Tattoo removal with the PicoSure- Crab Orchard, KY

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Hello. I never thought I'd ever get a tattoo. It...

Hello. I never thought I'd ever get a tattoo. It crossed my mind several times but I always talked myself out of it. However, almost a week ago I was feeling impulsive and got one. It is a small word tattoo on my forearm. I regretted it as soon as I got it. Ive been crying ever since. I cant sleep, eat, or go on with my life. Every second it is on my mind. The tattoo is black and exactly two inches long but is very thin. The letters themselves are very thin. I was wondering how long I'd have to wait to begin the treatment? Will it be able to come off completely? My anxiety is so terrible I wish I could go back and stop myself. I cant wait until this is a distant memory.

Anxious to begin treatment!

Hey there. To begin with, I'd like to thank everyone who has either commented or responded to me. You don't know how much I appreciate it! I am so thankful for that and I am so glad I found this community, I don't know how I would have gotten through the first few days of my stupid, impulsive mistake. Anyway, I found a doctor in my area who uses the picosure laser and I will definitely be going to him. However, since my tattoo is so new I have to wait a little longer. I am so anxious to put this mess behind me. The only thing really bothering me is the thought of scarring and the area looking worse than it does now. Honestly, I don't think my tattoo is THAT terrible, I just don't like tattoos on myself. I never thought I'd actually get one! At least if I would have chosen a less visible spot, but nope! I decided to have it done on my forearm! Ugh, I wish I didnt let myself get sucked into the idea. One positive thing though, getting this tattoo has tought me to THINK before I do things and is helping me break away from my impulsive nature. Although this is very painful emotionally and mentally, I know there are way worse things. Anway, thanks again! I'll post pics after my first treatment :)

Moments after getting the tatt.

Feeling extra down today.

Sorry for constatntly complaining, but today I feel extremely depressed. I keep on telling myself that the tattoo isnt bad, but it is. I hate it so much. A "friend" of mine told me I looked like a holocaust survivor today and started to laugh when I showed him the tatt. This is why I havent shown anyone. The more I look at it I realize what a bad job the guy did. The part I hate the most is the 8, it looks like its floating away! I had a terrible panic attack at work and began to cry in front of everyone. So embarrassing. I cant wait to get this thing off of me. When I was about to get it I thought this tatttoo would help me because of the verse. It has done the exact opposite. Im about to cut this damn thing off myself. I cant even look at my arm. Where I live it is extremely hot, and wearing sleeves all day sucks. I keep on thinking about dad told me like 20 min before to not get it, thay I would regret it. I wish I would have listened. I apologize for yet another rant, I feel so terrible today. I will attach a pic so you guys can see what I mean about the 8.


Hi guys, hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to quickly thank you all for sharing your stories and for support, as well as letting everyone know that I will not begin laser treatment right now. Even though I would love to begin, I know it is not the best choice at the moment, so I cancelled my appointment.. The place I work at is not doing well, so they drastically cut my hours. I mean like, I am working less than half the amount I used to. So I sat down with my dad and we spoke about it, and this time I am actually going to listen to him. Because I pay my own college classes, books, car, food, etc, I don't really have much to my name. *sigh* hopefully in a few months I can begin.. I really don't want to wait too long as I am going to graduate next year and I know my tattoo is going to interfere with my career. I am also hoping my tat will fade a bit by the time I get the first treatment. However, I will still be following your stories and showing support, and hopfully in a few months I won't have such a pitiful review. I wish the very best for all of you, take care and good luck :)

Consultion Tomorrow

Hi all, I just wanted to update and let you all know I have a consultation tomorrow. I've emailed several places before but I never actually had a doctor physically look at my tattoo. I have a million thoughts going through my head and I am starting to feel really depressed and scared again. I am afraid the "artist" went too deep and that the ink wont be fully removed, the chances of terrible scarring, loss of pigment, and so on. The tattoo is already scarred from the initial placement so that is really getting to me. That guy was an amateur, but in the end I can only blame myself. I decided to go to that shop and blindly let that guy tattoo me. I also was the one who wanted lettering on the most awkward location possible. These past few months I've gotten so used to wearing sleeves and to be honest, I kind of blocked this out. But now it feels real again.. ugh. I'm so nervouce now, I can't imagine how I'm going to feel the day before the first session. Also, is there any vitamins or anything I should be doing to prepare? Any input would be highly appreciated. Good luck to all and I will update when the time comes for my first treatment.


So i am waiting to get numbed for my first treatment. I am so nervous i feel like my heart id going to jump out of my chest. Wish me luck... ill update after

tattoo before

First treatment

So I just had my first treatment about an hour in a half ago. It went much better than expected! It did hurt but a lot less than I thought. I ended up not using any numbing crean, just ice before and after the procedure. The doctors office was great. Everyone there was very nice and helpful. I will post a pic in a few. I will also repost a before picture because I realize the one I had was crappy. Anyway, I'm so happy it got one treatment out of the way :)


nasty little blisters :(

one week post first treatment

The redness and swelling have gone down, but I have not noticed much fading... the only thing Ive seen is just a small dot on the tip of the 5. But I guesd thats expected from just one treatment... hopefully I'll see some fading soon :/

two weeks post first session

All healed up but still no significant fading, hopefully I'll see some fading soon tho. So today at work I was having a casual conversation with a regular. This guy has a lot of tattoos, and the subject came up. He asked me if I had any so i responded to yeah, getting it removed tho. So he asked me to show him, and when I did he responded "yeah I see why you want to remove it" wow, way to kick me when Im down! Loool. Whatever. One day this thing will be gone...


Ive been getting a cramping pain from my elbow to my wrist. Some times on my palm. I dont do any heavy lifting or anything that would cause this type of pain. Has anyone experienced this after starting tattoo removal?

day after session 2

This time around was much more painful, even though I had numbing this time. Also, it blistered A LOT worse this time. Hopefully I see some good fading though :)

One month after second treatment

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