3 months update!! new photos!!! :))

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Hi there! :) After a lot of research I finally...

Hi there! :) After a lot of research I finally decided to make breast augmentation! As long as I remember my self from high school, I always wanted to have bigger breasts! The last 2 years I lost 8-10 kg so my breasts are way smaller than before ( from small B to A, not that much difference)! Now I am 164 cm height (5"5), 52 kg and wear 34A cup! My goal is 34C and I am going with 325 to 375cc !Round high profile silicone implants!! I want the maximum natural looking breast!! I am concerned about high profile implants if they will look natural but my doctor told me that as my upper pole is flat, high profile will look better on me than the others!

I have some questions if you can help me!

1]What do you think textured or smooth implants? I read that textured implants reduce the chance for capsular constracture!
2] I am taking arnica for the pain! is that enough for the pain!?
3) I read that I should take before and after the operation vitamin c! also vitamin E after the operation to reduce the chance of capsular constracture! I should ask my doctor if it is ok to take vitamins! what do you think?
4) what about the feeling when someone touch the breast? Will it feel natural?

Btw here are the medications that my doctor suggested:
1) 1 week before the surgery I will apply auriderm gel to my breasts for bruises and I will use it after surgery also.
2) I am taking arnica for pain for 5 days.
3) ceclor which helps with any infection!
4) singulair for capsular constracture
5) also in the morning of surgery I will use antibacterial betadin soap!

New photos!

New photos!

photos before surgery!!

my dream breasts!

my dream breasts!

nausea medicine!

I have read a lot of reviews and most of women said that they are taking nausea medications after surgery! Is that necessary?

Yesterday was my surgery! 29/6/2013

Hi to the community! Yesterday was my surgery! I do not feel any pain! ;)) I feel like someone seats on my chest! Also I feel a little nauseus! I will update soon pics!! I have to say that the plastic surgeon, the anesthisiologist and the staff were very polite and supportive! Great to work with!!

P.S. I went with 280cc silicon high profile mentor implants!!


Mistake! Not mentor implants! Allergan implants instead!

Post op photos day 2!!

Post op day 2

My breast are numb!

Hi this is day 3 post op! Does anyone know if it is normal that my breasts are numb!?

Day 3 photos!

Day 3 photos!

Day 4 photos!!

day 5 post op!!

Hi!!! I have to say that it was easier than I thought the whole process! I have my surgery on 29/06! My surgery lasts 2 hours approximately but for me it was like 5 seconds! I was really nervous about the anesthesia but my anaesthesiologist was an angel! She make me feel relaxed and she calmed me down! In less than 30 seconds I was fell asleep! The doctor told me that the surgery lasted more than he expected because he tried many breast sizers before he decide what is best for me! The first night I preferred to stay in the hospital! I had a pain on my back so I didnt sleep that much so a tip is to put pillows underneath your back to be more comfortable! Yesterday (day 4) I had my first bath! My mother helped me! Firstly I put betadin scrub to my breasts and I left it on my body! Then I put soap to the other body and then rinse off the two soaps! After I put betadin surgical solution to my scars, I wear my surgical bra (http://www.esmedical.com/pp20-support-bra-with-augmentation-band) and that was it!

I have to say that my doctor is amazing and very professional! I go every day to his clinic to change my gauzes! On friday i will have a treatment with ultrasound for faster solution of the problems of edema, bruising and generally a more natural appearance!

Still don't feel the bottom of my breast ;(((

Hey!!! I am still worried because I cant feel the bottom of my breasts? I am on day 6! Is that normal? Why it is happening?

I knew that sometimes you lose the sense of your nipple! But i didnt know that you can lose the sense of some area on your breast!! ;((

3 month after my surgery!!

Hi guys! I am updating pics for you three months after my surgery! I feel perfect and i am very glad with my results! I had a quick recovery and i was back to normal activity soon i can say! I am doing kick boxing and i have begun again one month after my surgery as suggested by my doctor!!
The only i am concerned about is that i don't feel the lower part of my left breast! I asked my doctor and he said that it takes some time to feel again your breast and that is because of the position of the scar! Also my scar is still dark! I am using stratamed cream 2 times a day but i haven't seen much difference! Do you have other cream to suggest!?

Also Is massage important for the breasts?

P.s. My nipples before the surgery were not symmetrical and my doctor told me that they will also be in the same way after the surgery! Not a big problem for me!
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