tuck. First 2 days after, was hell. I wasn't sure why I did it but day 3, 4, and now im 5 days post op and he exceeded my expectations. All I wanted was a normal looking belly button. Dr. J has my waist so tight and perfect I cannot wait to heal, on top of my Bbl he completed, he gave me a figure I would of never imagined. I am soooooo happy and am not healed yet

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