23 Year Old Deployed Soldier Awarding Myself with Beautiful Breasts! (No Children, Yet) - Dallas, TX

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Hello RealSelf Users! I've been reading through...

Hello RealSelf Users!

I've been reading through all of you beautiful ladies' reviews and stories and it's helped me tremendously with my journey to my soon to come BA procedure! :)
I'm a 23 year old soldier about to complete my deployment here in Afghanistan (No children yet). I'll be back stateside in a matter of days and have scheduled my BA with Dr. Gregory Stagnone in Dallas, Texas. I've wanted larger, more shapely breasts since I was around 16 years old. I knew I wasn't fully developed at that point obviously and figured I would wait until I was 21... well at that point, I was in the military (by the age of 17-18) and I was being taken through training for my, now complete, tour to Afghanistan. Well in a few days, I can officially say that I've gotten through my deployment and to reward myself, I've decided to finally go through with my surgery; PAID IN FULL, thank goodness! For the past month, I've been going through reviews, trying to figure out what to expect, and trying to create a "look book" that I can hand to my PS so he will know exactly what goal I'm trying to achieve. This is all very exciting and I feel myself growing more and more anxious each day.

I've never had a large issue with my breasts, I've just always wanted bigger ones. I have a pretty athletic build, on good days ;), and with my broad shoulders, I sometimes look a little awkward with small breasts. Don't get my wrong, I love my body, but just like any other woman, I have my good days and I have my bad ones. But over the years, one thought has always stuck with me; "It would be so nice to have awesome breasts that I could dress up!"

My consultation is May 20th and my procedure will proceed within days after if all goes as planned (I'll keep you all updated!).
I chose Dr.Stagnone because 1.) His work looks great and he seems to exhibit the style that I'm looking for in a PS. 2.) My best friend, and her mother that I grew up with went to him for their initial BA and then the "tune up" BA 10 years later (for the mother) and they both look GREAT. 3.) I've done my research virtually, and he tops all that I've seen and heard of. Their office has been a great help to me over my deployment (YES! I've bugged them all deployment with questions haha). So pending our meeting in person goes as well as things have virtually, he's the one!

Later, I'll post some wish pics and my current size and body shape; maybe some of you ladies can give my your opinion on sizing and what not. I have a good idea of what I want, it's just a matter of ensuring my PS can achieve the look I want with my starting anatomy.

I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you beautiful ladies. The countdown starts now!

Before & Wish Pics

Here is a before photo as promised as well as a few wish pics that I'm going to bring to show my doctor.

I've chosen to post them because I'm pretty sure my boyfriend has grown extremely sick of my talking of my procedure and my desired results haha. I offered to show him what I call my "look book" (wish pics) and he declined, just stating that he'll see them on me in person next month. -_-... He doesn't understand our boob anxiety!! lol

Oh! I forgot my before picture!

oops. Here's me now. Like I said, athletic build with broad shoulders. Time to balance these shoulders out with some boobies!

So I'm back in the states...

So I'm back in the states finally :) Not home yet but getting there. So i have a potential change that I need to talk to my doctor about. I landed a new job this week that I interviewed for a while ago...well they want me to start on June 2nd...and the job is in California...so I
have to relocate, which I was planning
on...just not so soon. My procedure is "penciled" in for the 21st of May and moving less than ten days post op doesnt sound too good. I wont have much but suitcases to move since I'll return to TX at a later date to get everything else. So heavy lifting isnt my concern, it the stress of moving and how it may affect the healing process **advice or opinions are appreciated**... with all this being said, I think I should move my consultation up so that I can get my procedure done and start the healing process before moving. I really dont want to wait until I move to get my BA done because then the doctor search starts over, and frankly, I dont want to wait any longer! I may call my doctor's office tomorrow morning and see what they can do. Fingers crossed that things don't complicate from here in regards to scheduling.

Dates are moved!

Good news! My doctor's office contacted me and I've gotten my procedure rescheduled for a sooner date so I will have more healing time between now and my move. Woot woot! Consultation is 12 May and my procedure will follow on 15 May :)

and I'M HOME!

Finally home from Afghanistan, for good. I'm so excited to go to my consultation tomorrow. I feel like I need to get a few more wish pictures together, but I know the office will have tons of photos of past patients and their results. I'm terrified of going too small. Don't want to go under the knife for nothing! I also don't want to get carried away.. Hmmmmm, a more informative, exciting update will come tomorrow :)

Happy Mother's Day you all!

Consultation Day

My consultation is this afternoon, I'll update after with decisions and discoveries!

I hope everyone has a beautiful Mother's Day!

Consultation Day Update...

So I had my consult yesterday afternoon. It went great! The staff was so sweet! I got to finally meet the women that I'd been emailing back and forth throughout deployment that helped me through the appointment process. The office was beautiful and Dr. Stagnone was so informative and polite.

When it came to sizing, I had a little dilemma. My PS informed me that with my muscular build, going too large could become less and less esthetically pleasing. He explained that the larger I go, the higher they will appear to sit on my chest, causing my broad shoulders to look manly (which I'm trying to do quite the opposite.).. so after getting my measurements, Dr. Stagnone gave me three sizes to pick from. 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc. He said that 350cc would be pushing it but he doesn't think it's a bad decision, just a "risky" one when it came to the outcome and whether or not I would like it. I'm not trying to max out my breast size, but I do want very full breasts; no doubt about that.

Well, after trying on the sizers, I'm going with the 350cc moderate profile, mentor silicone implants (pretty sure I got all that right). I'm confident in my choice and I'm sure Dr. Stagnone will do a great job masking my silly broad shoulders with amazing breasts!

My surgery is in less than 48 hours!! (Thurs. around 1pm)
I'm so excited. I went to the bank this afternoon and pulled out the payment in full and felt like I was involved in some sort of drug deal carrying all of that cash around! Needless to say, I zipped up my purse immediately!! ;)

I'm going to go on a run tonight or tomorrow afternoon to get all of the essentials (zip-front bra, snacks, easy-eating things, straws, etc).
If anyone has suggestions on what is essential and what's not to essential for post-op, I'd love to hear!

Counting down!
Have a great night y'all!


Surgery went GREAT... didn't remember a thing after they strapped me to the table and stuck in my IV. Next memory was me crawling upstairs to get in bed! I'm a tad loopy from my meds right now. Going to lay down and wake up to the dreaded "morning boob" pain.. I'll write more of a review tomorrow :)

Keeping my meds close and falling asleep as I type this! lol

Almost 24 Hours Post Op

This isn't all that bad. Everyone says that the day following surgery is the worse and you have major "morning boob".. Well maybe I'm a lucky one because I woke up with little to no pain. Of course I'm sore, but not to an extent that I'm constantly reaching for my meds. My last pain medication was taken around 2am and it's about 9:30am now... so maybe I won't need them as much as some people did.
So far, I love the size. I'm hoping after they drop and fluff, they will remain to appear the same size . Bottom line, I love them!

So let me tell you about the actual visit on op day. I came in and went back to the consultation room immediately, led by on of the wonderful staff members. I took a valium and a muscle relaxer on the way to the surgical office so I was feeling a little loopy, but not too bad. Kinda like I had a good, comfortable buzz going on. Valerie, Dr. Stagnone, and his nurse all came to explain a few things to me and make sure I was doing alright. Once the anesthesiologist came in and explained a few things, I was off! We went straight into the surgical room, which was FREEZING by the way; I'm sure for surgical environment purposes. The anesthesiologist put my IV in, placed a mask on my face, and next thing I remember, I was stuffing a turkey avocado sandwich down my throat haha!! (I was SO hungry!)
Once I got home, I iced my chest and fell fast asleep at my 45 degree angle.
I was fortunate and didn't feel any type of nausea, so I hope that doesn't change.

Last night was about the same. Took a pain pill prior to going to sleep and then I was knocked out until around 6:30am.

I have a post-op appt today to get my bandages off and throw on a sport's bra. :)
More pics to come!

Have a great day!

Day 2ish/3 Post Op

Hey y'all!
So I'm on day two post-op and I'm feeling great. I went to the PS yesterday to get my bandages removed and transition to a sport's bra. I barely took any medication yesterday (day after surgery) and I haven't experienced this "morning boob" pain that many women on here speak of. Of course I took my antibiotics, but other than that, I went all day unmedicated until about 8pm when I was in a bit of pain from moving around throughout the day. I think I did a bit too much, but the staff at my PS office gave me words of wisdom which basically can be chalked up to, "Sit your ass down and stop trying to be superwoman because you could get hematoma". lol. Of course they didn't use that verbiage and they were the sweetest about relaying the real message to me, but I'm one stubborn girl. I hate being confined to one area or lounging around too much. I'm an Army girl, we're always on the move! Well, I'm going to continue to take it easy over the weekend so I don't bleed or have any other complications.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my results. They fit my body so well and they're just as full as I was hoping they would be. I'm hoping I don't lose any of the volume when they start to relax a bit.
One thing I've realized is that I'm super duper tired at the drop of a hat during the day. I don't like that..Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of sleep, just not so much an all day thing. Annnnnnd it's kicking in now, so nap time at 8:12 in the morning it is!! Ha

I'll post photos later on today! :)

Have a great day ladies.
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