Can Someone Recommend Me a Good Surgeon with Promising Fat Grafting Result? I Need Help

?One month ago....

One month ago, I did my jowls ,jawline and neck lipo with a surgeon located in a foreign undeveloped country. I regretted so much for my decision to go surgery with him. I chanced upon his video in some media and was attempted by his promising surgery result and cheap price. Originally I only wanted to do a tummy lipo. But end up doing jowls, jawline and neck lipo as well as Dr said it would make me more youthful look. The doctor s clinic is his home also. Very poor facility as compare to US usual clinics. And he played buddism music all day long in his clinic. ( I am a christian). My mind totally cant function that day. I even neglected the fact that he didnt mark on my face the area he was about to lipo. And after surgery, instead of looking youthful. Horrible thing happened. And I realised that fats on my lower cheek were gone. and there is a hollow on my face. I have circled it in the picture.

I am in great depression now. And I cant even mention that doctor's name in my context as I will get into real troubles by doing so.( He threaten to sue me if I mentioned his name).

I would really need help to fix my face now.

Please help me recommend a good surgeon with promising fat survival. I really want my previous face back. It will be the best if someone can share with me your experience for fat grafting on face. Let me know your fat survival rate..

Thank you very much.

cant mention here

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