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This site has really helped me to make my decision...

This site has really helped me to make my decision. After a year of careful consideration, I decided upon the Rosenstock center for plastic surgery in Costa Rica. A friend of a friend had a breast lift there and was quite happy with it. I will be flying to Costa Rica ALONE on September first. I have never been there before but have chosen a care facility that will not only pick me up from the airport, but take me to my appointments and even cook my gluten-free meals. I will spend one day exploring the rainforest and then the next morning, bam, out like a light only to wake up with less body shame.

The procedure type above did not have a "mommy make over" category, but that is what I am going with. To be specific, I am getting a Benneli breast lift, silicone implants, and a full tummy tuck. As you will see, I practically need breast reconstruction after breast feeding only one hungry baby seventeen years ago. I want to steer away from the T scar. My thinking is why spend the money and effort on improving the look of my breasts to leave them laden with visible scars? I would rather fail the "pencil test" and have them look natural. We'll see... He may try to talk me into the full anchor scar but he is not likely to succeed. I am hoping for dramatic before and after pics. The before pics even shocked me! I usually don't look! lol

I am bringing an I-pad and am committed to keeping this updated so you can see my progress and experience doing this out of the country. One thing that is appealing to me so far, besides price, is that they automatically keep patients over night in the clinic to monitor them. I chose Chetica care facility and will let you know how that goes. I am confident that they will take good care of me from the positive feedback I read in most of the reviews.. I am saving about $10,000 after expenses.

>>One day post op<<

I feel pretty damn good, much to my surprise. I thought I would be more nervous going in to the surgery but I stayed calm on the outside. My blood pressure was 130 over something and its usually 90 over something else, so I must have felt nerves somewhere!
They gave me a pill to relax and I went to the operating room. There were very clean but tattered towels on the operating table. Everything else was so state of the art this made me smile. I later joked with my surgeon about this and he said his mom buys new towels every month but they wear them out that quickly! Anyway, I remember telling the anesthesiologist I will lift my little finger if I am feeling pain. He said,"Oh, your not going to feel anything, dear", Wow was he right! the next thing I knew I was in my bed at the clinic and I was not sure if it was before or after the operation. I noticed I was wearing a bra which was strange, and as soon as I looked up I was greeted by friendly nurses. I did not feel a thing. I am not kidding you, nothing.

...... Today, however

It was such a good strategy for them to have me wake up in the bed I was going to stay in. I sweet nurse slept in my room with me to get me anything I might need and to make sure I was okay. This is the standard procedure at the clinic here. During my surgery and a few hours afterwards i had these strange leg massaging space boots on. When they took them off, they put the compression socks on for me. To put someones socks on for them is a compassionate act. This morning I had them give me a morphine shot... I did feel a bit sore and liked the idea of not feeling any pain. I am up and around pretty good for the first day. I am back at CheTica recovery center and they just served me dinner. A nurse will be by to change my dressings. More of this story as it comes up and out. I will get photos up soon.

When I met Dr Rashi,,,

We had a consult two days before the surgury. I was very impressed in his trust in me as I had just booked the surgury date and never gave him a depsit. We went over my expectations and he recommended lipo for my upper stomache. We had emailed about this before and my aswer was HELL NO! I did not want lipo. I have heard itis like your skin is on fire. He told be how the result would be with and with out and added that he felt it would be much better with but it was up to me. I dicided to do a little on the front only so I could still have one whole side of my body that didnot have to recover from trama. Surprizingly, I don't have any notable brusing. I am glad I did it in the end. I wanted to just look better, but he wanted me to look good.
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