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I've been following several wonderful people on...

I've been following several wonderful people on here,and have decided to go to Dr. Arguello,hoping sometime in March,just waiting for info from his liaison.Seems like a big undertaking but in a way I'am looking forward to it.Nervous about getting everything togethere etc etc though.Will update this as time goes on.

Sending pics

Took pics without makeup under bright light,very scary! It seems when I turned 59,my entire face started to fall! Now I just have to figure out how to send them from my phone to the email.I'am so not tech savvy!

Some Pics

Posting these,will be posting my preop pics soon when I get some nerve,They're so bad! Still waiting for a quote from Dr and a March date.


Okay, I got a date set March 9th,now I'am freaking out!I have a lot of questions,so guess I'll go read everyone's blog again!I think I'am dreading the long long flight over there and back the most!

Another pre op pic


Self doubting myself today,wondering if I'am crazy for doing this! Anyone have days like this?

A question for Dr Arguello's patients

Please let me know what airport I am supposed to fly in too! I lost my paper work,and I have this sinking feeling I am arriving at the wrong one! 3 weeks panic time

Count Down

Countdown to next Sunday,I'll be flying out to Costa Rica. Trying to get into an excited frame of mind this last week,as I've had minor meltdowns waiting these last 3 months.Sounds stupid,but one of my main concerns is the long flight(haven't flown in 20 years).

Almost time to fly!

Driving to Charlotte today,and will fly out tomorrow at 6AM,Plz send good vibes etc as it's a long flight and prob won't get any sleep,plus the flight really freaks me out!

I'm herez

Well I made it here after a long long flight everything is fine just wanted to give everyone an update my flight was almost 4 hours delay but Carlos was at the airport waiting on me I am in the room very nice room I have a large bed and a hospital bed and a recliner everyone is very nice beautiful mountain looking out my window schedule for a lot of tests tomorrow so I will give an update tomorrow night I am extremely exhausted right now now I had dinner chicken quesadilla was very good I may not be losing any weight here lol

doctor visit dayI

Vedeza Will get those fornd had to have someone walk me over there not that it's that faray so today was a little bit hectic now keep in mind that I am a very anxious person lol Wendover to the hospital for the x-ray that went very smooth very quick then I had to go see doctor to Lori the cardiologist. I can understand where people would think he was a little grumpy but I joked with him a lot and had him talk about himself and he was fine in fact he was pretty funny so he did the EKG and all that stuff I had a little spot of bleeding in my ear which he said was from the flight the descending part of the flight I guess pressure in my ear so that visit was about 35 minutes long then I had to go see doctorArce how to have someone walk me over there and I still got confused taking the elevator he is on the 7th floor he is very personable goes over everything with you in detail that was about an hour visit. He will write you a prescription which you can get filled at the hospital pharmacy Or vedeza Can get those for you which is what I chose it's probably a little bit more expensive but the line at the pharmacy was very long and I knew my English would confuse them. The driving is crazy here I almost just wanted to close my eyes lol Costa Rican people are very good looking! Just some FYI lol I am still tired so eating lunch and dinner today in my room I had steak for lunch a salad fresh vegetables sliced pineapples and a juice drink I eat way better here than I do at home that's for sure I am going to try to go down and ride the exercise bike for a bit will update with anything new later


I just wanted to say I eat more here than I ever do at home lol I tried to take a picture of outside my window as it is so beautiful but it comes out too small when I posted here can't figure out if there is a way to make it larger

see doctoraguello today

Woke up this morning with an upset stomach I'm hoping its nothing that I ate on the plane or that I didn't use a straw and maybe it's just my IBS I'm scheduled to see DR Argello Today at 11 so maybe he will give me something for that


It has been a rather long day today I did go see doctor Argello. Honestly he is Hollywood good looking so I ended up with face and neck lift and eyes also because because I have those bands in my neck that is not included in the neck lift so really don't need to spend the money but I opted to go ahead and have him fix that too as he said that I would probably not be happy your year to out because the bands would come right back he is also very informative and very nice. Ran into Vivian there I'll let her tell her part of the story we got back to the Vedeza And have lunch together and laughed its just great having someone here that you can relate to my surgery is in the morning very early Vivian's is after me so we will probably be in the recovery clinic together tomorrow night I am very nervous please send prayers and healing thoughts oh I also had my first facial ever at infinity spa today I will update as soon as I can

another update

Hello everyone I'm doing okay I had heavy bruising and swelling due to immediate hematoma on the right side of my neck after surgery so dr. A Tab to open up my neck area and drain out the hematoma there was no pain with that he said it looks like I'm getting another little one on the other side of my neck but it may take care of itself I'm hoping I haven't slept very well but that's pretty normal for me definitely have lost my appetite I have been taking some Xanax as I have anxiety anyway but it is really helped having Vivian here! She looks really good not so good yet for me with all this bruising and swelling.Also this morning woke up with what I thought was that beginning of a bladder infection they gave me some medication and are monitoring that.


Hi theDr. Just sent over an antibiotic and I'm feeling just a tad better than I did this morning seem to feel better as the day goes on.They made me some type of smoothie drink that helps you go to the bathroom. I think I am probably one of the worst looking pictures on here I kind of look like the guy that ringing the bell tower from that story LOL I have to keep a sense of humor!

March 13th update

Not a lot new um I really have no pain to speak of just a little bit uncomfortable with this headpiece on butt haven't had to take any pain pills at all I did get a pain patch in the clinic that lasted a couple of days but I think that pain was from lying on the cot because it was mostly my back that hurt.Saw my face with it unwrapped yesterday not too crazy about the shape it's kind of oblong Square so I'm just helping that works itself out over the next couple weeks.FYI I am back doing the dating thing again at home supposed to meet someone a week after I'm back hope all is OK by then.A little TMI still having problems with the bathroom thing I guess I'll have to resort to the overnight laxatives I bought with me

bad eye update

Well since my surgery I've had a lot of problems with my left eye it has developed a lots of mucus in the corners and they've been cleaning it out twice a day.Supposed to put chamomile tea bags on your eyes a lot and I have been doing that and my eye has just continued to get worse But last night I didn't use any tea bags and this morning I woke up and my eye looks and feels a lot better so I told the doctor he still wanted to send over a lab to take a sample to check it then they tell me I may have to go see a infection specialist I cannot afford that and personally I think it's something to do with the chamomile some type of allergic reaction so I see the doctor today at 4:30 I am not a happy camper right now I feel like crying

day 11 still swollen

another picture

last day

Getting ready to fly home tomorrow morning not looking forward to the long flight back 11 hours. Will miss Vedeza And hanging out with Vivian!Will update with pictures in a few days once I get home

3 week update

I'am just over 3 weeks post op,so thought I'd update a bit.First,for anyone going to Costa Rica for surgery,when departing definitely pay the small tip at the airport to one of the guys outside as it is so worth it as he will take your luggage and you right pass the long line and help you fill out the customs paper than deposit you at your airline counter!Next even IF you have requested medical help on and off your flights,plz verify at the counter before you leave,as I had set that up before and upon arriving at Houston,no one showed up,so I ended up having to pick up my luggage and cart it to the other end of the airport.I really thought at some point I was going to pass out! My healing is very slow(always do) still lots of swelling and lumps here and there.One ear is completely
numb still.My eye is slowly looking better,but still will wait to even try the contacts! I'am so anxious to get back to my old self that yesterday I think I overdid it with a simple upper body workout/very light weights and last night and today I can feel it in my face and neck(tight and burning).I'am not taking alot of pics now,as I know me I'll be very critical so will wait alittle longer. I did have a cashier in the grocery store come up to me and tell me I was pretty,so guess that's a good sign(better than scaring young children)Vivian,you know what I mean lol. As a couple people on here know,I"ve been online dating for sometime and had planned on getting right back to meeting people,hmmm,that's been put off for a bit! I forget I'am 17 years older than when I had the mini lift! I've noticed my skin is very dry in areas since the fl,for some reason,anyone have any tips for that? Just trying to go from day to day without looking in the mirror too much and freaking out.Promise to add pics in the future.I love following everyone's adventure!

3 weeks

FaceAnd neck still swollen

4 Weeks Frustration

Well, it's been 4 weeks,and I am very frustrated! I know there's a stitch or two the corner of my eye, that I feel the Dr should have seen before I came back to the States! And although I'am trying to wait,I feel I'am going to have to find a Dr and pay more money to have it removed. Kind of wish now I had left the lower lids out,as I've read so many people have prob after surgery. I just don't feel I could give a good review right now,so I will give it alittle more time before giving my opinion on all of this.

5 weeks

As you can see I am still swollen on both sides of my face which kind of is distorting my lips and my eyes are still swollen but it changes everyday and I finally got my contacts in ignore the hair I know I need a haircut soon just waiting for incisions to heal more

My Visit to Urgent Care

So, I gotta tell you all this,kind of funny.I've told you all I am having a slow recovery,so the last few days my neck swelled more and felt warm to touch,so I started on some old antibiotics I had here,just in case I had an infection.Well,my daughter panics and says I should let urgent care look at it. This is where it gets good,I'am thinking the worse scenario! I tell the Dr first thing don't lecture me about overseas surgery etc,well he takes a really good look at everything including all my incisions and leaves the room,comes back with 2 other Drs and a nurse.They all looked and the Dr said the incisions were the best he'd ever seen! They asked me a million questions and said they want to start a medical tourism company and one of them had been thinking about it. But,dispute my slow healing they all said fantastic job,great surgeon. and I have no infection at all-yay.Just said it will turn out great when your swelling goes down. I felt so good after leaving there,as I had been doubting everything lately. But,Just wanted to let everyone know,and the ones on here that are going to Dr Arguello,they said "you must have really done your homework as you got a great surgeon". That's my story,I know some will find it interesting.

8 weeks update

Looking better,wish my neck was a little tighter though

Neck update

I now have the cords back on one side of my neck,don't think it's going to get better so will prob need a revision in the future.I understand these are very hard to get rid of and don't know if having hematomas after surgury had any bearing on them returning.I know it's not uncommon to need revisions after ps,one reason in the future I will reconsider going over seas for any surgery.

neck chordspicture

Picture of neck as requested

neck update

Okay, I did message Dr Arguello, concerning the neck band,and he agreed they are hard to get rid of and do come back sometimes(which I knew that).But,he did not hesitate to offer any revision I would need if it still bothered me after a few months.So I feel alot better with that info,Guess,I should have brought it up to him as soon as I noticed it,but wanted to see what others felt about it before I bothered him.That's just me.

3 months update

Well,it's been 3 months,no changes, neck still the same,some other issues>Found a Dr somewhat close by the does alot of fl revisions,may end up going to him next year.
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