Couldn’t Handle Swelling from Juvederm Under Eyes

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Juvederm is a quality product but you should be...

Juvederm is a quality product but you should be careful. It doesn’t work on everybody. I had problems with Juvederm in my eye hollows. This after trying Restylane and having bad results too. The Juvederm did basically what the Resty did only it lasted longer. First I had good results for about two weeks after the swelling went down but then the Juvederm started to settle too low. So to picture it I had puffiness, hollowing, then puffiness again. I had no idea how this happened but this is what stuck with me for the six months that Juvederm lasts. I had better results with Juvederm in the rest of my face. I was happy with the results in my nasiolabial folds and have known a few people who had successes elsewhere with fine lines. But I do not recommend it for eye hollows. There are risks there that don’t exist in other parts of the face. If you’re sensitive you will react to it. There are injections you can get to reverse some effects but there are risks with these too. It’s no-win. With Juvederm you have to be careful too because there are so many different types. Make sure your doc is clear about what you’re getting so you know what to avoid if it has bad effects. Then you can try a different type later. I have thought about trying Juvederm in my lips too but I am waiting and saving for a filler that will last longer for my face first. Next to try is Radiesse and from what I’ve researched I hope I will be happy with this.
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