38 Yrs Old...3 Kids...Lipo on my Stomach and Back - Dallas, TX

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I originally wanted to get a tummy tuck because I...

I originally wanted to get a tummy tuck because I was told if you have kids that is what u need...I went to visit two doctors offices. The first one does it all and the other specializes in Lipo only...The first doctor was very knowledgable and educated you well on the procedure and recovery in which he recommended a tummy tuck...The second Dr office I didn't get the meet the Dr but I meet with his nurse...She said I was a good candidate for Lipo...So I began research more on the tresument Lipo because who really wants to get cut! Not Me!!! So as u know I selected the second Dr...It was less expensive and the recovery was much less...I'm a little nervous but I have read good reviews on this Dr. and I have a cousin n law that knows some people that have used him so that helped since I've never met him...I am looking forward to having more confidence about my body in and out of clothes! Picture will come real soon!!!

Thanks ????

The day before the procedure!

I think my nervous has set in and I'm nervous,nervous.,nervous...Praying everything goes well...Amen! Final got around to taking my first set of before pics...

Good Morning today is the Big Day!

I pray everything go smooth for my cousin and I...Her appt is first and mine is right after hers...Prayers for a safe procedure and a speedy recovery! Oh yeah I forgot to mention my cousin traveled from Memphis and she is having it done too...Thank you in advance for your prayers...Updates and pics will come soon after! Pics big stomach when I set down and some of the after stuff I bought I thought I would need!

12 hrs after surgery...

These are the picture the doc took of me...Before the surgery and 12 hrs after the surgery. So far I am satisfied with the result...I am still really swollen.
I don't not remember much of the surgery nor getting home...However when I did get home I was very uncomfortable and I didn't sleep! I experienced a lot of heartburn acid reflux...the worse part...right now I'm just sensitive to the touch. I not leaking much any more...and I feel a little numb soar...no pain...

After the procedure

Well it's been 4 days after my procedure and it's been a roller coaster...the garment is very irritating but if you take the garment off you will swell and it's very soar to the touch...So don't take it off unless showering...and shower no more then 5 mins..last night was the worse sleep and it was because I was so constipated...I had been taken the stool softener but didn't work so I just use a suppository this morning...It helped a whole lot!

I don't remember anything about the surgery...That is so funny...I don't remember us going to cvs picking up meds...they said I fell asleep on the floor...I ate a salad..don't remember...the only thing I do remember was throwing up! I'm happy I'm experiencing this with my cousin because we have the same symptoms. Lol...

Just left another follow up appt...

8 1/2 inches down only 1pound...still a lot of swelling next appt Friday!

Follow up

Today's appt...in our bodysuits and waist trainers



First Day back at work!

Today was hard...it's hot here in Texas I have a full bodysuit and a corset on with a board underneath.. Driving to work was very uncomfortable...setting at my desk was uncomfortable I had to raise the chair up high and set in the edge of my set stand up...my leg swell up I called the doctors office she recommend me elevating my legs can't do that at work so recommend I purchase some compression socks...Tomorrow I will be car pooling!


It felt good taking a shower today...nothing like the other showers I've taking since the surgery!

One full week

I have a Follow up appt with Dr Long tomorrow!

2 week update...

I can now take my garment off at night only...Yesterday I slept with it off all night...it felt weird...Skins still sensitive to touch...I still have a little swelling in my stomach area but nice and smooth no lump and bumps...The board the Dr wants me to wear really keeps it smooth...I have experience excessive swelling in my feet...The dr says because of the compression of the garment and put me on some compression socks it worked a little...Taking the garment off last night and sleeping with my legs elevated helped my feet look more normal...Last Dr visit he stated he would like for me to lose 5 pounds so I'm working on that...Walking more and watching my calories...My next follow up appt is next Friday July 29th!

My feet

This is nothing compared to want they were
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