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- 36DDD - back, neck & shoulder strain -...

- 36DDD
- back, neck & shoulder strain
- difficulty breathing when laying on back
- unable to run/jog
- appeared matronly in clothes
- massive amounts of money spent on specilaty

Only 6 more days!!!! I’m a 28yr old...

Only 6 more days!!!!

I’m a 28yr old African American woman weighing in at 168lbs and wearing a size 36DDD cup. Point blank, I’m VERY uncomfortable in my body.

Just two years ago I weighed 135lbs and wore a 34D cup. Then I was introduced to the Depo shot… He was wonderful, really changed my life. I thought he was the next best thing since lace front wigs! I didn’t cramp, I had no monthly cycle…life was good. And then six months later I took a good look in the mirror. What’s that I see? Curves? Hmmm… well I never had them before, but I think I’ll roll with it. Four months down the road…fuller breasts, round hips, swollen thighs, slight pooch, bra bulge.

It snuck up on me, and I was pissed at myself.

Overall, I liked how my body looked, except for the girls. And I began to resent them daily. Even though my tummy was semi-flat, I had to buy a size up in dresses & tops to accommodate them. They were the center of attention wherever I went. They always had an excited jiggle to them with every step I took.. And at the end of the day I’d swear they had one helluva party because they were moist and salty with sweat.

My contempt for them grew when I went shopping, out with friends, even at the gym. They would often get in the way and steal the show. Overall, I hated them.

I began seeing plastic surgeons and attempting to have my insurance assist with financing the demise of the girls…but I failed on numerous occasions. Finally, a friend referred me to a doctor that the insurance company seemingly couldn’t say no to. I aimed low…why get my hopes up? The girls had been apart of my chest for two years, and they definitely weren’t volunteering to move out. Three weeks after my consultation I got the call that change my life…I WAS APPROVED!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!! I couldn’t believe it! Somebody had finally agreed to pay to lipo these boobs!!!! Joy rushed through me at the thought of being able to buy cute tops and maxi dresses without looking so matronly.

My surgery is scheduled for 12/22…and all I want for Christmas is my two new boobs!

Pre-op is set for 12/15 so I will update & post pics then. In the meantime:
- Can anyone recommend an amazing scar cream?
- Tell me the level of pain that they experienced immediately following the surgery on a scale of 1 to 10
- Tell me that there’s no need to be worried about the surgery because in about 2 months I’m going to look FIERCE!!

Different Surgeon, Different Date: 9/14/12. Fast...

Different Surgeon, Different Date: 9/14/12.
Fast forward 9 months later...
The surgery didn't happen. At the pre-op I was surprised by all sudden insurance, surgeon, and facility fees that I was NOT ready for. I cried and cried and cried until my BF begged me to stop. "I just want to look normal and wear a button down blouse!" I cried.
As the months progressed I convinced myself that I was going to be ok, the pain wasn't that intolerable.
Until I ballooned to a 34HH. Yes. HH. I didn't even know they went that damn high. My back, neck & shoulder pain became UN-FUCKING REAL. On a daily basis the pain is at a 8. I began seeing a chiropractor twice a week. One day I came home from work and actually lifted up my titties just so I could see my abdomen, and that's when it hit me.
Fuck it. Who cares if this is going to set me back a bit?!?!?! Who cares if CareNow Credit calls me daily?!?!?! At least there will be no more pain!!!!!!! My boyfriend's co-worked referred me to her PS, claiming that he was perfection.I didn't care who he was as long as he got me approved. The consult went very well, and I was super impressed with the doctor. He even gave me a shoulder massage. This may be creepy to you lil' tittied chicks, but that massage felt like Heaven at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when I'd been toting an infant on my chest. Needless to say, I liked him, and I was approved in about 3 weeks.

So six weeks have flown by since my approval, and to be honest; I haven't had time to really dwell on the surgery. I was so crushed from the last attempt that I think I psyched myself out. My surgery is 3 days away and I'm not excited, stressed or nervous. My BF thinks this is weird but I told him like I'll tell you: when they stick that needle in my arm is when I'll get excited, and not a moment sooner. As every young buxom lady, I've been pouring over this site trying to find women who are my body type, imagining what those boobs will look like on me. Today I finally made my decision.
I don't give a DAMN what size they are, as long as I got my titties on my chest!!!!!!! :-)
Whether a C or a D, the man is shrinking my chest by 9 inches!!!!! NO MORE WEIGHTS!!!! I'm going to let him decide whether the C or the D looks better on my frame. After all, I've vowed to never get back on the Depo shot again, and I only allow myself to smother foods in rich, creamy gravy once a month. Between that and the gym 3x's a week, I'm good!

My PS is Dr. Richard Ha at Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.
My Rx's are on the counter, the house is clean, and the deductible has been met...game on.

Post op Life: These titties are AMAZING!!!! I...

Post op Life:
These titties are AMAZING!!!! I truly wish I'd had this procedure years ago.
Day of surgery: We got to the hospital around 11am, and I was given the wrong name tag. For all of 3 seconds I feared that this was a bad sign, but quickly got over it. The facilty has only been opened for 4 months and was beautiful. We were given a paging system that sent a text telling you where to go to meet your nurse, very swanky! "Please meet Sarah at elevator 2." I was impressed. We were in the pre-op room for a little over an hour before my PS anesthesiologist made their appearances. They were both very confident and put my terrified boyfriend at ease. The next thing I knew I was being wheeled to the OR and cracking jokes with the nurses. And then came blissful sleep...
When I awoke my pain was at a 5, but I told them it was at an 8 so I'd get extra drugs. In all honesty, the pain was nowhere near what I thought it would be. I have a low, LOW tolerance for pain, so I had been bracing myself for searing fire on my chest. No such pain! If anything, I mostly experienced discomfort under my breast. Oh, and I never vomited or felt dizzy. I was moved to my private room after about an hour, and my BF made himself comfortable on the couch while I slept...and slept...and slept. He told me that I kept falling asleep in the middle of sentences which he thought was hilarious.
Later that evening the nurse got me up to walk and it wasn't until the end of the walk that it hit me.
Oh shit. I didn't feel any pain. No back, shoulder, or neck pain at all. Nothing was pulling down on my chest, and I wasn't out of breath. I couldn't believe it. Of course I'd been looking forward to this, but I'm a skeptical person and didn't think that it'd be immediate. The rest of the night was really peaceful. The nurses gave me "the good stuff" every few hours and I my pain level was never higher than a 2. My PS came in around 11am to remove the drains, and that was slightly painful for all of 3 seconds. The patched me up and discharged me around noon.
Post op- Days 2- 4:
The twins are beautiful. Better than I ever thought they'd look! I've measured myself and I can fit either a 36C, 38C, or a 34D/34DD. This is a far cry from the 34HH bra that I'd been forced to endure for the past year... I had a mini- fashion show when I got home and I couldn't believe how things fit me now. Tops that used to beg for more fabric are now light, loose and sexy. Buttons no longer fear being eating by my breasts. And I finally feel normal in a dress and not so matronly and top heavy. My best-friend says that they look like breast implants, which I'm ok with! I'm a little swollen, but only on the sides. They're round and full and young and oh-so- 21 year old looking! If and when the pain does kick in, I won't care cause this surgery has changed my life.If anyone is nervouse about having this surgery, please tell your conscience to shut the f%$# up!You don't deserve that pain, or those size 2XL tops, or those $85 Panache bras! It will remind you just how beautiful you are!
My first post-op appt is scheduled for this Friday, and the sutures at my nipples will be removed. I'll keep you ladies posted; but please let me know what you think! Thanks, and happy healing to everyone!

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