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I am pretty athletic but I have some stubborn fat...

I am pretty athletic but I have some stubborn fat on my inner thighs and flanks u cannot seem to get rid of. I decided to look into this a month or so ago and when I met Dr. Fuscher, I knew he was the one who was going to do my surgery. He is very thorough, detailed and set realistic expectations.

4 More Days

So a bit more about me, I am 46, I have 2 beautiful teenagers 14 & 12, and have been divorced 2 years. I have always been pretty athletic, run several times/week, swim, bike, Pilates and weights classes (P90x and Les Mils Body Pump are my favorites.). Despite my efforts, I have put on over 20 pounds in the last 2 years and it has been really bothering me. I have been doing a significant amount of research and learned it is likely a hormonal imbalance and spikes in my cortisol levels from stress. So, in my research, I have also learned that liposuction can truly help when close to ones ideal weight. In my research, I learned that I could combine this with a breast augmentation which I never really took seriously until now. I have always been small, have compensated with padded bras, fuller tops and a coverup over my bathing suit. I have always been self conscious in workout wear, and I am at the gym 6 days/week! Hence, my decision to do both!
I had wanted to use Dr. Fishcher because of the 4 I consulted with, he was the most realistic, clinical, honest and his staff was exceedingly professional. However, I had some monies that did not come through in the way I had hoped, and I did not want to finance this if I did not have to. My friend, who is a trauma nurse, is accompanying me to Miami, FL to have the surgery and care for me for 4 days before returning home. I would never have considered this option if it were not for my friend.
I still have not decided on size, although I do know I want silicone. I want large enough to look good and make a difference, but not so big as it is alarmingly obvious I had surgery or that they look fake. I have a professional job and am returning to work 8 days post surgery which I suspect will be challenging.
Additionally, I still have not told my kids. They will be with their dad, and returning to me the following Friday, so I will have a week to heal before seeing them. I haven't decided on how I want to deal with that yet.

I have some questions, outstanding issues and could use some advice/support:

What to wear post surgery and traveling home? I purchase a few sleeveless zip up shirts I thought I could wear over the post surgical bra

Did anyone who had lipo purchase a 2nd garment? I fear this one will be discussing before long and traveling home could be less than pleasant, especially in this heat

How long before I can resume exercise? Thinking I could return to the gym and get on a bike within 10 days and start slow, thinking I could do wall squats, plies, lunges etc. anything not involving too much of my arms.

How did people blow dry their hair and get ready for work post breast augmentation?

Less than 72 hours from now....

....but who is counting? Still haven't decided on size, full B or C? Trying not to panic. Work is busy which is a good thing, but when I walk out of there tomorrow, no turning back for over a week!
I welcome any last minute advice...and boy am I craving a glass of wine!

48 hours....

Packing to travel tomorrow. A stressful few days at work, it was hard (not really), to walk away. I had to chuckle when everyone wished me a good vacation!
Wondering what I will wear post op...

24 hours and counting...

On my way to Miami. I have been so busy I have had no time to stress which I think might be a good thing. I will post some pre post very soon.

3 hours to go...

Woke up feeling fairly well rested, only to realize that is what I will be doing for the next several days!
Going to stretch and do some light Pilates so I feel lithe and strong before headed to the surgery. Hard to believe this is really happening....
I will post some photos later.

2 Full Weeks Post Op!

I am more than 2 weeks post op which is great, but not without its challenges. Yesterday, I attended an annual community event and was able to wear a strapless dress (casual) with no bra and feel completely confident! I will admit it felt great! Not once did I need to adjust my dress (vs the 100s of times I might have pre BA!).
It was exceptionally HOT though and I have 1 more week of the compression garment (I have a strapless one) so I will be thrilled to burn those soon (ok, tuck in my back draw for a while).
I made the mistake of sleeping on my side the other night (partially, not even a full 90 degrees) and I have been paying for it with a swollen left breast for days! It hasn't been fun, wondering if others have this problem? I can definitely see a change already, both are softening and my right one is "righting" itself by gently dropping so progress is slow, but steady.
As an avid exercise enthusiast, I am STRUGGLING about my lack of exercise and I can see where I might go a little BSC in the next few weeks. Especially not being able to do planks, burpees (I don't actually like them but appreciate their value), and generally any kind of weight bearing workout. I am headed to the gym shortly to get on the bike and have begun doing squats and pliƩ squats but I can see where I might tire of those soon. My PS said I can return to Cardio at 6 weeks and cannot do any workout involving the chest (hint: weights) for 6 months!!!! Is this the norm? I had thought 3-4 and was surprised to hear 6.

I will post pics soon!
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