43, No Kids, Existing Implants, Ba, Lift & Tt - Cambridgeshire, Great Britain

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It's 4 week to go and it's all I can seem to think...

It's 4 week to go and it's all I can seem to think about! I've had a big belly since I was young and weight/gain loss has made it just hang!

My poor boobies were originally done in 2006 but should have had a lift at the same time as they have stretched from a 36e to a whopping 36gg. I also have cc On the left so looking to correct that too.

I posted on here about my surgeon suggesting I keep my existing implants (as I had the replaced like for like in 2012) but this time increase the chances of cc reoccurring, so I have a chat planned with him today.

More money, but want it done right.

I struggled to find a surgeon who would do both procedures, as they are quite long so I'm scared about the increased risk, but so pleased to have the recovery at the same time. 4 days in hospital though!

I keep thinking about the tt cut, feel sick then get butterflies again.

Photos of the belly to follow as I've avoided photos of that my whole life!

Spoke to Ps

Feel much happier now I've spoken to my PS. He is planning a full CC removal and replacement implants. Can't believe it's just over 3 weeks away. The reality of the pain, discomfort and risk of complications is setting in now.

It's going to be a long few weeks!
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