61 Yrs and Not Recognizing Myself Anymore - Costa Rica, CR

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I'm so excited to looking forward to having my...

I'm so excited to looking forward to having my facelift, neck lift and eyes done. I'm thin so the wrinkles are showing up more. I've been reviewing this site for quite a while and after seeing the wonderful reviews of Dr. Arguello with pictures from his clients I finally made my decision. Even though I have watched a TV show or two on botched surgeries abroad I'm confident in this doctor since he has many strong medical affiliations and continues to stay informed on the newest and best techniques which produce natural results.
This journey started because I needed a crown and buildup on two implants which I had done in the States. Cosmetic dentistry here is the most overpriced procedures here as well as these dentists now do Botox etc. It's all about the money!
I am a flamboyant person in as far as I enjoy dressing and looking nice. I also love horses more than anything else and my newest Dressage horse looks better than I do. I wouldn't say I have low confidence in myself but more of wanting just to look great and walk with a strut and ride with the look of a beautiful team in everything.
My wonderful husband loves me dearly and thinks I'm beautiful no matter what but I do think he needs to keep his contacts in more often. He is against me doing this for many reasons but I really think he doesn't want to be alone while I'm out of town.

I will be staying at Verdeza for 9 days after surgery since this is a fully supervised medical facility and is located in town and close to Prism dental. Then later I will move to Che Tica thirty minutes away and in the rainforest so. I can feel the tranquility of Costa Rica and look out and see horses in the pasture.

I will keep you informed on my progress. I wasn't going to write or post anything since I live in a small town and this is on the internet but I want others to be able to voice concerns and see how. I am handling this.

A week away!

Getting things ready since I will arrive on 4-5 and surgery is on 4-9. My doctor rescheduled due to being in the States for conference of the American Board of Plastic Surgery for which he is a member. Of course that makes me feel good to know he is accredited with so many Boards.

I will do my EKG, chest X-ray and blood work there as it is very inexpensive and recently just had them done here so I can't do again. The copy would be more than the cost there to do them. Stopped taking anti-inflammatory medicine and started arnica, bromelian, iron and vitamin c.

I will be staying at Verdeza and the first night after surgery at Clinica Unibe. Prior to surgery Imwill have some dental work done at Prisma dental since it is so inexpensive there compared to the US. I also found out from a good friend that is a dentist that they make many dental crowns and Invisalign in Costa Rica. When I told him the costs which are posted at their site he told me he can't purchase the crowns himself for that.

Anyway I am excited and will post a few pictures from last month with makeup and a few years ago. It is amazing how much we can change in a short period of time. It seems I have a permanent frown now.


Pics last month and a few years ago

I leave tomorrow

The clock is counting down. As you know it is always hectic the last week before a long trip or it is for me anyway. I haven't even packed yet. I had to do everything else like financials and hauling my horse out of town for a new trainer etc. it is also tax season as well and my husband still after all these years continues to ask me for my credit card statements for the year. "Right? Sometimes are best not knowing.
As far as everyone knows I am going for "Dental Work" Only my closest friend and a couple of family members know the whole truth. And of course everyone on this site.
I have been able to get some fantastic ticket prices business and first class for under $700 with Delta by being on every watch list for months.
I will be having a driver from Verdeza meeting me at the airport and taking me to the boutique hotel. They asked me if I had any food requirements etc. I upgraded my room with 3 meals and transport to doctor and hospital from $140 to $150. nightly for the best room which is larger with a great view. They have a nice website you can check out. This is a new facility only 2 years old with 24 hr nursing care. International calls are free and they also have free laundry services. They also have wifi services. I will have blood work done there.
I won't have surgery until the 9th so My dental appointment is on the 7th. I had two implant screws with a bone graft and sinus lift done at the University of Florida in Jacksonville for $2200 dollars when I had been quoted close to $12 k locally. Now I need the buildup and crown, with quotes here of almost 5k locally I can do it in Costa Rica for $1200. I have always taken good care of my teeth and one thing that will always show your age or disfigure a pretty smile is poor looking teeth. These teeth are on the back so they are not visible.
The price I quoted for my gave is just my face, eyes and neck. It does not include hotel, flights or the hospital/clinic which can vary from $2.5 to 3.5 depending on which ones . Your hotels can also vary but I am very picky about my doctors since this can be horrible if not performed by the best. My dentist must also be the best since I don't want to fix anything when I get back. I don't want to look like I have been stretched, dragged or pulled or have ears like an elf with no lobes. Too many non cosmetic doctors performing surgery in the states without proper credentials. Also years of experience along with many before a and after are needed. I will try to take you on my journey with me as I continue down this path.

Day three

I'm three days out now. Still no bruising on my neck but my eyes are like slits. I'm surprised I can see anything so excuse the typos if there are some. I might as well be typing this with my eyes closed.

Thank goodness for Netflix . I can watch it on my ipad here. I'm not having any pain but the pressure of the head bandage is irritating. I've lost my appetite but I do like the squash soup here. The staff tries to help with everything which is nice. If I were at home my poor husband would be doing it. I will try and post pictures again. I've been having a hard time putting pictures up.

Day 6 post op

I went yesterday for my third lymph massage at Infinity Spa. It helps you to recover much faster and is very relaxing. The costs for each one is $55. And it is recommended you do 10 but I am doing 5. I will also have a few additional ones done at Che Tica Ranch. I moved here on the 13th in the forest. The cost here for a beautiful room with a view and home cooked meals is $85 daily cash but you can use c/c but the cost is more. This is relaxing for me. I'm waiting to see the monkeys, sloths, and toucans outside my windows. If you come to Costa Rica you should try to enjoy the beautiful scenery away from the city as well. Both Verdeza and Che Tica are wonderful recovery centers but the choice of environment can make the difference for some people.
I had the stitches removed around my eyes, under chin and in front of ears. The remainder of them will be removed in 3 days.both of my doctors were there for the removal of stitches. My eyes are still swollen as the rest of my face and my neck causes some pain for which I take tramadol. I also use Arnica and ice paks.

The people in Costa Rica are very nice and helpful as well as respectful. There is a true mixture of cultures. Similar to Argentina with many Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Some from Nicaragua as well. I will continue to post my journey with all. I think the most important decision you can make is your choice of Doctors. You don't want to be on Botched later you just want the best which is Dr Argello and the very sweet Dr . Arce. They make you feel special and beautiful.

Day 7

It has been a relaxing weekend and I fall asleep with the jungle sounds. We had a great BBQ here at Che Tica by Ruben along with German potato salad. You feel like you are on a family vacation due to all the warmth and personal attention. Verdeza is great also but more clinical. If you have some risks Verdeza might be the best location for you.

Day 10

Today I go for the remaining stitches to be removed from behind my ears and will also get some Botox on my forehead. Sometimes I feel guilty about the amount of money my husband spends on me. Not just the cosmetic stuff but all my horse expenses and other extravagant items which he never does for himself other than his country club. I'm so blessed to have such a great husband and want to look good for him as well as myself. I'm sorry to say that my confidence is affected by my appearance. I continue to be so pleased with my doctors and their pursuit of perfection. I've met other patients here that to to doctors that might be cheaper but don't update their technique or do lymphatic massages. You get what you pay for. Most have never even seen this site. The before and after pictures are important whether done in the States or abroad. Credential also mean a lot.

Day 11

Very little bruising now and new crowns today at Prisma Dental. Last night I had fun here at Che Tica. Lorena and her friend Lori (previous patient) made Empanadas which were so good. More new patients here from US for dental, dermatology and other procedures. Some have been here numerous times. Ruben and Lorena make you feel like family. Two more days until I go home. Yesterday I sent my husband new pictures if myself. He said he can't tell any difference and he liked the way I was. Upset that he said that but what did he expect? A different woman? That was just the wrong thing to say to me now!

Che Tica kitchen fun

Cooking Empanadas and having Fun

Me and the sheep

Decided to fix hair and do a little makeup before seeing dentist and sheep.

Six weeks out

I'm six weeks out from the date of my surgery so I thought I would give everyone a little bit of my insight on how things have gone.
First I think it is so important to pick the right surgeon. Don't go cheap or with someone that doesn't have all the right credentials Nd be sure you look at a lot of before and after pictures so you can see their work. I am very happy with the work of Dr. Arguello. He gave me a very natural look and it is not pulled or pinched and no obvious signs of cosmetic work. No one has commented and those I have told, especially a few doctor friends think I look fabulous.
Also be sure your doctor conducts all of the required tests to make sure you are a good candidate for surgery. EKG, blood work, chest X-ray etc. if you are too old or have too many medical problems don't do it. I met a man in Costa Rica who was in his mid eighties who died the day After I met him. He went to a different doctor who did a facelift when this man had high blood pressure.
Be sure your after care facility has the proper nursing required. Not a nurses aid but an actual registered nurse to clean your incisions and get your vitals. Sometimes they say they have nursing but it is not the real thing. Cleanliness of the facility is also important.

My dental work came out nice as well. But when I was drowsy and not completely coherent I found myself agreeing to items I might not have otherwise. Also my dental bill was all charged up front when. I said I would pay half before and the other half after. that wasn't done either.
If possible take so some with you to your appointments and get an invoice before your dental work.
Fortunately, all my procedures turned out well. I still have some swelling but that will go down in time.


Still trying to post pictures


All pictures didn't load


Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

I have been coordinating everything with Lisa. She is the liaison and is punctual and professional. I have not interacted with the Doctor yet but I have downloaded all the information from the website on all necessary requirements.

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