33yr Old Mom with 2 Kids. TT and BL, 5'10 - Dallas, TX

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I'm scheduled for a full tummy tuck, breast lift,...

I'm scheduled for a full tummy tuck, breast lift, and lipo of the flanks on Friday march 13th and am obsessed with Real Self. 5'10, 175, currently a 36DDD. I had two kids via c-section and gained 75lbs, my body just couldn't recover from that. I was initially scared to get a lift because I don't hate my breasts and don't want the anchor scar. But now I'm convinced it will be worth it and wonder if I might be happy with a small implant to make them perkier. I'm a big girl so can handle big boobs but might wait and get them later.

4 weeks away and getting anxious

I just met with dr. Meade again to go over some questions and he was so patient with me. We are doing an extended Breast lift, lipo of the flanks, any TT. He showed me where my scars would be and will discussed nipple size. I asked about exparel but it sounds like it really isn't necessary. He recommended I start working out today (I havdnt excercised regularly in 10 yrs since my knee blew out). I need to get motivated because it will help the recovery process. I'm staying one night in the Cloister, it's really nice and makes me feel safe having a nurse for the first 24hrs. Now I need to start getting my supplies together!

Two weeks away, freaking out

I can't believe its almost here. I bought some supplies - colace, neosporin, mederma, gauze, ace wrap, Tylenol pm, arnica salve, granny panties, tanks for under the binder like after my c-sections, vitamin c. What am I missing?

Before bikini pics

I haven't worn a bikini in 10 yrs. thought I would get some before and after pics in. 13 days away!

Paid in full today

Paid in full today! Makes it seem so real. I'm So busy at work and heading out of town for a wedding this weekend so feel stressed about getting everything done in time. I'm Actually drinking wine tonight because I feel like it and know I wont this weekend and for awhile after surgery. Cheers ladies!

2.5 days away!!

It seems surreal that its almost here. I've beem getting all of my supplies together, probably going a bit overboard. I bought a bed wedge instead of renting a recliner or hospital bed, shipped but hoping it's here in time. My prescriptions are filled, I requested nauseu meds as well because I get sick with anesthesia and pain pills. People at work are getting bronchitis and I'm super paranoid that I will get sick, have to cancel and reschedule in May which would be my next block of possible time. Fingers crossed I stay well. I've been taking my vitamin C gummies which my husband says is because they're basically candy :). My sister is a PA and coming in to take care of me for the first four days; makes me feel safer. My mother in law is coming to help my husband for a week; he is already a working Mr. Mom so I'm glad he won't have me plus them for two weeks. Got a new washer and dryer which is more exciting than it should be. :) Cheers ladies!!!

One day away

I'm freaking out, officially. Got my backmax bed wedge today. I can't believe its tomorrow morning.


Flat out sore :)

Hi ladies!

Had my surgery yesterday morning. I'm So glad I paid to stay at the onsite hotel l; having a nurse there 24/7 really helps. I've walked about 8 times, with a walker I getting in and out of bed is the haedest part. My tummy just burns all over.

So tired

I'm Exhausted along with my sister and husband. Honestly the pain is quite tolerable but keeping up with meds and dressing changes is a whip. Bought the wrong kind of gauze and tape so they will have to go get some. I'm on hydrocodin, Valium, antibiotics, and phene than.

I stink :)

I am stinky from no shower. I took a sponge bath today and washed my surgi bra. They said I didn't need to buy one but I wish I had an extra. I've been eating quite a bit but still no BM. Just mixed pineapple juice with miralax. Not uncomfortable yet but hopefully this will keep it that way. My doc office called and I'm scheduled to get my sutures and hopefully drains out on Friday afternoon. I have been putting out 25-30 cc so not a ton. Back to crackers now!


I haven't taken pain meds since midnight, trying to make the switch to Tylenol today. Two days of miralax finally got a b movement. My drains are between 25-30cc and would guess I can get them out on Friday when they remove my sutures. I can't wait to take a shower, it's going to be amazing. I keep looking at my nipples to make sure they look "alive", anyone else have fears about dead nipples?

Turned a corner today

I had to take half a Valium to sleep last night because the Tylenol pm didn't do the trick. I suspect it will be tough to get my body used to sleeping through the night now that I'm off meds. I woke up this morning almost forgetting I had surgery. My mother in law is here and made me eggs and toast. Called my drains in which are around 23cc and asked when I can start drinking coffee again and they said anytime. CELEBATRATION! I'm Thinking about going to a salon to get my hair washed because it's so gross and I don't have a good removable shower head at home. I haven't taken any Tylenol today, I'm really almost in zero pain which is surprising because I'm usually a wuss. I winced when they put my IV in. Still set for suture removal Friday and fingers crossed drain removal. Checked my work email but my team has everything under control. Now I guess I start on my tv watching binge I've been waiting for. My poor hubby has four soccer games to handle this week for the girls, I miss getting to put them to bed. I must be loopy still from the Valium because I'm rambling. Anywho have a great day ladies!

Swoll up

I love how my binder won't close as much at night. Fatty! ?? Forgot to tell you gals some things: get a walker, it will save your back and you don't need a potty chair if you get one. Get a bed wedge and prop up your legs, I've slept amazing this way the whole time. Get a step stool next to the bed then use your walker to shorten the distance you have to pull your legs up into bed. You will need a ton of NON STICK pads to dress your incisions and tape. It takes a whole roll each night. Wear a thin tank between your bra and binder so you feel like you put on something clean everyday. I'm Going with my grandmother to the salon tomorrow to get my nasty hair washed, wax my eyebrows etc, and a pedicure. Hopefully I don't wear myself out too much!! I will post new pics next time I change my dressings. Toodles!

Trying not to focus on the results yet

I got my hair washed and fixed, pedi, and waxed my brows. My grandma took me out to lunch and to get our beauty day on; we had matching walkers since I borrowed one of hers. Got home and started trying to change my dressings by myself. Half water half hydrogen peroxide clean, then neosporin with sterile swabs, then non-stick pads with tape. Only did my TT and it took a hour. What a pain! I'm not loving the way I look right now and cried last night asking why I did this to myself. I need to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. Here are some pictures of my narly stomach.

Happy day

I got my drains removed and sutures from my nipples and belly button. The doc said I can stop using Neosporin and dressings which is great news because my skin is so sensitive and a red hot mess from the tape. My body is so happy right now. I can shower tomorrow so will take fresh pics then. I am just going to lay on the bed for 10 minutes after enjoying no binder, tape, drains, etc all over me. Can't wait! Having trouble sleeping at night without my meds, it was past 2am last night before I broke off a fourth of a Valium which finally did the trick. Have a good night ladies!

First shower took my breath away literally

Like the diligent patient I am ;) I literally waited 24hrs post drain removal to shower. Actually my daughters had soccer pictures and birthday parties to attend most of the day so my husband was gone. Felt nervous to shower by myself. Water hurt my nipples and I felt like my abdomen started expanding the moment I got in. So no shaving, oh well! I've had insomnia the past three nights so I'm giving in to half a Valium at bedtime. New pics added, before and after. My right Breast seems a little smaller but I know I need to wait until all the swelling goes down. They're swollen today because I am about to start my cycle, have always gone up half a cup size. It probably helps explain the crying the other day. Sorry for the long post, I'm usually a succinct person. ????

Potassium to reduce swelling?

My insomnia has induced quite a bit of neurotic research. :) I read an article that says potassium might counteract sodium. So I'm going to try to incorporate potassium rich foods (e.g. Banana) into my diet and keep drinking my Smart Water (label shows added potassium but not sodium as an electrolyte). I've been making smoothies with frozen fruit, kale, and pineapple juice. I actually feel pretty amazing which is one of my theories on why I have insomnia. My body was used to not the best food, wine weekends, I used to smoke (stopped 6 weeks ish pre-op), stress at work, no excercising, and fibromyalgia. Maybe my body is in shock. :) I'm going to try to shave my legs and practice driving today. Onward and upward!

Ups and downs

Hi Beautiful Ladies!

Anyone else feel like hammered poo when they wake up in the mornings? But then I get up and moving and feel better than I have in years. I've driven 4 times now and it's completely painless, hope I can say the same when I return to my hour commute next week. I've bought quite a few soft wireless bras to switch out with my surgical bra. I will probably use them as sleep bras down the road. A Wacol, yummie, and hankie pankie. Bought some spanx yesterday, they said I could switch at the two week Mark. I've been doing reading on the schools of thought on compression garments and now that it's getti Warner in Dallas can't see wearing them for three months in the summer. Sounds like it helps but really it's just a waiting game for your lymphatic system to recover. I am sleeping almost completely flat but haven't yet been able to walk 100% upright yet. They discouraged me from sleeping on my side because of my extended lift incisions under my arms. I will admit I've kinda tried and it doesn't feel great on my boobies yet. Insomnia is releasing it grip! 2/3 nights sleep without meds. I switched to Advil at 8 days, not sure I mentioned that. Seems quicker than other docs but based on my Real self research there are plenty of docs fine with it. Tylenol has never helped my pain really. I don't see my doctor until next Thursday which might be contributing to my research neurosis. My breasts are pretty uneven in shape (not size) which is disappointing, I am mentally preparing myself for a revision later this year. They look great in clothes but naked it just seems like too much. I am also not sure about my belly button, it's pretty wide/flat/shallow but from what I've read I can get that revised in the future if I want. Still love my doctor and will be curious as to what his perspective is next week. They took SO much extra skin from my saggy boobs that might be why they are different. Despite that I would still have the surgery if I had to choose all over again. One more note!! My pants fit loosely even with my binder so I'm relieved the swelling didn't cause me to have to buy new bigger pants. I think I will go from a 14 to a 12 once binder is off and my shirts fit but just look so much better in the waist. I tried on some of my lingerie and it definitely looks better!! I hope to keep up my current diet once back at work, low sodium has really turned into clean eating and I've lost a few pounds; plus I just feel so much better!! Anywho it's smoothie making time. Cheers to my girls!

Breast pic

They really look like two different breasts, neither ugly but just different.

Spanx never felt so good!!!

Finall put on my Spanx today; max compression type full waist to mid thigh. Seriously they feel amazing compared to the scratchy Velcro monster. I have gone to the bathroom with them yet though so I might sing a different tune then. I have been having anxiety and making it worse researching. Did the same thing during my first pregnancy. What can I say, neurotic but well informed??!! My left Breast was so sore yesterday, like it had been bouncing all day. My vertical incision was tender and puffed out in one spot. I spoke to the nurse today and sent a pic, said it looks fine and I can try a more supportive bra as long as it doesn't have wires. She gave me a good tip - if you find a comfortable bra that doesn't compress just remove the wire. So I started with one of my old bras and it worked like a charm!! Felt so much more supported out and about today without the pain. She did say no icing, just FYI in case you find yourself in a similar position. I also have a light bruise that showed up above my TT incision so after researching and freaking myself out I sent the nurse a pic and she said it was fine; just a previous one coming to the surface. It's my husbands 40th birthday tomorrow and we are having a party. I'm torn on whether or not to drink. Research says it's safe to have 1-2. Cheers beautiful girls!

More pics

Birthday party was a success!

I wore myself out today but my husband seems to be having a blast and is still up with his close friends. It was great to see our friends in general, they all know I had surgery. I ended up not drinking. I figured with the cake and amazing Hutchins brisket I woil be paying the swell
Gods enough. I wore my new yummy tummy tank tonight and love it!!

Small boobs

My new small boobs are Prima Donnas and can't seem to find the "just right" bra. I've badu been bra shopping for the past 7 days. :) some of the swelling or period swelling must have gone down because now they seem to be 36D's. Going from 36DDD to that is strange. The nipples are still uneven so in my head I'm already planning to get a revision and implants in six months. So the question will be whether or not I go to a different surgeon. Going back to work tomorrow and I am nervous about it, hope I can make it the whole day. I'm Pretty mobile now but still don't feel like I'm walking 100% upright. My upper abs are so tight; can't tell if it's mental or physical still being slightly hunched. I think I found two good bra options at Target. One is a platex wireless bra and the other is a playtex compression tank with a built in wireless bra (as tight as my Spanx); think I might try that under my work clothes tomorrow. Night ladies!!

Looking for the next corner to turn

I went back to work yesterday and had to leave at two. Somehow I ended up in terrible pain in my lower right abdomen. I had on my Spanx and realized I've been walking great hunched but was trying to walk upright so I didm get crazy looks. I slept for 3 hours when I gor home. But I got back on the horse today, wore my binder, and stayed until 4:30, yay?! None of my work pants fit which is great other than figuring that out Monday at 6am. I swear they fit last week! everyone at work keeps telling me my face looks skinnier; thanks low sodium diet! I go in for my first real checkup on Thursday and feel excited for some reason. My breast look a little more similar today so I'm thinking/hoping the different incision lengths are mad genius to guess how my body might heal. Fingers crossed!

Good checkup with my PS

I went to see Dr. Meade today, he is so precious and funny. I need to wait 4 weeks post op got sex and 6 weeks for excercising. I can try the belly button trick to try and keep it more open, I got ear plugs and already taped a little guy inside. He took off a few scabs and two spitting stitches. Once all the "scabbies" come off I can start scar massage. He mentioned silicone gel but I can use anything. He also mentioned using essentially what equates to a vibrator (lol) in areas j could feel scar tissue forming. He said if it's soft, leave it alone. Normal I'm not standing and walking 100% upright but today I'm probably 90%. He showed me my before pictures, gross. If course he is so sweet and corrected me for calling myself gross. Really it makes me feel bratty to be nit picking myself post op so I'm going to try to stop! At least until I'm six months post op, there will be changes along the way and even if I wanted to tweak something there's no point worrying about it until then. So here's to no more tucking my boobs and stomach into my undergarments and to the possibility of being able to put on a bikini while in my 30's. So happy I did it!!

So happy

I bought a pencil skirt and a bikini yesterday. Two things I never thought I would wear again. I haven't been able to buy a swimsuit top off the rack at a department store in 8 yrs. I'm kind of liking my smaller boobies. So happy and can't wait to be fully healed so I can start excercising and get my arms and thighs to match my new tummy. :) You girls all look amazing and I'm so excited for everyone! Happy Easter

Swollen today

I'm so swollen today for some reason. I couldn't wait to get out of my Spanx when I got home. It's like my body wanted to be free. Laid down which seems to have helped, my feet were swollen too. My diet was normal except I ate some roasted pecans this afternoon, maybe that did it. Update from my PS on things I can do at the 6 week Mark - wear an underwire bra, stop wearing cg if I want, get a massage, start excercising. So needless to say I'm looking forward to being on the other side of 16 days. Fully functioning at work and even took the stairs a few floors today. I'm so close to being upright, it loosens every few days. I'm spitting some stitches and need to try to clip them. Scar massage is actually snnoying and seems like a chore now. :) none of my clothes fit but I'm not ready to invest in a new wardrobe yet. Toodles, hope you're all well!

Doing good

Life seems to be in full swing again. Today I experimented with not wearing a cg to work. I felt really swollen but when I got home look about the same ss usual. Might try to measure before and after with and without a cg all day. No difference equals not wearing it. I hate them. Breasts are still slightly uneven but I might not care enough to have surgery again. Still change my mind everyday about implants. I've list so much weight post op it's almost just as exciting as my MM. I really feel like I've made a lasting lifestyle change with my food choices. Shakeology has been really helpful; I just stop to think what I'm putting in my body. I was around 175lbs going in, 172 when I got home and am at 160lbs today. It's been melting off, mainly from eating clean. Got some silicone gel from CVS to try, they have strips too but made my skin red. I finally had to buy some new work clothes but the pants are already too big. Belts! Something I hsven worn in YEARS not to mention tucking in a shirt because of my pooch. My only concern is my lipo sites. They are lumpy and hard. Hope they soften and even out soon. Cheers gals!

Body be straight cray

My poor husband has been waiting so long to have sex then I get a yeast infection which actually turns out to be a bacterial infection. My OB said my body is just recovering still and a two week period and Spanx probably didn't help. I ditched those and just got a pull on tummy girdle from target, way easier to go tinkle 20 times a day from all the water and green tea. Still buying new clothes because getting ready for work in the morning is tough when everything is too big. I went from an L/XL to a L and now M is fitting for the first time since I had kids. Good but expensive. Using the scar away roller pen, 100% silicone. I guess we will see in a year! I ate tortilla chips last night and thought I was gonna have an orgasm, man I've missed carbs. Hope to start exercising next week and be over this infection so I can get some, been too long!!

Lumpy flanks but happy

Hi Gals! Life has been so busy lately. I'm cg free even though I still swell, it's just too darn hot. I am now in underwire bras and 34DD is my new size even though it feels too tight in the band, apparently I've been wearing them too loose all these years. I've kept pretty close to my clean eating diet, had veggie pizza tonight so this will need to be my chest day. My OB put me on lo loestren fe to try and stabilize my periods but within s week I was swelling and getting dizzy so she said to stop it. Now I've been on my period for two weeks again. Boooo. I'm now in a size 10 (started at a 14) which is good but I have to stop shopping!!! My breasts are still a bit dissimilar but I don't care anymore. I've been buying bikinis but my flank section looks terrible still. Lumpy from the lipo and my skin lays weird. I will likely get something adjusted in the future. I haven't excercsed yet, really need to though so I can tone up. I have to say I feel so much more confident in clothes and am turning heads; probably just more confident and not in potato sack clothes all the time. I haven't really been using anything on my scars, they are pretty red too. I've been on two business trips, wore Spanx on the plane to try and control the swelling. Helped a little. When I eat anything with sodium I feel like my hands, feet, and face swell. Wondering if it's the heat, my lymphatic system not repaired, or in my head. Not much change in my pics. Toodles girls!!

Been so long!

I haven't posted in forever! Just living life, eating generally better, and working out 5 days a week. I just tore my meniscus this week so will be down for awhile. I'm going back in s few weeks to get my love handles fixed. The Lipo areas just stayed lumpy so he is going to manually extract extra stuff and smooth. I'm also seriously considering implants, small ones. I love mine for the most part and life at a 36C is much easier than DDD. But I want some additional fullness I think. Hope everyone is well!!

Implants on the way!

After a year of mulling over it I finally decided to add implants. I am so happy with my body from my mommy makeover but I lost about 20lbs and my lifted breast deflated a bit and are somewhat small for my frame. I went from a 36DDD to a 34C which is big sometimes. Going with 345cc textured, silicone, round full profile (high version) to get some upper pole fullness. He is going to use my existing scars to do the insertion. I'm also getting my flanks reworked, they are just lumpy from the Lipo during my mommy makeover. Three weeks away and counting!

9 days post implants and flank revision

Started a new review but maybe should have just added to this one. I got 330cc inspira textured moderate under the muscle implants 9 days ago and a scar revision on my flanks. Feeling great!

Left boob you're not my friend

She's hurting a bit more today. Maybe I need more support. I'm holding with while I work with my offic door shut lol

Feeling good! Love my implants

Love love them, would be okay if I had gone a bit bigger but these match my body and feel great.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

He made me feel so comfortable during my consultation and has amazing reviews. Just felt like the right doctor!

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