65...Not Willing to Age Gracefully

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Tummy Tuck, maybe with lipo (+$1,000). Maybe mini...

Tummy Tuck, maybe with lipo (+$1,000). Maybe mini arm lift, maybe FUE hair transplant. I consulted a couple doctors in Florida who said I didn't need lipo or muscle repair, just skin removal. i workout 5 days a week and have strong muscles everywhere.
I lost 45 pounds about 8 years ago but can't wear clingy clothes because of the skin rolls. And now that I'm older, I am getting that dreaded middle age barrel look with the weight above my waist. I would do a breast lift, but I don't want lollipop scars, I'll wait for the Hordesnki method to become more commonplace.

another before photo

I sure hope nobody I know sees this!

the arms

here are the old looking arms. I don't have big bat wings, but crepey skin

Mini Mouse

They said to get a zip front something for recovery. I got a cheap track suit I intend to leave behind in Costa Rica, but this amused me. I can even pull down the "mask" Mini Mouse face if I like ;-)

Dr Andrew Weil surgery suggestions

My doc has agreed to do Vit C drip and the recovery place I'm staying at has a person on staff to do lymph massage for $30, so I will do that.


Seeing how gross this is helps me be sure i want this TT and it is worth the risk

Nervous but happy doc uses progressive tension suture method (PTS)

This website informed me of the Progressive tension suture method (PTS) where they anchor the incision to the fascia. I am nervous about the incision opening with too much tension on the skin after several weeks when I will be back in Florida away from my doctor. I have read about too may problems with this especially on older women and people without a huge amount of skin and fat. I understand it also keeps the scar from migrating up higher. Dr Rashi did my facelift in 2010 and I was so happy to get the answer that yes, he uses this method. Whew!

Done, LOTS done!

Tummy Tuck with lipo and muscle repair, small incision arm lift, back lipo and FUE hair transplant. Spent the night in the clinic with a nurse sitting in a lounge chair right next to me all night. This morning she gave me a lymph massage (DrRashi thinks they are important), juice and when I said I didn't want whatever carb thing they had for breakfast, they got me eggs.
The doc came to see me (it is Saturday) on his way to baseball then soccer, or as he said, his day was a double header. He also gave me the good new...he was able to avoid the vertical scar they thought they might have to give me because they didn't think I'd have enough skin to get the belly button all the way down to the bikini line...but by removing 160ml of fat with lipo he made it work. YAY!!
Arm lift. I seems nobody is in favor of mini arm lift with incision in armpit including my doctor. But he did it where it come down the inside of my arm a few inches but won't show under a short sleeve blouse.
The surprise is how much my head hurts! I guess I didn't do my homework, I thought FUE they just shave a patch of your head and used what they shaved for the implants...WRONG! I guess they just shave it to get to where they can get the roots out. Don't feel like researching it now, but in the evening they had Doctor Clara (Rashi's mother, also a plastic surgeon along with son in law Cohen) in my room working on my head and re-wrapping it. So one arm pit and the back of my head hurt more than anything about 20 hours post surgery. I had the generic Exparel.
I went for hyperbaric treatment, but didn't know the protocol and drank tons of water and tea before I went, so I didn't make the 2 hours. I will go back Monday ($55 extra on weekends) - Wed and not drink so much first.
CheTica is great. The nurse called the taxi who was bringing me from hyperbaric place to see where I was. They brought me chicken/veggie soup for lunch and per my request, no bread.

36 hours post op

Not feeling bad...Tay for generic exparel

48 hours post op shower

American friends are shocked saying you can't have a shower with incisions and drain, but the nurse sat me on the chair and showered me and washed my hair before my $30 hour long lymph massage. Oh, then there was the Argentine BBQ. Now back for nap.

FUE Hair transplant

The first day, this little procedure hurt more than the tummy tuck. I didn't realize they plucked out hair because I didn't do my homework. My thin hair is sort of pathetic. This should be enough to at least give me decent looking bangs.

Drains are out!!!

I'm absolutely thrilled, I thought I was would be at least a week, maybe 2 because of my garden and having been a smoker. Thanks to healthy eating, exercise and my mother's good genes, I'm one lucky girl!

Thank you Arnica Montana, Bromalain and Vitamin C!!!

Day 5 Post Op. I just realized that I have practically no bruising, thank you Arnica Montana, Bromalain and Vitamin C!!!
I am very squeamish and can't look closely, but wanted to take photos for others to see. I'm sure you can blow them up and look at every stitch. Because I'm a wus, I am still having the nurse wash the incisions, but today I washed my own hair and sent her away after she washed the boo boos and just hung out under the water...it felt nice.
I haven't heard people talk about the compression hose. I think we're supposed to wear them for a couple weeks, right? I moved rooms today and requested I do most of it myself, so I walked 1688 steps...way more than the 2-300 I've been doing. I think it's good for me and it made it easy for me to take a nap.

1 week post op

1st thought "Wait, when I came here I only had a roll on one side, not both!" Then I remembered it was just swelling. They feed us really well at CheTica but I couldn't have gotten that much fatter!
Thursday after showering me when she was putting on fresh bandage, the wonderful nurse Francis thought a little place felt iffy and I got really nervous. An hour later, she came and said because she didn't want me feeling nervous, she got me in to see doc right away. No seroma!

Still leaking at 3 weeks post op

3 weeks post op and the big incision is healing well. But at 2 weeks I broke a couple stitches and the doctor removed the rest in my belly button. I was leaking a lot and they said it was okay because it was like a natural drain.
If I were in the USA I would be in a pickle, but being in a Recovery place, the nurse cleans it twice a day and it is not infected. We are hoping to stitch it back up in a few days. The skin around my belly button was getting all red and irritated so the doctor suggested I sleep without my garment and without gauze over the wound, letting it breathe. They will give me clean sheets every day so there's not a chance of it getting infected. He said it is the wet gauze holding in the liquid that is irritating my skin which makes perfect sense.
My biggest fear was to have necrosis or an infection in the big incision. I am very squeamish and couldn't handle this on my own. Thankfully I have neither of those just a leaky belly button. As long as I don't have to look at it I am okay I'm so grateful for the care I receive here.

5 weeks post op

My biggest fear of the large incision opening or becoming infected was not realized. However, I am still leaking lymphatic fluid from my belly button. I stood for 3 hours on Friday and it was like a flood so I am trying to stay lying down as much as possible. Meanwhile, my waist is 3 inches bigger and I weight 7 pounds more than before I started this journey. I hope it is all swelling... I'm sure they didn't inject fat into me???? I cannot imagine how I am gaining weight because I'm staying under 20 carbohydrates in 2000 calories a day. My doctor's parting words to me after a month was not walk too much. So I am not working out yet but weight is 80% what you eat.
Feeling discouraged.

NOT worth it, at least with this doctor

I have hanging skin, which is what I went to have removed. But now I have a huge ugly belly button, an unsightly scar that my underwear and jeans do not cover and a much lighter wallet.

Trying to find underwear

I guess only granny panties will cover the scar. I am totally disgusted and hate the job dr. Rosenstock did

Terrible results

The opposite of getting my sexy back
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Rosenstock Lieberman Clinic is excellent, Dr Rashi did my facelift in 2010. I didn't have a huge amount of skin to work with having never been pregnant and only lost 45lbs, so the doc warned me I may end up with a vertical incision. I liked the real expectations. When he came to see me the day after surgery (Saturday) he couldn't wait to show me photo on his phone that he made it work without it. Yay! As Ruben at my recovery villas (CheTica - WONDERFUL) says, Dr Rashi is the Van Gogh of plastic surgery. Other things i like about him are when I asked about laser for my chest 9 days post op, he told me just to heal from what I had done, do that another time. I didn't consider the body needs to heal from just a chemical or laser burn, but he did and put my health first. Can you imagine a doctor in the US turning away easy money like that? Another thing... at my recovery place I see people being charged for every little item every time they go to their doctors. My price included everything...operating room, anesthesia, overnight in clinic with nurse right there, medication, garments, no nickle and diming. I have never waited more than about 3 minutes. Dr Rashi and Dr Cohen work together on big surgeries, so your time under anesthesia is less, which I think is a good thing. One last point: no way no how would I do this big surgery in the United States and not have a place to recover wear a nurse looked at me every single day. Every horror story I read about a tummy tuck was done in the US by people who went home after the surgery to recover. This is a big surgery especially at my age and I am recovering beautifully but that might not be the case if I were at home picking up and making beds and preparing my own food and didn't have a nurse to shower me and check incision/change bandages/wash garments every day.

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