Booked Appt Few Days Ago Paid Deposit Today, So It's a Go'er. Costa Rica, CR

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Just paid my deposit today for face, neck, upper...

Just paid my deposit today for face, neck, upper and lower eye lift with Dr Lev on 23rd April 2015. I am excited but nervous too, but have wanted this for many years now. I just need to bite the bullet and do it. Not sure where to stay just yet for recovery, am looking at Las Cumbres and Verdaza. I will post my journey on here, think it will be a big help to me as not many people know what I am doing.

1 month to go.......

Well 1 month to wait to the date today till D day lol. I have booked my flight last night and decided to stay at the Verdeza for the 15 nights I am in Costa Rica. I have provisionally booked the room but have yet to pay for that. It is costing $6400 for the surgery, $1930 for Verdeza and $900 for flight. I just hope the results are worth it. Still excited but do get a little scared now and again when reality kicks in what I am actually doing. 1 thing that is bothering me a little is when I go for my consultation, the day before surgery, I do not want the doc to go into great detail and tell me exactly what he is going to do. I think I would be ok with I am going to cut you here, here and here but if he starts going on about draping my skin away from my face etc it will freak me out lol. I am a type of girl, don't tell me just do it with an excellent result lol.

Questioning myself today

Had a funny day today, seemed to be questioning myself quiet a bit "what am I doing". Only had a whelm of this feeling since booking and it has usually gone as quick as it came but today, seemed to be every time it came in to my head. No excitement neither, like usual. Am I just having 1 of them days lol ? x

The time has come !!!!! Heading out to Costa Rica in the morning for surgery Thursday morning

Well, the time is finally here. Am feeling quiet calm actually, thought I would be more nervous than this. Case all packed. Just want to get this done and get back home. I plan on sleeping most of the time, hopefully. Doc has give me pain melds, antibiotic, laxative and sleepers. My full trust is in Dr Lev ???? will post as the days go on on my recovery. These are my before photos, no makeup but semi permanent on eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. Am hoping my final picture will be 20 yrs younger ???? sleep now, up in 3 hrs to get ready to start my journey

Just back from pre op

Just had my pre op an hour or so ago with the lovely Dr Lev. Guess what...he us doing me a brow lift now. He did not think I needed one through my photos but on seeing me today has advised. We have agreed he will go through my eyebrows which are tattoo' d on. My eyebrows will be slightly higher but I prefer that look. To be honest when I am at home driving and look in my wing mirror I often raise my eyebrows and wish that's how my upper eye area was. I have paid an extra 1000 USD for brow to be done so now stands me at 7400 USD. All set for the morning, to be at clinic for 6.45am. Dr Lev has give me a tablet to take when I set off to make me not scared lol. I have had 1 of these before and that time it worked, made me feel like I was drunk and couldn't stop laughing with the nurse when putting my op socks on. Let's see what happens tomorrow then. Nerves have not kicked in at all but have had the runs since lunch today say 3pm ish. Now I don't know whether this down to change of food or inner body nerves. Well folks it's all systems go now, going to get an early night, nothing to eat or drink from midnight, nothing to be put on face in the morning, no creams or nothing. One think he did say, I have wrinkles under my eyes, I hate them, FL will not get rid of them, has advised laser or chemical peel. Can have done after 1 month of healing. might be a few days before I next post, depends on recovery, fingers crossed.

All done !!!

All done ladies and it was a breeze, aches yesterday, no pain up to now today, neck feeling tight. Can't det my glasses on so unsure on my spelling. Will update fully when can see proper.

Pics, day of surgery and day after

Pics day of op and day after

Morning of surgery

Day 1 Post Op

Day 2 Post Op

Had a bit of a bad day today, felt very achy around ears neck and chin, very emotional too for no reason, had a blood teardrop lol, think this is part of the roller coaster ride, that's what I am putting it down to. Anyways had to go back to see Dr Lev today, he has took the helmet off and drains out (didn't even know I still had drains in) put a new lighter bandage on, has to be on for 24hrs then I can wash my hair, yeahhh. He also took stitches out of my upper and lower eyes. Stitches still in brows though. Told him I felt my pain meds were not strong enough so he give me a prescription for some anti inflamitory tabs that would run well with my pain meds. They seem to of done the trick, not been achy since. I brought all my medication with me off my own doctor, Co-codomol 30/50, Clarithromycin 500, zopiclone 3.75mg and lactulose, Dr Lev ok'd all. At home we pay £8.05 per item which is approx 12 USD PER ITEM. The anti inflamitory I got in Costa Rica cost me 2 of the 20 USD notes which somebody has told me approx £26 GBP, yikes, very steep, bring ur own if u can. Still finding it hard to eat, managed to have some scrambled egg via spoon and fingers. Struggle to even get the spoon in ones mouth. Make sure though I am having a vitamin drink though each morning. Just a case of rest now and back to see Dr Lev Monday evening. Am a bit bored actually but know how important it is to rest so that is what I am doing.

Day 3 Post Op

Have felt a lot better today. Feel as though got in routine with my meds and they are working good, any pain/ache is under control now. Been singing along with the music channel today. Bandage came off today 11.15am, just showered and washed hair. Feel better already. A long way to go yet but think I am on the right track. Back to Dr Lev tomorrow pm, think to have stitches in eyebrows removed and round ears. Neck feels numb, everything else feels normal, just the neck. Had assistance washing hair, felt a bit scared about that, all good though.

Day 4, 5 and 6 Post Op

Hi ladies, have felt it is all about resting now. All stitches out apart from staples behind ears. Pain has virtually gone, just get an odd niggle here and there. I put it down to nerve ends reattaching but that is only a guess. Swelling is going down in face and bruising turning yellow. Neck has eased slightly I think and behind ears a little numb. All is good. Still doing the bed rest. It's all just a matter of time now. The pics I am uploading are from day 4 to day 6 post op


A lovely modern relaxing place for recovery. I highly recommend.

Day 7 Post Op

Oops hit a little problem today. Thought it was too good to be true, sailing by on the up, up up. Well yesterday, Wednesday, I started noticing my left eyelid looked as though it was drooping again slightly. At 1st I thought it was just part of the healing process and let it go by. Today, Thursday, I could still see it and it was on my mind constantly. Anyways It was bothering me that much I took it upon myself to email Didi with photos to see what she thought. Dr Lev wants me at his office in the morning as he may have to do a minor tweek. I am soo glad I sent that email otherwise I would of ended up going home not feeling as good about things as I did. By the looks of things it will be sorted tomorrow and at the worse I may end up having to go home with a few stitches in. I can cope with that. Don't know what to expect though tomorrow eekkk.

Day 8 and 9 Post Op

Had minor fix done at Dr Lev's office Friday morning. He trimmed more skin off the l/h side eye. Used nova cane to numb the eye beforehand. I was a little apprehensive but did not feel a thing, was amazing actually. Then within an hour of being back at Verdeza I started with a dodgy stomach. It was churning and gurgling, started to feel sick, was on the toilet for a couple of hrs fri night. Sat still the same, just coming good now thankfully. Think just picked up a stomach bug on my travels. Going to have a walk out tomorrow. Am ready for home now. Stitches in eye are coming out Tues at the same time as the staples. Neck and round ears still numb. Tightness in neck has eased a little.

Day 10 Post Op

Still feeling good and today is the day I was going to make a move out. As it happened I got an invite out and accepted. A friend of mine, Evelyn, is staying at the Che Tica recovery centre in the mountains and invited me up. Evelyn and owner Lorena came and picked me up. We had a bit of sightseeing on our way up to the mountains, through the centre of San Jose and Lorena was pointing out all buildings of interest. The last mile or 2 we drove down the back road to the ranch and passed through some of the rain forest. Che Tica is a stunning place, set in its own grounds of 80+ acres with sheep grazing in the fields and lovely vibrant plantation throughout. Lorena and husband Rubén were excellent hosts. They cooked me food, along with their other guests and there hospitality was impeccable. Sunday is barbecue day and Rubén cooked the delicious barbecue which he is well known for. Evelyn and I had a good chat and socialised with other guests, swapping life stories and had an odd glass of wine then took a few short walks and just took in the scenery and mountain air. This was truly a complete different place to where I was staying. The rooms are little cottages, rustic in style and are equipped with everything you need and more and there is a communal dining area where you can eat your meals with other guests or if you so wish can eat in your cottage. I was actually invited to stay overnight which I accepted and was given my very own room off Rubén and Lorena. I came across no problems at all while staying here, accommodation was great, food gorgeous all home cooked, hospitality fantastic and scenery awesome. I would highly recommend Che Tica and I feel honoured that I was given the opportunity to see it for myself. I had a lovely peaceful nights sleep and Lorena dropped me back off at Verdeza in the morning once she had dropped her guests off for their appointments. I will always feel privelaged of this invite and Lorena and Rubens kindness.

Day 11 to 19 Post Op

Omg I cannot believe I am on day 19 post op. Had the rest of my stitches and staples out day 12 post op. All is good. Feel as though the neck is not as tight. Ears and neck still numb and round jawline directly in front of ears but not chin. Was getting pains in the back of ears but they seem to of stopped now, was nothing unbearable though and would come and go. I can honestly say with the process after having a face lift from day 4 it is all just up, up, up. Every day you are getting better and better and you can see it yourself as you proceed. I am back in the UK now and have been for 6 days. Have noticed my eyes seems to get a little tired, sometimes feel as though got an eyelash or bit of grit in and noticed the wind and bright lights make my eyes water now and my eyes cannot bear the sun as good as they used to do. I don't know if this is a temporary thing as I go through the healing process, time will tell. I keep my sunglasses with me at all times now. It stops any teary eyes if I put my sunglasses on. Have managed to drive since coming home but am still being little careful with my neck. I am back to work on Thursday. Can honestly say I am feeling stronger every day, even though Didi has said to still take things easy as I am still at the early stages of recovery. I will still update now and again as I go through the next 12 months.

Thank you !!!!!!

Thank you to all you guys for your lovely comments and for spurring me on when needed. This site and you people have been a big part in my journey.......thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart x

OMG....Never compared 2 pics side by side !!! 15 week post op

15.5 week post op

Well, time has passed soo quick, nearly 4 month post op. everything healing as it should do, still have a little bit of numbness round sides of face and bit under neck, nothing at all though like it were. Scars have healed nicely, no one at all has noticed them. All good. I went for a bit of Botox between the nose on the 20 July and the plastic surgeon doing the Botox actually said my surgeon had done a good job. That was good to hear from another surgeon. Still happy with my results. Pics are from May and June, surgery date April 23rd 2015

20 week post op

20 week post op tomorrow. Still have no regrets whatsoever. Little numbness round sides of face still but apart from that feel normal.

6 month post op

6 month down the line, all is good, the numbness round sides of face and under chin has eased off a lot more, can actually feel the tighter feel in my neck. Scars have healed fantastically. Very happy with my results

7 month post op

Still happy. Oohh and just had teeth done in Turkey, just putting the finishing touch together

12 month post op

12 months have passed now, gone soo quick. All is good. Still have a little bit of a numb feeling on either side of jaw line and slightly under either side of jaw line but it is very minimal. All scars have healed good, invisible to the naked eye. The amount of people that have commented I am looking well is unbelievable. No complaints at all apart from I wish I had done it sooner. Would I do it again......most definitely !!!!
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Well, what can I say about the wonderful Dr Lev. Firstly I agree with a lot of other people's comments that he is 1 true artist. He is a lovely person and so is his 'side kick' Dr Greenwood. They both made me feel at ease and brought me back to the land of the living. They are 2 exceptional people that do exceptional work. They match well as a team. Dr Lev has been in the industry for 25 years and I felt I had 100% trust in him. Anything I asked he had the answer for. I had to return for a minor fix on 1 eyelid and Dr Lev was on it straight away. I would highly recommend Dr Lev and Dr Greenwood for your surgeries. 10 out of 10 for me. I would certainly return to Dr Lev if I was to have any further work.

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