57 Year Old Going for 2nd Face Lift - Costa Rica

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Hi all, I had my 1st face lift in Sept 2006. ...

Hi all, I had my 1st face lift in Sept 2006. Well, here I am looking in the mirror and my vanity won, time for another face lift. I'm going to Costa Rica March 5th to have surgery with Dr Lev. I'll be staying at Mercedes home for 16 days to recover.
I'm having a SMAS lift, (had Deep Plan before), eyes upper/lower, neck, brow lift, and maybe a chin implant.
Dr Lev's quote is 5,800 not including the chin implant.
Mercedes retreat is $90. a day for all rides to/from airport, all doc visits and surgery. all meals and snacks and 24 hr nursing care in her home.
My airfare from St. Louis is $824.00 on AA. but gotta add $50.00 for luggage r/t.
I'm getting all the things on my list ready to pack and working out harder. I usually Jog 20 miles a week, gonna up it to 25 miles and weight lifting everyother day.
I don't smoke or drink. I do have a pacemaker tho so getting a stress test done in the morning, also the required bloodwork. Then I'm going to Good Will to buy a bunch of button up tops to where while I"m recovering. that way I can just throw them away instead of bring them back. also need to get a post op kit from Make me heal for my revovery.

summer 14

Riding in Georgia

First day post-op

First day post-op. Not in any pain what so ever. I had surgery at 10am yesterday. Stayed overnite at the clinic but couldn't sleep. I'm sort of tired but not bad. I've not had any pain meds at all. if you can get your pain meds filled in states. it cost $120.00 here. thankfully Dr. Lev told me to fill meds and antibiotics before coming here. I only feel a bit of tightness aound sides of neck. I get the "helmet" off tomorrow. in the morning. I can't say enough that the best choice I've made in years is Dr. Lev and staying at Mercedes!! I will post daily pics. Thanks for the well wishes ladies.

day 2 post-op

Got helmet off today and it was replaced with an ace wrap. that comes of tomorrow and then I can wash my hair. He also removed my eye stitches today. I got back on the 10th to have the rest of my stitches/staples removed

4th day post-op

Not feeling so good. I've been sick throwing up... Write more later. Thx everyone

Day 5 post-op

this is day five and I'm finally feeling over the stomach sickness. think it was the pain meds, so not taking them anymore and I feel great. was a little tired yesterday and this morning but I feel great now! ready to take a walk with my new friend who is recovering with me. She has full facelift this Thursday and dental work after that. so just wanted to give you more pics and to say if I hadn't gotten sick this would have been a WAY easier recovery! I also want to add that without Mercedes Quick response when I got sick I would have most likely ended up in the Hospital. I had things to think about like dehydration. She now has me on power drinks. She's amazing!! luv u guys!! xoxoxoxo

7 days post-op

swelling down a bit but not much.

8th day post-op

swelling down a bit more....

9 days post-op

all is good. still some significant swelling. but all and all I'm very pleased.
Chin implant is a little paintful today. first for that cause it hasn't hurt before.

12 days post-op

feeling good ladies, I see Dr. Lev tomorrow for the last time and go home on Thursday.

13 days post-op

Last day here! Can't believe it went so quickly! But here are some of the pros/cons of my experience here. PROS: Best choices: Dr Lev and Casa Mercedes. Dr. Lev is an artist. Don't doubt it. He has the magic hands. He's caring, thoughtful and empathic. He has a calculating detail for everything. I could tell before he even finished introducing himself that he'd already evaluated what he wanted to do with my face. Everything he suggested is the same thing I wanted. The after care is just as perfect. He takes his time to make sure your comfortable. Now, I wouldn't be fair not to include Dr. Greenwood the anesthesiologist (sp). He's amazing! He was truely interested in me. made me comfortable from the start. Got my vain started first time with little discomfort. First time ever for me to wake up after surgery with NO sickness! He and Dr. Lev grew up together and are the perfect team! I just love those guys! Casa Mercedes. Pay attention because this is of the utmost importance! If I had not stayed with Mercedes, I most surely ended up in the hospital when I got sick from the pain pills. I was dehydrating quickly. Had it not been for Mercedes rapid response and quick thinking. My health would have been in serious trouble. She only works by referrals and accepts up to 3 patients at a time. You get three wonderful home cooked meals a day, a hospital bed and your private bathroom. She personally takes care of you. You get picked up and returned to the airport. Rides to D. Lev's office but I've been walking since day three post-op as it's only two blocks away. She makes is fresh from the market that day! The fruit smoothies are wonderful. When you come from the airport she welcomes you, shows you around and introduces the other patients. Her maids are just as caring and loving. You get a specialized treatment you won't find at any other recovery facility! That's a fact! If your lucky enough to get a room here, Mercedes and her son welcome you into her home and you will feel part of her family. So surgery is so much more than just the surgery. You must do your research on the procedures and doctors, but getting good aftercare is imperative to the final results of your plastic surgery. Cons: I didn't get to stay in Costa Rica long enough to gotta come back! Ask if you have questions but please read entire blog because you'll most likely find your answers there. If I helped only one person from writing this, then it was worth it! Thanks for reading
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Surgery scheduled March 5th 2015

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