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Today is post op day #3 and I'm starting to...

Today is post op day #3 and I'm starting to feel a little bit better. The day of my surgery i felt like i was going to die though. I was so nauseated and in so much pain. They gave me Zofran and Phenergan for nausea in the recovery room but i just kept throwing up. It was horrible. The day after was a tad bit better but i continued to have nausea and of course pain. Now, 3 days after the surgery, my pain is there but is much better, the doctor prescribed me Phenergan suppositories so those have been helping out with the nausea. I was finally able to take off my binder today to take a shower and boy was a bruised. Im still very swollen and it sucks to not be able to sit down or lay face up but i'm content with what i see so far. I'm not sure how much was injected in each buttock but I have a follow up appointment this Thursday so i will make sure to ask the doc. They did lipo to the upper and lower abdomen, flanks, lateral thighs, and bra line. I will be posting pics again in about 3 weeks.

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery and the pain is...

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery and the pain is almost all gone. The only thing that is left is a few tender to touch spots throughout my lipo sites. I hate the binder but have to wear it for 2 more weeks before I'm freed from it. I'm still bruised but it is slowly going away. I went to my doctors appt and he said everything looked good. He injected 780cc into each buttock and said that is the max he was able to inject before he injected fat into one site and it would come out from another site. He ended up taking out almost 6,000cc of fat out. Wow! I was almost embarrassed of that but better out than in. So, my butt has gone down in size some but it is still better than what it was before, i just hope it doesn't go down a whole lot more. I was a bit skeptical of the results but then i told my husband to take pics of me 2 days ago and i compared them to the before pictures and there is a lot of difference from then and now so I'm content again. I will post after pics once all the bruising has gone away. Maybe in about a week.

Added new 3 wk post op pics

Added new 3 wk post op pics

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He was very caring, explained everything to me in detail. Took the time to answer all my questions. After surgery was over he went to my husband and showed him pictures after he had finished with one buttock to show him the difference from the one he had not done yet and showed him pics of all the cannulas he had used and his office staff is also very nice and friendly.

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