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Night before the surgery and quit excited! Can not...

Night before the surgery and quit excited! Can not believe that after 20 years I'm about to get my nose done the way I was hoping for with my first rhinoplasty. Hope the long wait will be worth it. Not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight. Very nervous about how my children(2 & 5 years) will react when they will see me after the surgery.

Already loving my new nose!

Surgery went well! Waking up was quit hard and felt nauseous. It took a while for the medication to kick in before my stomach was not upset anymore. After going back to hotel slept for 2 hours and felt only discomfort but for sure no pain. While waking up felt that my ear was bleeding(ear cartilage grafts) but it was nothing serious just a few drops. Did not feel like I wanted to eat but luckily I took some soup with me from home. Soup and a cracker did my stomach well and I begin to feel but better. Although I was not in pain still took my pain medication just in case that it would start and then it would take a long time before pain would go down. Arnica and Bromelain seems to help. Slept well but was awake every hour to drink some water. Though i'm bruised and nose is swollen I can see that Dr. Cochran managed to get the results as discussed during the consultation. He is absolutely amazing so happy with my decision for choosing him to do the revision.

Day 3

Think this is the worst day so far. I'm very swollen and bruised and have a headache! Not really in pain but feel very weak and little bit nauseous. My upper lip is stiff and my body is itchy. Hope that days will go fast! I'm looking forward for the cast off day.

My nose before revision with dr. Cochran

I had my first rhinoplasty in Netherlands when I was 20 years old(19 years ago). If I could go back in time I definitely would not do it! I was not happy with my Slavic nose and was thinking that I was not feminine enough because I did not have a little cute nose like Claudia Schiffer. How stupid I was! My first rhinoplasty was not a success! My nose bridge wide but my nose tip narrow and pinched so my nose ended up looking long and droopy. After my first revision I had a few consultations with other surgeons in Netherlands and Belgium but non of them gave me feeling that we were on the same page to go for it. So for many years I was not happy and hated when people would spontaneously make a photo of me. So I knew that one day I would get a revision but when I would find a surgeon that I had a good feeling about. So this summer we moved to US for my husbands work I started looking for a rhinoplasty revision surgeon and ended up RealSelf reading all the reviews and decided to do an online consultation with dr. Cochran after 2 weeks I went to his office for a 3D consultation. Me and my husband had a good feeling about Dr. C his vision and what he wanted to do to improved my breathing problem as well the appearance of my nose which was not in balance with other features in my face. He was very positive and was happy that my first one was a closed rhinoplasty what would make his job lot easier and more likely that he could get results as we discussed. Though is just 3 days after surgery I'm swollen and bruised but confident that he did manage to bring my nose more in balance so that it will not be longer the first thing noticed when people look at my face. Looking forward to see how my nose will progress in coming weeks/months.

Day 4 starting to feel human again!

Day 3 was for sure worst day. Spent most of the day in bed sleeping and hoping that time would go a bit faster. There were moments that I was thinking God what have I done to myself ????Not only I had serious headache every little move would make me nauseous. By the end of the day swelling from my eyes started to go down to my jaws. This morning I woke up with lovely round cheeks. Day 4 is a good day starting to feel me again. Though I'm still bruised and swollen I' m feeling that my head is starting to clear up no more fog in my brain. Probably lost a few lbs because I still have to force myself to eat. Not feeling hungry and nothing even my favorite food sushi is making me wanna eat so I started taking super food supplements to get some energy. I did not think it would be this hard! I'm living a healthy life style ; organic paleo diet non smoker/drinker and runner but honestly this surgery knocked me out ????

Day 5 having hard time!

Today is the day that all the emotions are coming together and just can not keep myself together. I'm anxious that I will never feel myself again. After my first rhinoplasty I learned how to deal with disappointment. It's such a long time that I do not even remember how I was before my 1st rhinoplasty. My husband do not know me before so what if the result will be disappointing... how will I get over it again and maybe even more important how will my husband deal with it? This time it would be disappointment for two. I know my husband loves me and he will always be there for me but still it's scary. Some moments I just wish I did not do it! Somewhere I know those emotions and thoughts are normal but I just do not oversee it at the moment. Feeling so tired just wish it was Tuesday already!

Day 5 Photos of my profile

Still bruised and swelling went down to my jowls. Stitches are itching and starting to irritated skin. Nose is dry so I started using saline rinse for comfort. My upper lip is still stiff and sort of dropped. Normally I have a fuller upper lip. I hope is just temporary effect!

Day 6 One more sleep and cast off yay!

Yesterday I had very dry nose and stitches were very sensitive. Skin around was red and irritated. So I mailed nurse Jane about my concern and she replied that if I'm worried and wish I could send her some photos. I did and she replied as usual very fast and kind that my nose was very irritated and I had to stop using hydrogen peroxide, saline and ointment. It was nothing to worry about some people have sensitive skin and that it will get better after I stop using it. I had same reaction after washing my face with the Hibicleans got little blemishes all over my face. Tomorrow I have to see her for my cast off so she will take a better look. Splints and cast are starting to irritated my nose so it's a heavens gift that tomorrow I will be free of it. Very excited! Now enjoying lovely autumn weather(Dutch summer) in my garden.

Harder then I thought feeling miserable!

Although I knew that my nose would be swollen and I read that most patients first days after cast off do not like what they see but still I'm in a sort of 'I hope this is just a bad dream' feeling. I'm trying to stay realistic and not to freak out every time I see myself in the mirror. It just 7 days after the surgery so it will take weeks probably months to heal. Profile is ok but my front, oh dear, my glabella, radix and nasal sidewall(especially right side) is super swollen and bruising are turning in to green/yellow colour that it makes me look like an avatar. For everyone considering first rhinoplasty please think about it very carefully why you want it and prepare yourself how to deal with if it turns out that process/outcome is different then expected. Revisions are more complicated and healing time is probably longer. Not only psychically but mentally you need to be prepared! I'm not saying that my surgery went wrong! I think dr. Cochran is a great surgeon and I do believe he did his best but in the end we are all just humans and bodies do not react the same! I have very sensitive system. So I'm more swollen and have more irritation in my nose. I'm concerned that my own body is the enemy and will keep this revision from being a successful one. I hope in the end my nose will heal well and I will be happy with the end result!

2 weeks post op

It's been 2 weeks since the surgery and I'm starting to feel better. I had to take antibiotics for 2 weeks because of the reaction to the ointment and hydro peroxide which irritated my nose. Got very dry red irritated skin in and around my nose! Nurse Jane saw me week after the surgery and thought that it was better for me to stop using ointment and hydro peroxide and use an oral antibiotics just to make sure that I would not get infection. I felt sick and dizzy slept bad and my appetite was not that good. So I'm quit happy that I'm off the antibiotics. Feeling so much better and starting to feel normal. My nose is still very swollen! Especially my right side but I can already see improvement and have faith that my nose will continue to look better as the swelling continues to go down.

Each day more happy with my new nose

Almost 3 weeks post op and I'm so happy I did it! My nose is still very swollen but so far I like the shape. Very natural and in balance with other features in my face. I did not want a cute button nose or a nose from a magazine! I have Slavic face strong facial bones high cheekbones... so I trusted dr. Cochran's vision to give me a nose that would blend naturally in my face and he did a great job!

3 weeks update!

Tuesday went to see dr.Cochran and he was very pleased with the result. Still very swollen inside and nose tip so got some advise to help swelling go down so that my breathing will improve. Every day I see improvement and excited how my nose will look when swelling will resolve completely!

4 weeks post op

Still happy with the results! Knowing how bad it was I hoped for a improvement and kept my expectations low( afraid to be disappointed again). I think dr. Cochran did a great job considering that my nose tip was asymmetric and nostrils collapsed. See the photos. I'm thrilled that my nose in balance with other futures in my face. It's symmetric and straight and not the first thing noticed when I look in the mirror! GOD how I prayed for this day. What could I want more this Christmas? Have beautiful children loving husband & we live in health and peace! Think more peace and love in the world :-(


Dr. Cochran is so passionated about his work and his wish and specialty is to give you a nose that is natural and blends nicely in your face and maybe even more important he gives you a functional nose! No more congestion and chronic runny nose that i had for 20 years. I always had a tissue in my hand 24/7 and 12 months in a year... even on my wedding day in the pictures you will see a little tissue in my hand. I'm so happy that i found him and will continue to post pictures of my progress. if i can help one person to get a successful revision that would make her/him happy that would be great. I wish everyone at RealSelf will be happy and get what they are hoping/dreaming of! I know how hard it is to live after a rhinoplasty that turns out to be worse then your original nose. In my case my nose turned out to be so unnatural with wide nose bridge and pointy narrow crooked nose tip. During the years i got a droopy nose with collapsed nostrils and had difficulties to breath normally. Having a runny nose and pain in my nose tip and the way it looked I felt like i had a witch nose...just needed a mole on it and voila could have been starring in 'Room on a Broom' theatre show :-(. In 6 month i will turn 40 and i never felt better and more comfortable with my self! Finally im on peace with my nose! When i look in the mirror i see myself and not only the nose and i like what i see. No more thinking when talking to other people if they are staring at my nose just enjoying conversation. There are no words to describe how grateful i'm for this revision!

Still very happy with the result!

It's been 7 weeks since the revision with dr. Cochran and I could't be more happy. Love how my nose blends naturally in my face and when looking in the mirror I see my face in complete and not As I used to be focused on my nose. Though I love seeing my new nose :). Besides being happy with the look of my new nose the breathing is improved and I can not remember that I ever ,not even before my first rhinoplasty, was able to breath easily like I do now! No more tissue in every pocket for my runny nose simply because I do not need it anymore! Very thankful
And looking forward June when I will turn 40 and feeling great about myself. Quit something for someone who was afraid to grow older. Wish you all a happy 2017!

Before and at 6 weeks photos

Because photo's shows better then 1000 words how a good revision can help for your face to get that softer more balanced expression.

Healing process of my Ear

I was asked for a photo of my ear so here it is 9 weeks post op. The healing process went well did not have any issues besides that I could not sleep on my right side. I'm able to sleep on my both sides though the scar is still sensitive and have kinda itchy feeling.

4 moths after!

My nose is still swollen especially my nose tip but each day I see and feel that it's getting back to normal. I'm very satisfied! Though my nose is not perfect but honestly what nose is after 3 surgeries?? My wish to have a nose that is not first thing seen when looking in the mirror is fulfilled and my obsession to check my camera after every taken photo how my face look is almost gone.

As many have asked what is done an update with photo's!

I have received many pm's about what dr. Cochran did during the revision. Many thanks to all who sent me messages that my nose is looking great it really gave me a good feeling about myself and revision. So here is a little update about what i know! Im not a native speaker (though i'm fluid in Croatian and Dutch) so i hope my update is clear. I have never asked for a surgery report. I think i just trust dr. Cochran what he has told me and as i'm not a surgeon would probably not understand all of it :). I hoep i will never need it for another revision!!!! My nose bridge was to wide to make it slimmer its was broken and brought in(see photo 1&2). During my first and second rhinoplasty there was too much cartilage removed what made my tip weak and collapse(see photo 3). In photo 4 you can see red and blue colour. Red is to much what should be reduced and blue missing cartilage which he build up with ear cartilage(photo 5 simulation of end result) . He also made my nose bit shorter but really just enough to have a feminine look(photo 6). I did not want a small button upturned nose! I have strong facial bone structure (Slavic face) so it would make me look weird. I just wanted a normal straight nose. Before revision with Dr. Cochran my nose bridge was wide and nose tip narrow crooked and droopy. With chin down my nose looked endless :( We both agreed that a nose with slimmer bridge and wider nose tip( nose tip should be as wide as space between your eyebrows) would blend nicely with other facial features. He also made my nostrils less visible. Overly i'm im very pleased with the outcome and the whole healing process. For me dr. Cochran is a great surgeon and a good person with open positive energy. He really does listen to your wishes and explains everything and do not promise a perfect nose but he did say i will do my very best to come close to what we have discussed. I'm very sensitive person and always listen to my gut after the consultation i just knew he was the surgeon i was waiting for 2 decades to fix my botched nose. I hope my nose will stay this way rest of my life. Such a relief when you have a 'normal' looking nose and probably even more important a functional healthy nose. Thank you dr. Cochran!
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