Excited and Nervous, Don't Know What to Expect! Crowley, LA

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I have been considering lipo for years. Even...

I have been considering lipo for years. Even before i had my child, and she is five. I have always been heavy set even when i was younger. Most of my weight is in my stomach. Over the years i have tried to lose weight and been somewhat successful. I started out at 242lbs at my heaviest and now i am 217.2 as of this morning. There may be some thyroid issues that are the cause of my slow weight loss but my doctor is looking into that. I don't expect to have a completely flat stomach. I just want my bottom abdomen do be gone and the top to be not so prominent. I have little legs so that isn't a concern..lol I am so nervous seeing as how this will be the first surgery i have ever had..EVER! Any advice or tips from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I am doing my upper and lower abdomen and i guess u can call it my muffin top on each side. I will try to keep updating as much as i can. My pre-op is March 7th and surgery date is set for March 15th.

Two more weeks!!

Only two weeks till my surgery. I'm so nervous and can't wait to see the end results. I know what i would like but i don't have any big unrealistic expectations. I have a large stomach so i know it won't be flat. I just want a lil improvement and kick start for more weight loss. I'm trying to get the courage to post my pics..ugghh until then, i will find some wish pic lol!

before pics

So I finally built up the courage to post some before pics....

Pre-op Day

Had my preop appt today, everything went well! I got my meds for before and after the surgery and took my before pics. Can't believe I'm finally getting this done. I have spent years thinking about this. I can't wait to see my results!

i did it!!

Had my surgery yesterday.. It went very well..only towards the end I felt a little burning and the vibration was uncomfortable. I think it was because there was less fat to absorb the shock.lol over all it was ok. I Dr Gonzales has the best bedside manner ever and his nurses and office staff are so sweet!

forgot to post this

This is what was taken out!


My stomach looks like a mouth..lol but its ok. I know its because my skin is starting to retract on the top..I noticed I have more swelling at the bottom and on the left also..Gotta give it time. And I am itching like crazy! It feels so good to shower and have everything off for a minute so I can scratch and bathe..don't worry I'm not scratching too hard..haha

going down a little

I still have a lot of swelling..and this itching is driving me crazy. I'm starting to get feeling back in some parts of my belly. I can't stand anything to touch me when my garment is off!! It's very irritating to my skin...I had a little too much salt one day and I got soooo swollen!! I took a pic...no more salt for me for a while!

can u guys see it??!

Still have swelling but I can move around like normal for the most part. I can sit without being stiff when I get up..and I can almost bend forward..lol! I have a question for u guys. I had fat taken out on the side but I don't see a difference. Do u see it? I know I'm swollen bit I should be able to see it some what right!? Maybe I just can't see it but u guys can..let me know plz. My 6week appt is on the 27th

Still Swollen

I went to my appointment on the 26th of April. I was hoping i would be able to take my garment off but the doctor said i still have quite a bit of swelling so i have to leave it on a few more weeks. *sigh* Just wanted to give u guys an update cuz i hadn't been on in a while.


So I have been working so much that I haven't been exercising like I wanted to. I still have swelling and wish I knew what is gonna go down and what's going to stay.getting kinda bummed and down..on the bright side I can buy clothes in the store that I used to not be able to fit! Especially things from old navy..Never could really buy this is off the rack there. I would have to order online. Still have to for shirts but dresses and pants are fitting way better..pray for my motivation guys..how is everyone doing?

Slow progress!

So my friend bought me a skirt a little over two years ago and i couldn't fit it. So i told her to keep it and it would be my goal to fit in it. Yesterday i was visiting her and she remembered she had it. I got it on but it's still a bit tight..But i'm still excited cuz it's a size 14. I used to wear a 20/22.

the skirt!!

Don't mind the shirt that doesn't match..lol...I was just trying the skirt on..but this is the one I was talking g about in my other post! I will post another tummy shot for u guys later when I vet home from work..bit this was taken last weekend I think

tummy pics

Top stomach is going down more..seems like the bottom is more swollen just on one side...

So far I love this place. Everyone is so nice. It's like you are going in to visit a friend when you have an appointment. The staff and doctors are very nice. I would recommend them to anyone. I am having my procedure done at Acadia Woman's Health.

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