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Feeling pretty awesome, but somehow my inner self...

Feeling pretty awesome, but somehow my inner self doesn't match my outer self. I used to be cute....seems like just this year gravity has taken its toll. I'm fighting back. Well, we are fighting back. Dr. Alberto Arguello. and I...on January 11th. I'm giving back to RS because I have benefited greatly from all of you generous, lovely and caring people.

before photos. Yikes!!!!!!


husband not on board

Well lovely ladies.....Went out to dinner Saturday night with my husband of 35 years. We each had a cocktail and my husband began a I don't want you to have this surgery campaign. Compliments flew at me like I was at a batting cage......"your beautiful", "I love the way you look, "you still turn me on"........on and on and on. After the compliments were his fears...."what is you look different (my prayer}..."what if there are complications"..what if you look like the joker"...on and on and on. I remained quiet. He ask me if I was listening.."yes" I replied. I said, "You still turn my on too and I'm having surgery".

add this to your list

Imodium......of course consult your doctor first beautiful ladies. Just bought it for my travels to Costa Rico. I have a sensitive stomach and will be traveling to another country with different vegetation and foods. I know that we are prone to constipation from taking pain pains.....but be prepared for the other possibility....

Today......and eight years ago

pre-op examination today....39 days til surgery

Well....today was my pre-op clearance for surgery examination and I have to say my doctor at home was freaked out that I would go to Costa Rico for surgery. Spent a good hour explaining to my why it might not be a good idea. ...They have different standards...what if there are complications...what hospital will you be in...Are the doctors in the ICU if there are complications qualified? Who is going to be there with you to advocate....blah,blah,blah. Needless to say I am second guessing myself. I am not only going to Costa Rico to save money...would not let a surgeon put a scalpel to my face that was not talented but I need the aftercare. I don't want to burden my family or friends...I want to heal alone and take the time needed with the appropriate care for a month near my doctor. Rest, heal, without being judged and then hopefully go home and this event would go unnoticed. Funny, he brought up all of my fears..........now I'm
a nervous wreak!

It's official

It's official...today I received my receipt for my stay at Verdeza....I'm going January 9th and leaving February 4th. I listened to you girls when you said you wished you stayed longer. I'm both excited and nervous...

2 more days to my journey begins in Costa Rico!

We'll beautiful ladies......I am almost packed...you think I'm excited? I can't believe it's here already. I thought I was over being anxious and now only excited but, I might be wrong. Last night I had a dream that my PS had the wrong file for my surgery and I ended up having a brazilian butt lift, extra large chin implant and my ear done ( I have tiny ears that are flat.....the doctor made my ears stick out. I woke up smiling....how ridiculous? Last night my husband asked me "who is going to advocate for you?"......I told him "Carlos", he said. "what the heck?' (he didn't use the work heck by the way). Yes, I had to explain to him it will be O.K. I did my homework since July. We are good...he made me leave him my itinerary and that made him more relaxed. I love the way he loves me. Grateful.
Typically I am a private person however, I am giving back ...paying it forward because I have gained so much information from many generous, well intended, caring people. I am letting it all hang out....so... please no negative energy sent my way.

Ready to get Arguellofied

Took care of the details today.....waxed my legs ( Magilla Gorilla had nothing on me), waxed above my lip..., so the doctor can't find the wrinkles for jevederm injections. bought new underwear and pajamas....as if I was going on a holiday with my husband. WICKED EXCITED YOU"LL!!!!!!!

Arrived in Costa Rico

What a beautiful country! Can't wait to explore a little tomorrow. Had a great flight even with the one hour delay. Carlos was waiting for me with a sign with my name on it. What a sweet man....just unpacked and had a delightful meal. My room is extra large......In New York City it might be referred to as a small penthouse, lol. This feels like a out of body experience....wanted this for several years and now it's finally here. Surgery is on Weds. so I have some time to explore here....just gotta be extra careful not to get a sunburn! keep you updated as I go...long day, gonna play scrabble on line and go to bed early. Mañana

First full day in Costa Rico. Beautful!!!

Well RS friends....Verdeza, the recovery facility I chose is lovely. A clean, large room with pretty much everything you need. And what you don't have the staff will go out of their way to provide it for you. For me, the most important comfort while traveling in a warm, humid climate is that the accommodation has adequate air conditioning. My room is perfect! I Can't sleep if it's hot at night. Funny...considering I grew up without A/C.
Anyway, I started my day with a delightful omelet....the mushrooms were so fresh. unsweetened , natural Lemonade. Then walked 5 miles and surveyed the area. Walked to Walmart for all the things I forgot..... just a three quarter walk away. (15 minutes). Had a great lunch. Seared tuna , as good as a fine restaurant, cooked to perfection. spent 45 minutes in the gym.....(yes, using the equipment. lol.)
Ladies, I HATE the way I look in photographs. I took them for you so you can compare before and after. I was interested looking at before and afters while doing my research.
Oh, another wonderful thing here at Verdeza is you can eat as much fresh fruit as you want and it is delish. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am I meet Dr. Arguello, his assistant, Dr, Arce, and the anesthesiologist. Tonight formulating in writing all of my questions. Dinner's here...........


One More Full Day Before Surgery,,,,,Yippee!

Today I went downtown to meet with the Cardiologist. All good. Nice, warm Doctor. Had a great lunch.....fresh, simple, well balanced food here. Verdeza facility is also an assisted living/rehab home.....I would love to move here in 25 years, lol. Nothing special happened today, just trying to rest up, eating plenty of pineapple and staying out of the sun. Hope you all are good. Speaking of sun, I love the sun. The first thought I had when my body hit the warm air here upon leaving the airport was get to the beach, magazine, book, fancy vacation drink. Boo hoo. i guess we all have to make sacrifices. Floppy hats and spf 50 will be my new go to. Thanks for listening as I babble. hope all is well.....(feels like I should write, Dear Diary...lol)

Tomorrow morning.... Dr. Arguello

Tomorrow morning I meet with Dr. Acre and Dr. Arguello..................shall be continued..............................



dinner last night

Met Dr. Arguello...........

Had a wonderful breakfast and then Carlos picked me up and took me to see my PS, Dr. Arguello. The waiting room was full and I was afraid he would be unable to spent enough time with me questioning my long lists of questions......wrong.....I felt like he had all day with me if necessary. He speaks perfect English, and is down to earth. As the appointment went on I felt reassured that I had made the right decision. Yes, he most certainly has movie star looks...but I was not there to look at his face, I chose to like at his hands, the hands that will be holding a sharp scapula to my face. ....glad to report they were not shaky at all. Yay! Anyway Originally I was quoted for a brow lift, eyes and lipo on my stomach. Dr. Arguello told me I do not need a brow lift yet.....My eyes were done 8 years again, he said leave them alone or I will have a surprised look. As far as my stomach lipo .....he said I need less of a procedure then he thought and cut the price in half. I have respect and confidence in him. Tomorrow at 2:00 I will have my surgery. Ladies....I bought a selfie stick today at Walmart (under $20.00) so I would have to ask people to help me take pictures ...I use to think people who had those were vain. i joined that club today, after all isn't that what this particular experience is all about? I took a bunch of pictures to memorialize my old face and neck. Hope it will be helpful for you guys and I to compare before and afters. No make-up, hair back......unflattering, but brutally honest photos.


Back at Verdeza!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!! Done!!!!!!

Well, I must say I feel pretty good so far!

I'll start at the very beginning..... because you need to eat no more then 8 hours before surgery and my surgery was at 2:00, I ordered an egg the night before to heat up in the morning (notice everything with me starts with food), then I left at 11:00 to get all of the paperwork filled out, Carlos was by my side...my Spanish isn't so hot. Paid my bill, went to a room were I prepared for surgery...IV. Moved to the surgical area, had a warm air quilt placed on me with Compression boots. Dr. Argeullo came by and said it's show time. ..walked in the Surgery room hopped on the bed. Next thing I know I was Done. In my room with the most attentive Nurse. If I rang my bell, within 5 seconds he was at my door. I sleep for two hours off and on. walked the hallway as much as I wanted to avoid blood clots. Around 9:00am Dr. Argeullo came in cleaned me up. Explained what he did. They filled my prescriptions in the hospital, paid my final bill and here I am back at Verdeza. I don't have pain, soreness and haven't taken any pain medication today....Waiting for pain...Anyway......I love my Neck!!!!!! It looks like it did in high School. I took a bunch of pictures and will download them separately.



Hope you don't get grossed out

one hour after surgery

up with the birds

Woke with this morning in discomfort. About a four out of ten. Took Extra strength tylenol , see if that does the trick. I don't want to get constipated from the narcotics. It has taken the edge off but I might have to take the stronger pill anyway, I'll wait and hour and see. Looking forward to going to the Doctor's spa and have the area on my stomach where the Dr. performed Lipo massaged. Tomorrow I believe I can shower. Yippee!

So excited about my face forgot to show you my spot lipo!!!!

Today I am going for a medical spa treatment to massage and break up the fat on my stomach. I have my daughter's and brother's wedding this June and want to be my personal best. These photos were taken with the selfie stick, really like that thing! Hope everyone is having a great day....I'm bored ladies...don't forget to bring reading materials, movies (I have net flicks and comcast movies on my computer.......i'll check in later.

day 2


Tonight i went for a lymphatic massage. Heavenly. What a relief to get the helmet off for an hour! Today was a long day.

At the spa (lymphatic massage0

I wore this dumb hat.....maybe no one will notice I had surgery. LOL. I look like a Jerk and don't care. What can I do?

Day 4

Good Morning beautiful ladies... last night i made the mistake of sleeping flat on my back. I woke up at 3:30 in a lot of pain in my ears. Nothing that a little pain medicine can't fix just giving you gals after me a heads up. Sleep sitting up, or 45 degrees. My face is swollen too because of it.
Big day today.....shower! Whoo Hoo!

Feeling Good!

This day started out tough because I slept flat but has turned into a beautiful day! Had breakfast and realized that my mouth can open wider then yesterday so eating is easier. After breakfast took a 3 mile walk and then went to Dr. Arguello's medical spa. I had a one hour lymphatic massage on my neck and then my stomach. I decided that I will have one every day until I leave. They are relaxing and extremely helpful with swelling and bruising. Walked back to Verdeza for a wonderful bass lunch, sat with the resident ladies. They are delightful and happy to see new faces. I wanted to fill you in on my lipo surgery...........cause it's blowing me away................
10 years ago I decided to have stubborn belly fat from 4 pregnancies removed. Liposuchion seemed like the answer. It seemed no matter how much weight I lost my stomach made me look like I was 5 months pregnant. I researched a local (well known PS) plunked down $10,000., yes you heard me, right, and had the surgery. Shortly after the surgery I noticed a square of fat around my bell button. At my follow- up appointment I asked my doctor about it and he suggested for me to have a follow up surgery (pay again) to inject more fat in. WFT? I didn't say that but I thought it...I said I'll think about it and left, lol............fast forward to the present. When I decided to have my fl/nl i thought as long as I am in recovery I might as well address my botched lipo. I sent my stomach photos along with my face photos to Dr. Arguello and got my quotes............I was quoted $3000. for the lipo revision and was extremely pleased. This past Tuesday I finally got to meet Dr. Arguello in person. He spent as much time as I needed to answer all my questions and evaluate my needs and desires. When he looked at the stomach he said we don't need to do too much there at all (I have pockets of fat left behind by my old PS. and presided to tell me the price will be half the amount he quoted me, $1600. Blew my mind. He nixed doing my eyes as well. Seriously, Many doctors look for procedures to tac on . I'll post a before and after pis of my stomach. Was invited to a 3:00 movie with the ladies at lunch but I think I'll pass. Tired.

day 4

Before pic. botched lipo

Asked Carlos for his permission to post a picture of him....he said yes but you have to tell the ladies I'm single, lol. I thought this would be helpful for those of you coming after me to know what he looks like, so you could more easily identify him at the airport. He's great.

Day 4, after cleaning sutures

day 5

Trying to feel more human...stuck some lipstick on before my shower.

Day 6

He there. Today I had breakfast, showered, had my sutures cleaned and took a two block walk to Dr. Arguello's spa for a lymphatic massage....guess who popped in to check out his work, yup...Dr. A. I'm healing well, he and I are pleased. Tomorrow, the front of ear stitches come out. I found out the helmet needs to be worn for a full two weeks, and I can sleep on my side at three to four weeks. Just saying. Hope all is well in your lives.

day 6

Up before the birds

Can't sleep because I am excited about getting my stitches in front of my ears out. Heard it doesn't hurt so.... not too worried about that . healing is progressing ....pain is now a dull ache.

one week tomorrow

I can't believe it's been week since my surgery! Today I ran around all day, just got back to Verdeza and it's almost 7:00. Just made it in time for dinner! Dinner here is from 5-7. Goodness knows I can't afford to miss a meal. lol. Both daughter's called me within 20 minutes of each other and they live in different states. We have that kind of connection......felt loved. I get a little lonely here from time to time. Today I felt like myself again. Sooo, the day started of course with a large breakfast....I am totally not losing weight here. I find myself eating more because the food is good, I don't have to cook it or clean up afterwards, a luxury for sure. It's like living in a nice hotel with room service and medical assistance...not to mention they do your laundry. This would be perfect if my husband could of come here for al least a week but somebody has to hold down the fort. After breakfast....pancakes, eggs, bacon...I apparently have no shame. ...I went for the lymphatic massage. Somebody asked me is it works...I have no way to compare what it would look like if I didn't do it. It feels great and from what I have read should work. I have awful bruising. Luckily it's turtleneck season in NY. lol. after the massage I took along walk.....went back to Verdeza for lunch and Carlos took me to see Dr. Argeullo for a check up and to remove the stitches in front of the ears. Dr. Arce actually took them out. i didn't feel a thing. Painless. After the appointment Carlos took me to a local craft market. All thing made by local artisans. I love supporting the locals......we then went back to Verdeza.......for dinner off course!!!!! I am very, very pleased with the work Dr. Arguello has done. VERY NATURAL!!!! If you keep your expectations realistic you won't be disappointed. here are the pictures from today with my stitching out in front.



Good morning Ladies.....here's a topic we don't like to discuss..but I feel it's my doody (a little 3rd grade humor to start the day) duty to pay it forward. This is what I did to combat this issue. Fact is painkillers, narcotics can cause severe constipation. As I am no stranger to surgery so this time I devised a plan. I brought fiber bars, cplace, and prunes with me. Started these the day after surgery. I drank a lot of water, drank fruit smoothies and had small bites of shredded salad with each meal...Well a.......after 4 days I went. I felt like I graduated from Harvard University number one in my class! What an accomplishment! This worked for me but of course run this by your doctor if it interests you. No pictures or video will accompany this review. Cheers


When I decided on which place and Dr. I would be using to have my surgery and chose Dr. Argeullo/Costa Rico I planned to stay for a month and leave the last week for touring. This Sunday my dear friend of 55 years is coming here. She is adventurous, likes outdoor sports and has an enormous amount of energy. That said I asked Dr. Arguello the can and can't do's when she arrives. We are going to Arenal. ......approximately a three hour car ride from San Jose. I can hike through the rainforest (short hike) I wanted to go on horseback but he looked at me (no words) wide eyed as if to say" lady you are crazy." Can see the volcano and look at the waterfalls...can't go under them, obviously. I can go in the hot springs if I don't get my head wet. I am very excited to be doing all of this!!!

Yesterdays work-out

Today's activity because of yesterday's workout

Gorgeous out...planned on resting today but couldn't......Had to go out.

Hi Ladies..........today...after breakfast I went to leave Verdeza for a lymphatic treatment...I saw a large bus in front and the coordinatoor asked me if I was going on the tour? It was a free tour of a sculpture garden....supposedly a famous Costa Rican artist. I had 15 minutes to get to my appointment so I couldn't cancel. My suggestion: if you are staying at Verdeza ask them what activities are planned for the time you will be there. Several people asked me about the Spa, so I took a picture of the spa information below. To celebrate my stomach lipo I bought a bathing suit in the mall. I had the two salesgirls laughing hysterically. ...Helmet on, compression stockings on....added the photo of my new swim suit.

one week suture pictures


Hiding from Dr. Agruello.....found the best ice cream shop in San Jose.....Pop's! Outrageous ice cream...had vanilla with figs. It was the way I celebrated my 10 day anniversary of my stomach lipo, lol.....don't tell my doctor, I already got in trouble for not wearing my compression stockings. This is the first day without pain meds...not even using tylenol, have it on my night dresser just in case. Hope all is well in your lives.

Day 10

Day 10...coming along......front of ears healing beautifully so far. Nurse noticed the back of one ear to be red.....within a half an hour.....doctor picked up phone on one ring. Antibiotic cream and oral meds were delivered....AND IT'S SATURDAY. I judge a recovery facility when there is a problem to be addressed. Verdeza and my doctors rock.
cappuccino every morning with breakfast ladies.......this is as close as I can get to feeling like a Kardashian

Day 11....more pics of face and lipo as requested

I thought I would take some time to answer some questions and random thoughts ........First off, My PS just e-mailed my to see how I was feeling. On a Sunday! Yesterday I had an infection behind one ear. It was red, hot, and throbbing. Here's what I deduced ...if you are pain free for several days and suddenly have these symptoms address the possibility of an infection immediately .The longer you wait the worse the infection gets and the harder it is treat. My nurse informed me while cleaning the back of my ears. I can't say enough great things about my drs. and Verdeza...within 30 minutes...I sent photos to my dr. and was on an antibiotic. Today it's already much improved. In regard to the front of the ear sutures....They are almost invisible already . Somebody asked me if it was my dr's doing or the way I naturally heal,,,,,Both would be my answer, I live a, as they say in Costa Rica "pura vida". A pure life. Lots of exercise, eat well, and don't have vices. I am grateful that the sutures came out so great as it is a telltale sign of a facelift...hence....one of the reasons I chose Dr. Arguello. I wear my hair back or up most of the time.
Six months ago I had a rhinoplasty with a fancy upper eastside PS. two day after my surgery the nurse from the hospital called to see how I was doing! Here I have my doctor's cell phone numbers and I pretty much are in communication with him either by phone or e-mail everyday.....which brings me to my biggest reservation to having surgery In Central America..Up until the moment I crawled up onto the operating table I second guessed myself....What if something goes wrong? Who will be there to advocate for me? Well, I don't think I could of been in better hands. I feel like I am the only patient my pS's have. Very grateful and appreciative ....
to dream about doing this and then making it happen. After raising 4 nice, happy kind and loving children, this is a wonderful present for myself!. Do I feel guilty about being in Costa Rica for a month....Hells no! What I do feel guilty about is asking my husband this morning to kindly remove 30 inches of snow from my car, so I don't have to deal with it was I get home. I e-mailed him. Did you guys hear from him in response to my request because I haven't. Lol.

Why I don't Lie

When I made the choice to have a f/l, n/l/and Lipo in Costa Rica I also decided that I want to stay and heal and be by my Surgeon so if anything popped up I'm there. I also decided that I did not want the world to know. the response I received from the few I told was disappointing. "you don't need it"....you're kidding, right ? Why are you doing this? When I told them where I was having it I received shocked looks. It was then that I decided I am Not telling the rest of the people in my world, (tennis team, art studio mates and alike that I am going to an art residency program....for a month. Plausible. After all I've made art in different parts of the world.
We'll...my studio mates want me to show them what I am working on! I would be painting plain air...(outdoor landscapes)......here are the choices. go down town and photograph someone else's paintings. Second choice, go to walmart and buy watercolors and start making a body of work. I am not inspired to make work here. Concentrating on healing Third choice, tell them I already sold the work. One lie brings you to the next lie. Awful . The second lie I pretty much found a solution for.......if I am painting everyday outdoors why aren't I tan? Well,
what about a shower cap covering my stitches and a SPRAY TAN!!! Perfect, will cover the bruises and throw everyone off. Everyone knows a tan and a f/l don't jive. People say if you want to not let everyone know you had surgery change your hair style or color. My color has been silver for 20 years, kind of my trademark. And I am letting my hair grown out. Today I feel a little like Lucille Ball while trying to figure out my cover......I've taught my kids not to lie and look at me. Lie after lie after lie. Shameful. Hope you are all having a great Sunday....I am grateful that I have such a wonderful support system in all of you.

Day 12

Hi there.......Today I started the day with the usual, lovely hearty breakfast....Took a long walk and then went to the massage therapist. Asked her, the coordinator at Verdeza and my dentist here where to go for permanent eye liner....independent of each other they all came up , Swan Aesthetics.
Had my teeth cleaned and whitened at Prisma Dental today. Feels so good. Some of my friends from Jersey fly here to use them. Well, I guess there goes the glass red wine I was looking forward to. I guess Chardonnay will do.....Vodka Martini?
My infection behind my ear is healing beautifully. Last night I slept through the night...Finally getting use to sleeping on my back. Yay! Bought a wide brimmed hat today, as per Dr. Arguello as mine from home didn't pack well. This one is large and can roll up. I look dumber in it then my green birth control hat.
Took the liberty of photographing a typical menu for lunch and dinner at Verdeza, for those who are coming here behind me. I have two more days until I can take off my bandages for good, on Thursday I also have the stitches behind the ears coming out. I sent you all a cyber kiss for all of your support. I don't feel alone. SSSSMMMMMAAAAA

day 13 photos

Thought I would include Saturday's photo of my ear and what 3 days later, on a oral and topical antibiotic can reveal. Almost gone. Very painful to the touch. (on Sat.) not today. No pain at all. I am very happy with the front of ear scars....almost invisible and only 13 days in.
Updated my husband .....informed him about the teeth whitening and permanent eyeliner I'm getting, he asked me what's next....hair extensions? lol

2 weeks....Yippee!

Good Morning Beauties, started off with a breakfast fit for a wildebeest, as I am planning on parading my refreshed look around town without my head bangage. I'm starting with about a 3 mile walk and then heading over to Walmart to get spf 50 sunscreen and baby q-tips......this will be my 3 box of them so bring a lot . Catch you later...........

home for lunch

If you are coming to Costa Rica.....go outdoors in the morning or late afternoon. We are close to the equator and with the cool breeze can burn easily. ......don't forget bug repellent if you are going into the rainforest here.....

2 weeks

My BBF's here!

Just came back from picking up my BFF from the airport......she loves the outcome so far...says it looks natural and doesn't have that pulled look! Friends for 54 years...... Good night everyone

New Beetlejuice Hat

Got a new hat today. Turns out the straw hat I bought irritated my ears. I also suggest getting a wide brimmed hat with a string one can tie under your chin....I chase my hat down the street daily.

day 15

Well...Today was an awesome day.... had breakfast with my friend, afterwards I went for a massage and met my doctor to take the back of the ear stitches out. He left 3 on each ear for support because I am going on an adventure for 4 days. My dear friend is going to clean my stitches while we are away. Random thought... Anyway, Michelle went to prisma dental and had 5 hours of work done. ....I rested ,made chamomile tea ice cubes for tomorrow's procedure....We are both having permanent eyeliner done....fyi, chamomile (Azulene) is the main ingredient in visine. We went to the main dining room at 5:00....the early bird special....had them make us two fruit smoothes and preceded to put a shot of kettle one vodka in each one.... felt so naughty. I actually got permission from the Dr today to have a drink. Tonight we went to the movies and saw "Carol', it was in English with Spanish subtitles....then ice cream. My friend is so happy with my work that she wants to meet Dr. Agruello while she is here to discuss work she wants done. Next January I am coming back to Verdeza for two weeks...Dental implant ...botox....Michelle will probably be my roommate. We are in the early stages of planning.....Good Nite!!!!!!!

Day 16

Great day.....Went for permanent eyeliner. Took 2 and a half hours....I took pain meds before, Michelle wishes she did....dinner, then was walking to my room passed the small salon near my room and got a pedicure. Tomorrow rode trip....three and a half hours to Arenal......feeling good. Night

day 17

Took a wonderful three hour drive to Nuevo Arenal. Had to stop to let a family of lemurs go by.... So unexpected and cute! Arrived at our destination....a funky Inn with fabulous food. Not feeling no pain...just a little tired. Going to bed early so I won't be tired for tomorrow's adventures.......good night

day 17


Three Weeks

Well, I can't believe it....Three weeks since surgery, four weeks here. Tomorrow I go home. This experience went by so quickly! Loved it here but really looking forward to getting back to my family and life. My four day holiday in Nuevo Arenal, La Fortuna and La Poas was magical. Went to the hot Springs, (only up to my neck) La Poas volcano, Waterfalls and animal sanctuary. It was a good thing Michelle came with me to clean my incisions! We had a ball.

Home Sweet Home

Loved my time in Costa Rica but it's so great to be home! As far as the responses go in my family, they were very positive and they are a rough crowd to please!!!! My husband is not demonstrative at all.....He took a look at me and said, "when can we have sex?" I'll take that as a huge compliment! My artist daughter who would be my toughest critic said, "Wow you really look much younger"......and as for me, I am delighted....I feel like putting lipstick on, not afraid of mirrors anymore and want to hold my head up high. Definitely more confident! I am deeply grateful that I chose Dr. Arguello! He is an artist, a compassionate, skilled, assessable Doctor that without reservation would recommend. Further confirmation would have to be when I picked up my friend from the airport at my two week mark. She immediately said I want to book an appointment with your doctor. She is scheduling her surgery for next January! I sincerely want to thank all of you for your support, information, care/and concern during this process. I feel like throwing a real self party!!!!!!!! (Cyber hugs)


I don't know how....Seems like I was eating every waking moment, but I lost 8 pounds. Go figure

three and 5 days.....(almost a month)

Played tennis this morning. It felt good to exercise......Because I not 100% healed I let balls that were difficult to get go. I didn't want to stretch. Nobody in the club could tell I had a n/l,f/l......one girl said you look so rested. Another said...you lost weight.....they could not put their finger on it. funny.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Would highly recommend Dr. Arguello. Too bad there are only 5 stars.....He deserves 10!!!!!!!!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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