21 Yrs Old. 10 Years, Dreaming of Getting a Consultation for my Deviated Septum and my Crooked/broken Large Nose!!

I am 21 years old , engaged with a 10 month old...

I am 21 years old , engaged with a 10 month old daughter ! Tomorrow November 1st will be my very first consultation with a rhinoplasty specialist ( Dr. Spencer Cochran ). He has good reviews and I liked his before and after results a lot !! I have a desired nose in mind! Something feminine and a lot smaller than mine now ! The way my nose used to look before I broke it ! I used to be called all types of names growing up. (Bird names, Pinocchio , Tucan Sam, big nose, etc etc..) it all started when I was 11. Kids used to ask what happened to my nose because a small bump started appearing . They all asked to touch it! And ever since my nose has only gotten bigger and worse !!! And I've also been having breathing issues for about 10 years . Constantly blowing my nose all day long !!! Terrible and gross habit . Hopefully I can have some clue of what I can do to fix this huge issue! My nose is WAY too big for my tiny face , and tissues in every pocket/ purse / room.. is only getting more annoying !!! I pray for the best !! Hopefully I can get it done and feel confident and let my biggest insecurity go!!

My first consultation 11/1/2016

I saw Dr. Spencer Cochran today. He was very polite and answered all my questions !! He showed me the surgery I would need for my very crooked nose and explained it all in perfect detail. He showed me a computer image of the before and after of my nose. And edited my photo to give me the results ( I WANT ) and he did it all right in front of me ! It was amazing to see how he could fix something I thought would be nearly impossible to fix. Dr. C explained that I could choose what I wanted my results to look like. And this was amazing to me, because I didn't think my high hopes and dreams were achievable ! But he reassured me that i could have exactly what I want if not, close enough ! And that made me feel so much better about getting it done . I didn't know how messed up my nose really was until he showed me up close and explained everything wrong with it. He wants to give me a slight slope with an overall smaller nose and that's exactly what I want ! In the next few months I'll set up a surgery date !! :D

How much of my nose needs to be moved !! Shows in the red !!

My nose is red where it's crooked to the right side and needs to be moved to the left to be straightened

Need to figure out how I'm going to afford this.

As of right now I have no insurance and I am a stay at home mom. If only this was free! Lol

Extra photos

Hopefully it won't come fully out of pocket. Cause my pockets are empty . When this isn't just a cosmetic issue, but a health issue.. it becomes more serious to me now than ever

One day

Hopefully I can figure this out. I don't want to wait another day: 10 years is long enough ! X

A dream that could possibly come true

Playing around with some more edits. Because these pictures would be so nice if my nose didn't ruin them :( I can't even imagine what it would be like, to take a picture like this and actually feel good enough to post it.

Wanting it more and more everyday.

It's starting to feel like I won't be getting the surgery. It doesn't seem like I'll be getting the help I need . I cannot afford it on my own. I've been waiting 11 years now.. and I think the years will just continue on and I'll never be able to fix my broken nose . It's so annoying having these breathing problems and strong insecurities but it doesn't feel like that's enough to get anyone's help.

Every edit makes me sad

:( why can't this be real

Thankyou Jesus ! Will actually be getting my nose done on Feb. 22nd!!!

This almost seems fake . Because I never thought I would ever be able to fix my nose. But I was just told the good news and made the surgery appointment ASAP !! I can't believe I'll finally have a normal nose

Rhinoplasty essentials !!

Just purchased a bunch of items to prepare for surgery recovery. I looked at a bunch of reviews and watched tons of YouTube videos just to find the basics. All of them are pretty much the same.
-Eye cold relief ice pack
-dry mouth spray and lozenges
-dulcolax (gentile laxative)
- face wipes
And other things I just wanted to have include
-Comfy Button up shirts
- Easy Take off sport bras
-soft Scunci hair ties
-Boost protein drink ( you won't be able to eat that much and I tend to lose weight fast. Soo protein drink it is !)

There are tons more foods and drinks I will be buying in a few days ! Like
-ice pops
-ice cream
-Mashed potatoes
-fruit cups
-Fruit smoothie ingredients
Etc etc..
I am so excited !! It's becoming more real and I can't stop watching videos of rhinoplasty stories ! Soon I will have my own ! :D
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