Excited but Nervous!!

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As a 19 year old girl with petite features/body I...

As a 19 year old girl with petite features/body I have always felt paranoid about the large size of my nose. I feel self-conscious when people look at me from the side or even in bright lighting., Although I come across confident, internally I feel the opposite. I fninished university in May, so with a 5month holiday in front of me, I felt this was the perfect opputunity to fly to Cyprus and finally get it done. My grandparents live over here, so they spent several months speaking with surgeons. A recommended surgeon and a cousin of my grandman has been chosen. I met them on the 25th, operation booked for the 29th. Nervous even to the point where I'm having second thoughts, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

29th/30th after surgery: woken up after operation,...

29th/30th after surgery: woken up after operation, no pain at all, just uncomfortable due to not being able to breathe and drip pad underneath. Was sleeping on and off throughout my overnight stay in hospital, three drips to with antibiotics, painkillers, keep my fluids up. Surgeon came to visit me twice. Second time he removed splints (not sure if this is correct term lol) from inside nose. Could breathe a bit after this and taste immediately. The swelling and bruising does came out more so the day after surgery. But this wasnt as bad as expected. I think this is due to my brillaint surgeon.To best honest I Was surprised how smooth and easy th procedure was. The fact I couldpratically breathe and taste straight after, no pain. Brilliant.

31st: appetite normal, soft foods best though. Bed rest. Surprised at how I just have a mere nose "plaster" on my face, quite comfortable. Breathing a lot better, swelling reducing by hour!!!!! I can already see a difference in my nose size, and will continue to reduce over next few months. Very excited to see it finally when cast comes off next week. But I know the tip will not be that different as this takes the longest to heal. I will upload pics as soon as I can. Currently very excited and happy I've undergone procedure, been a lot easier then expected. Obviously it's not over yet, but I'm sure can only get better. I'm gona try and heal as much as possible before I fly home, despite the utter boredom here. One of the hardest things has I'm fact been not being able to see properly, due to not be able to wear glasses and being advised to not wear contacts. I think tomorrow I will wear contacts though as fed up of headaches and swelling reduced.


I AM OVER THE MOON WITH MY NEW NOSE!!!! BEST THING IVE EVER DONE!!!! I feel like a new person, this decision has seriously changed my life! Although people all around, even the doctor himself were trying to put me off having a nose job, im sooooo glad I did what I wanted to do. I've only told family members and a couple of close friends, nobody else has even realised. Goes to show how natural it looks, perfectly suits my face. I would go through all the pain, not breathing, sleeping properly in a blink of an eye. Seriously all worth it!!!! Let me know what you guys think :D xxxx
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