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Hello Everyone, I am having breast augmentation...

Hello Everyone, I am having breast augmentation preformed on Friday. I have decided to go with the ideal implant and notice there are no reviews. I will post as much as possible in order to assist those who are thinking about this type of implant. I am positing some before pictures (right now) and will post after pictures once I able too. I will do my best to answer any questions on here. Thank you!

Nerves and Implant Size

Hello Everyone,
I am getting nervous as surgery is on Friday! My nurse has called me to tell me my prescription is ready and the anesthesiologist called me as well. I have been thinking about the size over and over as I read that most people wish they have gone bigger. So far the ideal implant I choose can go from 335cc- 360cc. I am leaning towards 360cc now.

Surgery day

I just got the ideal implants!

I had surgery this morning and I'm surprised at how well I'm feeling. I wasent dehydrated after surgery but I did drink a ton of water this week. I felt disorientated when I woke up as well as nauseated but after about 30-40 minutes it went away. I got home and took a pain pill and was able to fall asleep on my back. After a few hours I woke up and I am now watching movies and walking. Walking slowly around my house feels better than sitting. The pain is mild and feels like the day after an intense chest workout. I am loving my new boobies! I think they look perfect for my body! Yay!!

1 day post surgery

Hello lovelies,
I am doing great as long as I take my meds every 4 hours I only feel chest tightness. I went out to eat and went to the grocery store too but my sister drove me. My upper back hurt last night. I can't seem to get comfortable laying on my back but there is no other choice. I sleep when I can but its been tough. I also feel very bloated and still haven't gone number two. I hope I can go tomorrow so I don't have to take any laxatives. Any suggestions? Still loving the new Boobies :)

Day 2 and feeling great!!

So I'm surprised how good I felt today. I went to take pictures with Santa with my poms and went xmas shopping. My sister of course has taken great care of me. I was told I could take a bath today and I did! My sister helped me wash my hair since I'm still not able to raise my arms. It feels great to be so clean! My back does not hurts as much and neither do the new girls! I was able to poop a bit but still feeling bloated! I hope I can sleep good tonight as I'm going to try the couch instead of the bed. Goodnight everyone!

Day 3 with boobzz!!

I feel like my boobs are getting even more swollen and my bellying is getting bigger and hard from all the food I eat and not using the bathroom as normal. I did poop 3 times today but it was very strenuous and almost nothing. Can't wait to get back to my normal pooping schedule! Still loving my boobs! I see Dr Lester on Wednesday and I'm excited to hear more about my surgery. I'm not sure how many cc's he ended up with but I do know that the left size is bigger than the right. Sorry for the late post but having trouble sleeping. Zzzz

Day 4 ( I tend to update early the next day)

Finally pooping more by taking a half shot of olive oil and drinking a green cold pressed juice. Still bloated as you can tell form the photos. I have my first post op Appointment tomorrow with my doctor. Im excited to hear what he has to say! Goodnight y'all :)

Post-op day 5

Feeling good and everything went well at my appointment. I learned that my left boob has 365cc and my Right has 355cc. To me it doesn't sound like much but they sure do look more on the bigger side. Loving the ideal implant!
He showed me how to massage them daiky and I plan to see him in 3 weeks :)

Day 6 with boobies

I can't believe how great I feel today. No more pain pills or infection prevention pills for me. I survived my first day without any meds and it was pain free :) I did have a slight on and off headache which seems to be a side affect from not taking any hydro. I also had smooth move tea this morning and I have been to the bathroom over 5 times! I think everything that I have been storing has finally come out lol I also massage my boobs for the first time which was a bit scary as its an odd sensation. I'm still loving my boobs! I'm happy with the ideal implant :)

Day 7- it's been a week!

Wow, it's been a week and I'm feeling great! No pain but I do prefer wearing a bra rather than no bra. I do tend to slouch a bit which I assume is normal. Any thoughts?

Day 8- Comfy Bra

I found the most comfiest bra in the world! This bra is perfect as it holds the girls and I don't slouch as much. It also looks good underneath any shirt or dress I wear. Super smooth and I love it! Not very cute but I'll wait for them to fluff and drop! The brand is BALI comfort revolution.

Day 9

Time is flying and im excited that I am still pain free. It looks like my boobs arnt as swollen and are staring to drop. No bruises either so it's been a smooth recovery for me. I still can't jog as my boobs are still hard and move a lot. I think I'll wait until the new year to start my cardio routine. I'll be waiting for my doctor to give me the okay before I start lifting weights again. I miss the gym too much!

Day 10

I drove today and it was easy, which was a relief. I'll be running more errand tomorrow and wearing my bra on and off but back still bothers me.

Day 11 With ideal implants

Feeling good and boobs look good! I feel that there a bit squarish but they are slowly dropping :) happy healing and holidays!

Day 12

There's some glue left over so I scratched a bit off but then I found the clear string from my stitches and freaked out a bit. Has this happen to anyone? Do you just leave the glue alone? Will it come off on its own?

Day 13

I wanted to add a photo of what the stitches/ glue looks like on me. Still having some back pain especially when i don't wear a bra. I also made some tamales today which was challenging and made my breast sore. It's nice to lay in bed and can sleep on my side for short periods of time. I'm not able to be completely on my side but almost there!

Day 14- Two weeks!

Everything is great but I did over work myself and am feeling a bit uncomfortable around the stich area. I was playing rough with my dogs and ended up hurting myself a bit. Going to bed now! Hope everyday had a great Christmas! Xoxo

Day 15

The site was down yesterday so I couldn't post. Here is my day 15 photo. My stiches were hurting. I think I might have lifted something too heavy? Anyone else's stiches hurting after not being in any pain?

Day 16

Update! I can sleep longer periods of time on my side yay! Feeling good and loving the new girls!

Day 17

So I'm now use to sleeping on my back so I switch between that and my side. I haven't worn a bra to sleep since my post op appointment and I'm very comfortable. I do wear sports bras during the day so I wanted to post a picture of it.

What is everyone doing with their old bras? Some fit me others don't but most of them are very nice Victoria Sectet bras and I have more than 40 bras haha yes 40+!!

Day 18

Last night I slept on my stomach! It was accident but I was surprise that my boobs didn't hurt in the morning. I am still doing great just a little itchy on my stiches. I think the boobs look great but need to get back on tack with my workouts! Is anyone working out yet? What workouts are you doing?

Day 19

Wow, I can't believe surgery was 19 days ago. I feel almost back to normal. I can't wait for the okay to lift and participate in Cadio. My second post op is on the 6th so I'll let you know what Dr. Lester says! So far my boobs are everything I wanted. Time to catch some zzzz on my side :)

Day 20

Happy New Years! :D

Day 21

Day 21 update

Day 22 boobs

Hello! I'm staying in a cabin were there's not much connection so I hope you see this post! Feeling good and am now sleeping more and more on my side. I like sleeping on my back too, finally!

Day 23- ideal implants on the ideal girl ;)

As I mentioned I was in a cabin so I guess the picture I tried to post yesterday did not post. Day 22 boobs are posted here as well as day 23 boobs. Today! Loving the boobs and the sqaurness has gone down as well the boobs. Feeling good and no complaints :) hope everyone is doing great!

Day 24

Just waiting around until I can go to the gym.... Anyone else missing cardio and weights?

Day 25

Sooo.... Tomorrow is my appointment to see how the girls are looking and to see if I can start lower body workouts. I have been wearing sports bra this whole time. I went to the mall and notice Victoria secrets semiannual sale. So I decided to finally get measured ( I was avoiding this Bc I read that someone on here had a horrible experience were the lady said she should have gone bigger ect ect and I was also scared to know my size) the lady measured me at a 32C which seemed very small..... I went ahead and tried a couple bras and they looked small... Tried them on and the cup was super small! I added a picture so you can see. I don't know why but this made me so mad as i was excited to get measured for the first time after BA. I had a second lady measure me at 32D or 32DD but I was already mad and upset that I decided to leave. Not sure why I cared about this so much but I was already having a bad day and waited so long for this moment. Emotions have been up and down these past few weeks.

Day 26 Dr visit

I went to see my docotor today and he said I'm ahead of the game! Yay, my massages are helping the boobies. Working out is now approved as well. I thought I would only be allowed to do Lower body but my dr said light upper body workouts will do the implant good. I'm really excited to finally get back to the gym and loose this skinny fat. I also went to vs and tried on a lot of bras to figure out my size on my own this time! Looks like I'm a 32D but will wait for the girls to drop somemore. I found the bra posted here at pink it says Small D-DD and fits perfect! Not to mentioned no underwire, cute and comfy! Feeling great and hope everyone is healing nicely ;)

27 Days with ideal implants

My breast have dropped and fluffed a bit so I decided to go back to vs since the semi annual sale is going on. To my surprise they actually have two bras with no wire. One of them was on sale and here's a picture of it! I loved the way it feels and I bought the 32DD for extra coverage but the 32D fit me as well. Where else do they sale wireless bras that arnt sports bras? :)

Day 28

Update- I have slept on my side for a couple weeks now and I didn't think to post it because it feel so normal. I have added a picture of my scar which isn't bad at all! I'm just going to use vitamin e oil on them until I se my dr again in march. My boobs feel squishy now which is awesome! How's everyone doing?

Day 29

Feeling great!! Please go ahead and ask me anything on this post :)

30 days!

Everything Is great and I'm sleeping on my side again no problems. No back pain no boob pain :) I bought a sports bra yesterday that fits me snug but eons wondering if when boobs drop I'll need a bigger size?

It's officially one month!

It's one month! Boobs look and feel great! I'm really happy with my ideal implant decision and Doctor =)

Day 32

Happy healing! Updating a photo taken in November and taken today. Love the new difference!! Now a days the boobs are part of me and I am loving the way they feel.

Day 33

Just updating the boob pics

Day 34

Here is an update of what my scar looks like today. I have only applied vitamin E. How is everyone doing? What have you used on your scar?

Day 35

The boobs are dropping dropping dropping!! Happy healing :)

36 days with boobs!

Boobs are looking and feeling great! Today I took progress pictures for my trainer and I was so happy I have boobs! It makes such a difference.

It was also very cold today and I believe my nipples are very sensitive. Anyone else feel extra sensitivity?

Day 37

The cold has made my boobs feel very hard and tense. I really don't like that feeling... I also carried boxes and was organizing this weekend which made them very sore. Tomorrow I start back to my cardio and weight sessions. Wish me luck!

38 days!

I workouted out today!! I did lower body and it was hard but it felt so good to be back to the gym! It was hard on my chest to do the decline crunches.... Tomorrow I have arms and plyos so I will keep you posted on how I feel :)

39 days

Time sure files! Today I did light weight chest and shoulder workouts. I did a lot of Reps to make up for the weight but it was tough. I had a weird feeling at times so I took breaks as needed. Right now I'm a little sore from the workout but nothing I can't handle. Happy Tuesday!

40 days y'all!

As you may already know I live in Dallas Texas and if you are looking for BA or other sugeries I do recommend Dr. Lester. He did a wonderful job! Just look at this picture and his bedside manner made this whole process so enjoyable :)

42 Dias

So I'm updating a picture of me in a workout top. I realized today at the gym that the boobs look nice when they are a bit covered. I use to wear tanks because with a sports bra I was flat and there was no need to worry. Now I love that I have boobs to show even with a sports bra but I can't wear tanks. Im still getting use to them and feel like people are starting at my boobs lol

43 Dias

Quick photo of what my stiches look like at this time. I think they are doing good. I am using vitamin E oil at this time.

44 Dias

Hello ladies,
Everything is going great! I workouted out lower body on the smith machine and others and felt good. I did do back yesterday and some excercises were uncomfortable so I had to go light. I will not be doing the same back excercises because I don't think I'm ready to strech that much. My stiches were hurting when doing pull downs so no more!

45 Dias

Decided to post a photo of another bikini top I bought at Victoria secret since some of you have asked about the others :) it's a 32D and would have preferred DD for additional coverage.

Also, I'm still having a hard time shaving my Armpits. Anyone else? Tips?

46 Dias

Doing good! I think the upper workout last week was a bit intense in my chest and I felt a little bit of sharp pain today. I decided not to workout lower body until tomorrow. I will keep you posted :)

47 Dias

Hey gals,
Hope everyone is healing nicely. I did lower body yesterday and it was great! I'm more concern on upper body days. Arms, chest and back but will take it slow and do less weights and more reps this week. Maybe just 5 pounds just in case. My surgeon said I was okay to do upper body as long as it's not too heavy because it will help the implant settle. I am posting my favorite cardio workout bra so far. It has the support needed so they don't bounce around lol this one is from Victoria secret. I originally bought the 32D and thought it was perfect but I think it was too tight. I ended up ordering the 32DD online since they don't cary it in store.

48 Dias

Regular sports bra I had pre op and looks better than ever! Not much support but works great for weights :)

49 Dias

It's nice that I can hide my boobs at the gym with a sports bra. So far they don't get in the way of my weight and cardio routine. Very happy with this size :)

50 days already!!!

Wow, I've already had boobs for 50 days! I can't even believe it! So happy with my decision and results.


Just updating daily :)
Scars today!

52 days!!

I Love my tatas and can't wait to show them off this summer =)

53 days

Hey, me again....with another daily photo. Only reason I keep posting is so others who are thinking about the ideal implant can see how great they look after the first few weeks.

54 days

So I went to soma today and they were very polite but they measured me wrong -__- I thought I would give it a chance but like before they think I'm a C. This might be because I wear a sports bra?! Idk but I'm going to wait before I buy anymore bras. The ones I have purchase have been 32D and 32DD.

Day 55

I can't wait till bikini season!

Day 56

I love my new assets and this sports bra helps them stay in place.

Day 57

Next week will be 2 months and this last month I haven't had any type of pain. I do feel sore from workouts but that's all :)

57 days

Picture didn't post above

57 day photo....

58 days

Nothing new, just enjoying my implants under all this winter clothes. Posting a picture of a bra I wore a few weeks back for comparison :)

59 days

Posting a photo wearing black romper :)

Day 60!

Side boob! Still dropping :)

Day 61

Updating with a long sleeve

62 days

Here is me at 62 days after surgery! Wow time flies :)


Looks the same ha

64 days

This is what they look like on my back. Does you separate like that too? I think it's normal :)


Same bra as day 58 and it looks almost the same just dropped a bit more.

66 days

Scars looking better on the daily :)

67 days

I've been so busy that I somtimes I forget my massages and I really noticed that today. It's been two days and my breast are feeling tight. This same feeling occurred the last time I forgoT to massage. So I'm going to massage them and put some lotion as well :)

68 days

Wearing black always hides the boo-bees

69 days

I went on a target run! Like always I walk out with a bunch of stuff that wasn't on my list. Here is a photo of a super comfy bra that won't let your nips show. The best part is that it's on sale right no for less than $10!! I'm going to wear it at the gym tomorrow and keep you posted!

70 days


71 days

My boobs have shadows!

72 days side view

I am healing slowly but I think it's getting there :)

73 day scar

This is the right side. Still ways to go and hoping it's better by May when I can wear bikinis. Not that you can see it anyways but it would be nice for it I keep fading.

74 days

I haven't forgot to update daily.

75 days

Loving the boobs

76 days


77 days

Time flys

78 days

I love them :)

79 days

I love how it looks like I have a bra underneath.

3 months today!!

Yay it's 3 months wow that when by fast!


More black :)

82 days

Hey I'm still here :)

83 days


84 days

More boobies


Nothing new!


There here to stay

87 days

Real comfy everyday bra

88 days

Comfy Wednesday to match gloomy weather.

89 days


90 days!

I can't believe it! 90 days time flys!

91 days


92 days

Sorry for the late post I had a lot going on these past few weeks but boobs are doing good!

93 days

Had no cancelled my 3 month post op appointment but plan to reschedule soon!

94 days

Almost to 100!

95 days

I am loving my ideal implants

96 days

Boobs are a part of me. No real update so I'll go to 100 days and maybe update monthly. Bra below is sooo comfy. It's from Macys and was less than $15

97 days

Sports top!

98 days

Bikini top that has also been posted before :)

99 days ask me anything

Loving my boobs! Bra that was posted before but in a different color :)
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Frederick Lester and his staff have been wonderful! I have visited his office numerous of times and everyone has been so polite and helpful. I originally wanted to get the 'gummy bear' silicon implants and during my last visit I spoke with Dr. Lester about the idea implant. He was very excited to tell me about this implant and I was able to compare the two implants. I had a few questions before surgery and was able to call the office with a quick response. My surgery was on 12/11/15 and Dr. Lester was very professional and caring. He was able to answer all my crazy questions before and after surgery. I think he did a great job as my recovery was a lot smoother than I expected! I love my new boobs! Thank you Dr. Lester =)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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