Heading to Costa Rica! -- Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Pelvic Lift, Fat Transfer to face

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Surgery date with Rashi Rosenstock set. EKG &...

Surgery date with Rashi Rosenstock set. EKG & mammogram set for Monday. Recovery Resort chosen is Las Crumbres Inn. $95/day - 3 meals, laundry, nurse on duty.
Breast lift/reduction price quoted $3,500. Incl: anesthesia, anesthesiologist, OR.
EKG & mammo extra.
From "G" to "D"
Feel confident choice of doctors.

Before Breast Reduction

Heading to Costa Rica and the Rashi - Cohen Clinic for a breast reduction, this weekend.
Surgery is on the 18th.
Staying at Las Cumbres for 10 days.

Side view

Going for a large C or small D.

Day before surgery

had an EKG at doctors office ($80) and consultation.
Then was sent to Santa Monica clinic for mammogram. Dr. rashi said $80, but when all finished, the girls wanted $100, except for when I told them I would let Dr. rashi know that the girls raised the price $20. Then the girls "wised" up and thought about overcharging...... I'm staying at las Crumbres. I went to a market and purchased meat for my meals. Need lots of protein for the healing process... Wasn't getting adequate protein but I think $56.00 of meat should help out. Bought bones for bone broth (true medicine).

I also agreed to a pelvic lift. My tummy tuck from 2009 has left me me a large fat accumulation in the pelvic area. Will get that lipo'd and surgically lifted.

They're gone!

1.7 lbs removed from L breast, 2.8 lbs from R breast. 1400cc from pelvic region, and under arm pits. My breasts were wide and heavy. I'm getting daily wound massages on breast incision and hyperbolic chamber treatments.

Coming Along

I'm done with hyperbolic treatments. Three in total. Am done with wound massages from the lipo under the arm pits. Taking ibuprofen for discomfort. I'm on day 5, post op and last night I slept on my sides and slept through the night.
Nurse comes in and puts ice packs on breasts and abdomen stitches, every two hours. (I had also gotten a pelvic lift). I haven't been taking photos, I completely forgot, but nurse says bruising is now in the yellow stage on day 5. Healing is rapid. I contribute that to lots of bone broth and good convalescence.

Flying home in four days. This was the right way to do surgery. Choose a fabulous place in a warm, breezy place, with chefs, nurses, and the best medical... Still cost less than in the states. Las Cumbres was an amazing destination, in the mountains, fully staffed, excellent food and excellent caregivers. I will probably return for a facelift, next year.


BR/BL=$3,500 includes everything except for EKG=$80 mammo=$80.
Included bras, blood work, anesthesia, anesthesiologist, cardiologist, and all drugs.
Wound massages $20 ea
Hyperbolic chamber treatments at hospital $95 ea
Fat transfer from lipo to mouth lines $600
Lipo from armpits and pelvic was $1000
Pelvic lift $2,000
Flight = nominal.
Las Cumbres -- about $75-90/ day. (I purchased my protein)
***** the best deal of all wasn't just the surgery prices, but the care I received at Las Cumbres has a full staff of people to make your healing more satisfying.
Drivers, chefs, nurses, the owner-Elke, and of course, the interesting guests from all over the world.
The place is posh, high class, clean, modern..... Beautiful, as well.. Set high in the mountains, overlooking the city. Mountain views.. Exactly the kind of place needed for healing.

Rosenstock - Lieberman Clinic... Dr. Rasshi & Dr. Cohen

I would do it exactly the same way I did it this visit. I hit the ground running. Landed Sunday. Got tests and EKG and mammogram all on Monday. ** (I wish to write a separate review of the procedure and another review of Las Crumbres Inn & Elke).

It's a family affair. You have Dr. Cohen who is Dr. Rasshi's bro in law.
You have Momma there when you wake up from your surgery.. Checking on you like a mother would.
You have an attentive staff that looks for everything to do, to make your whole surgery the smoothest.
Bedside manners are impeccable.
Nurses are compassionate.
The clinic is clean and the rooms' temperature is accommodated as to how you like it.
The after surgery care is great.
The doctor explains what he will do.
And he does it with perfection. I asked him twice how he liked being a surgeon and both times he told me he loved it.
I asked Dr. Rasshi if he felt he was an artist at what he did and he believes that he is very good
at what he does, and having so many people around me, going to him as well;
I never heard a bad thing about the clinic, the staff, or the doctors.
We all seemed pretty pleased.

Dr. Rasshi wanted me to have the best results and suggested I go get hybolic treatment.
I got three treatments, all in a three day period and it cost less than $300.
Futuristic hospital, clean, large, modern. I'll have to get the name and post it.

Everyday for three days after surgery, went to the clinic and got massages.
Alex, a young girl that works alongside Dr. R, would massage under my arms
and then I would shower at the clinic.
She would redress my stitches and help me dress.
One day, she shampooed my hair for me.

I got the best care for the 8 days I was recuperating.
I stayed in a little 14 room hotel about 20 minutes from the clinic.
Most everyone around me were going to the same doctors.
There is no house calls.
But you go back to the clinic most everyday.
Whether your wounds are being massaged, or redressed, it's a full service clinic, fully staffed
with bilingual nurses.
I would choose them again because I feel I had a good rapport and we all understood one another.
The work he did on me was very, very good. I just arrived home, so I can't tell you anything more. I will keep this updated as I heal.
I had a 9 hr travel trip. three airports, 2 planes.
I did wear my compression socks and tried not to eat salty food.
I did raise and lower my feet, while sitting.

Las Cumbres Inn - Recovery Hotel in Costa Rica

Oh my..
This was an amazing place.
First off, let me rattle on:

Nurse on duty from 8 until 8. After that, the owner will come see you, if you call her.
Chef Carmen is there everyday, overseeing all meals.
Laura is her assistant and she brings you all your meals, takes direction, oversees all the details of your daily meals.
Alba comes and puts clean sheets on your bed, every morning.
Christian is your daily driver. He will take you to all of your appts, and is clearly always on time.
If he has a conflict, Gino will step in.. So you will always have a driver, wherever you need to go.

The nurse checks on you a lot.
I slept most of the time and she said she came in and checked on me, from time to time.
She also knows good english and translates if needed.
The grounds are very well manicured. You won't see a weed, anywhere in the massive flow of flowering plants, fruited trees, vines covering fencing so you don't see the next property.
I found a path all around the property and made use of it as a walking path when I had the strength.
There's a lovely pool with fountains that create flowing water and sound.
I enjoyed sitting out back under a tin roof, at a table.
I could take my meals there, snooze, sit and enjoy the outdoors, without being in the sun.
There are two living rooms.
Four or six seating areas with lots of pillows on couches and chairs.
three tables, besides the dining room where you can take your meals and enjoy the
view of the mountains and the city, below.
The only people that stay here are those that have surgery and those accompanying the ones having surgery.
No children. No tourists. People like yourself that are in their rooms, convalescing.
Food is made from scratch.
Nurses there everyday.

A very good place to go and heal, after surgery.
Your every whim, taken care of.
You want fried plantains?
Fried chicken and french fries?
You want coffee and juice in your room?

It's all there.
13% sales tax on everything.
Daily tip charged.
All rides to and from appts (excluding day of surgery and airport runs) are charged to you, at the end of your stay.

Weather: I was told that it rains all the time in October.
Most clinics, doctors and hotels close down - the last two weeks of December.
(Usually the slowest time of year)

I would stay here again.




4 weeks post surgery

My breasts still look like I'm entering puberty. They jut forward with no curve underneath. They remind me of when I first began growing breasts.

I'm just beginning my 4.5 week antibiotic. I have a staph infection under the right breast. Just went and got a prescription for the next 10 days... When this medication is done, that should be about 5.5 weeks of antibiotics and it's doing a number on my fingernails.

My breasts don't look like many of y'alls. My breast have no cleavage or curve underneath.. Mine look like bullets.. jutting forward.

The good news (yeah, there is one) is that I no longer have to wear a bra. They are perfectly even, jut out like I'm wearing a bra. In fact, I have packed all my HUGE underwire bras into a recycle bag.
Other than that... just very sad that I have had to be on antibiotics for over a month. I don't even take aspirin.

4th week... Photos

On heavy duty meds. On serious probiotics to save digestive system. Staph infection is at the connection of vertical stitch and horizontal stitch --where they connect. Photo at two weeks didn't alarm me, but when it wouldn't heal, that's when I became concerned.

I'm 60, and I didn't want any problems, at my age. Went from double G to what looks like a D.

Coming along. Pretty much back to my old self.

Was able to sleep on my side at 4 days. Haven't worn a bra in 3 weeks. Infection is on bra line... So, been braless since 2weeks after surgery.

Been doing housework, shaking rugs, picking up cats and groceries... Other than the infection, I've been in good shape... I'm sure my diet of mostly meat was a large contribution, as we all know, protein heals the body swiftly...

More photos at 4wks

Side views of incisions. My breasts were so wide that incisions went well underneath my arms.

Horizontal scars and vertical scars

More photos

6.5 weeks after surgery

Amazing how time flies. I'm back to work full time, back to life and reality.
Where my incisions went underneath the breast and to the sides of my body, those incisions are healed but still very tender, to the touch.

Scarring is minimal. The horizontal surgery line, under the breast is still tender, still red, but the vertical line from nipple to underneath breast is nearly gone.

Interesting development with the staph infection. I was on antibiotics for 5-5.5 weeks. Different kinds, different drug stores, different prices. I spent a lot of money on expensive antibiotics and the infection never changed. Didn't get larger or smaller.
And then one day, a farmer friend of mine mentioned a medication that use on their animals when their animals get bug bites or scrapes that get infected.. It's a black salve they call "drawing salve."
Ichthammol Ointment USP 20% Ointment (Drawing Out Salve)
1 oz of this salve on ebay is $11.00 and free shipping.
So, this farmer told me about this stuff and suggested I get it.
I got it, waited until I was done with the medication and then began using it.
She told me to keep it covered, as it stains....
So 1-2 times a day, I remove the gauze and bandages, clean it, reapply this messy black salve, and then cover it up and tape it back down.
Imagine my surprise when I have begun to notice that the goo - that is the infection is beginning to disappear and not only that, but the opening is beginning to get smaller. It's healing. It's really healing..

So at 6.5 weeks after surgery, I think my staph infection is nearly healed.
I'm back to working out.. Not with heavy weights, but light weights and more stretching.
I have not thought about going and buying a bra.
They look so good braless, that so far, I haven't had to wear a bra.
Lots of camisoles, but no bras.
They stand right up and they're level..
Been a long time since I looked good braless.
In fact, it was 1972 when halter tops and bell bottoms were in..

Next Tuesday, will mark 7 weeks post surgery

I was on antibiotics for 5 weeks, trying to get rid of a staph infection that appeared underneath my right breast, right in the incision line where vertical line met horizontal line.

Today, I am doing a happy dance.. NONE of the antibiotics worked. I paid for a doctor to take a swab of the infection and charge me $15 for that swab! Then got a bill in the mail from a lab, charging me $57 for the lab work... 5 weeks of antibiotics that did nothing for the staph infection. It wasn't until a farmer friend of mine suggested I get Ichthammol Ointment USP 20%.
I got it off ebay, and for one week, I have been smearing this ointment on my wound, and then covering it with gauze.
I am doing a happy dance because the staph infection is gone.
It's Gone!!!! a home remedy worked over 5 weeks of medication!!!
I think this ointment should be in EVERYONE's medicine cabinet!!

Now I can enjoy my breast reduction.
Still watching my new breasts.. Wondering when they will drop into women looking breasts instead of puberty!

The pelvic lift.. Where they did lipo, it's still "hard" to the touch, along the stitch line. Doctors said my body will absorb the hardness.

Lipo under arms: My breast tissue was lipo'd and removed.. This is where I am still tender.
Everything else has healed pretty much on course, maybe a little faster than most.. but the tenderness is very sensitive under my arms.

Fat transfer to face: I had asked for the fat transfer to go into my marionette lines. I still have the marionette lines.. I don't think fat was transferred to these lines... Maybe the lines from the nose to the mouth, but not from mouth to chin... I still wonder if the doctor bothered to shoot the fat into the marionette lines.

So all in all.... my healing is done. I'm pretty much back to my usual life routine.
smaller breasts, narrower under the arms, flatter in the pelvic region... still have marionette lines.

My experience was good. If you're going to have any kind of surgery, going to a recovery hotel is the best way to get well....
To travel to another country? Still on the fence about that.
Doctors I chose? Not sure I would choose them again.


This is the first cool weekend of the new season and I have a lot of sweaters and long sleeved shirts. I also have things I have purchased, that never looked right with my massive bosom, so I never wore it, and never had the heart to recycle it.

So this morning, I pulled out my winter wardrobe and began going through it. I got rid of several large bulky sweaters that I could keep and use to wear when I'm outdoors.. but I'm rarely outdoors. So all those bulky sweaters went into the recycle bag.
I found long sleeve shirts that buttons used to pucker and pop.. no longer pucker and pop.. This was very joyful! A lot of my pretty winter long sleeved tops look much better with the smaller breasts. And the lipo under my arms, narrowed my body..
Some of my favorite things fit again.
I am very pleased.

Pants on the other hand..
I've gotten larger. Maybe I can concentrate on not overeating this winter season.. Maybe I'll fit back into those smaller capris, next Spring.

7.5 weeks post surgery

I see I'm all over the place with my thread. Day 22 is in the first post about my Hollywood (2009) surgeries...
Hope I'm not confusing those that are following my progress.

7.5 weeks post surgery and I'm fully back to normal.
Infection is gone.
Still haven't gone bra shopping.
Barely wear a bra any longer.
Been wearing camisoles under my shirts.
This is the first time since my young teenage years that I have not worn a wire underneath my breasts and to tell you the truth, it's LIBERATING!!!

I still laugh when I look down at my breasts from my angle.. They look like puberty breasts! They jut forward, but when I look in the mirror, they look perfectly normal. I don't have the weight under my breasts like many women have.. mine jut forward.. They're nice. They look good dressed and undressed.
I'm back to full workouts..
The incisions on the sides of my breast that go underneath my arm are still very tender.. Probably because of the lipo. I find that everywhere I had lipo, I'm still real tender to the touch.

The infection took a lot out of me. It stressed me for weeks. Now that I got rid of it with Ichthammol Ointment, my outlook on my surgery procedures is much better. Can you believe it? 5.5 weeks of antibiotics and then a farmer in FL told me about this ointment and it worked a miracle!!!!
That ointment should be in everyone's first aid box!

I'll post updates from time to time, but I think I am now at the end of this surgery experience. I'm all healed, back to my lifetime routine and feeling good. Glad I did it. Not sure about the doctors I chose. Still on the fence with that.

Thinking about a lower face lift next March and I will probably have it done in the U.S. No need to travel.

7.5 weeks PO photos

As you can see, my breasts don't drop underneath.
Mine jut forward.
7.5 weeks P.O.

Photos of Staff infection

I look at these photos and think of the amount of stress this infection caused me.
The expense of antibiotics, creams, salves, gauze, tape, bandaids..
The stress was unimaginable..

AND then someone recommended a salve used on animals.....
That's when the healing began. The magic of natural remedies!
Take heed, people!!!

9 weeks - this Tuesday 10/19.

I'm all healed. no more infection. The skin is a slightly red color, but I'm sure it won't be noticeable, with time.
I'm working out, back to my routine and feeling good. I have no swelling anywhere. I don't retain any fluid. I'm back to pre-surgery shape.

It's been six years between cosmetic procedures.. A little nip and tuck every now and then, keeps us youthful looking. I feel good about what all I had done. I have been wanting another neck lift, because the one done in 2009 seems to have slackened, quite a bit.
I may have another little tightening of the neck and chin, next year.
I plan to do some research. Who knows where it will lead me.

Good luck to all of you.

One thing noted: I also had a pelvic lift while in Costa Rica and that is all healed as well, BUT I have this discomfort when I sit for very long, where my scar/incision is in the lower region of my belly.
It hurts to sit in jeans for very long. The pressure of my jeans hitting the scar is a little painful. It works better in loose clothing.
I still haven't gone out and purchased a new bra.
I seem to be comfortable wearing camisoles, under my clothing.
So.. still don't know what my cup size is. Daughter says I look like a "D" cup.
I'll post photos at the three month period.

10 weeks post surgery

Because of aggressive liposuction on my breasts...
When I lay down on my back, I can feel a large lump of scar tissue underneath my left breast.
A lump about the size of a half dollar coin... no scar tissue lumps underneath the right breast.

I also had fat transfer to the lines around my mouth. Because of the amount of fat they put into the right side of my mouth, I have lost a little top lip. The curve of my lip on the right side of my face is gone...

Pelvic lift... no problems there. I don't feel scar tissue, but I do have a scar about 1/4" thick.

Breasts.. still haven't purchased a bra.

12 weeks post surgery

Still haven't purchased a bra, yet..
I'm loving the fact that my breasts are smaller, perkier and are nice and firm.
They look lovely, when I dress up.
What did women do before bras were invented?

I'm loving the no bra lifestyle.
Other than that.. was fully healed and back to life by 6 weeks..

14 weeks post surgery.

As the time goes by, I look at my breasts don't feel like I didn't get a breast lift - only a reduction.
My breasts don't look like other women's breasts after a BL/BR...
I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it is what it is.. They just don't sit like other women's breasts do.
The only thing I can say is that I didn't scar. I have no scars, no lines where the incisions were.. They look perfectly natural.
I would have liked my breasts to sit up higher, and they don't.
I do appreciate the fact that I have no scarring.

Week 15

I said that I was done after the breast reduction.. Thought I would never consider any more improvements with surgery, but I have been thinking about it more and more. I'm going for a Lasik appt here in the states, next week. See what kind of surgery I'll need, and what they will charge me.

If I find that I can do it more economically feasible in Costa Rica, I would also consider a face lift with eye lift. Make it a good reason to head back down there and get some more work done..
Will I choose Dr. Rashi again?
I don't know.
I've read about a couple other doctors that people prefer with face work.
I'll do a lot of research, ask a lot of questions, and see about staying close to the clinic.
I notice the people who got face lifts bruised up pretty good, but they felt really good after their surgeries.. I may not need one of those all inclusive surgery resorts.. It's a consideration.

In the meantime, my life is back to normal. I actually felt really good about 2 or 3 weeks post surgery.
and the staph infection was all consuming.

I got a discount card from a nat'l lingerie shop. I may go get me a bra.. Haven't worn a bra in 4 months.

HAHAHAHAHA! Never say Never!

Today, I went to check out Lasik eye surgery in my city.
It was like buying a car. First the salesman, then the manager, then the money person..
I asked for a copy of all my test results and I also got prices for two different options.

Needless to say, Lasik is going to cost about $4-5K per eye AND that is with a "warranty" to adjust for a certain amount of time, dependant on the program you pay for.
Then there is the other one.. for a lens implant. That will be about $5-6K per eye.

I said, I think I was done with any more cosmetic surgery but I got to thinking --- many of us don't feel as old as we are. So, why not get cosmetic maintenance to keep up with our energy and the age we feel? I certainly don't look and act 60... no way. Many people think I'm in my 40's. which is fine by me...
So after getting copies of all my test results, coming home and going online and checking prices in Costa Rica --

I think I'm going to do a "group" thing.
I think I'm going to check out prices for a lower face lift - primarily the jowl lines, get those tightened..
get my eyes done. I have some skin starting to droop on the upper eyelid. Get that removed AND get lasik eye surgery.. And I won't need anyone to take care of me. Just a nice quiet, peaceful place to sleep, play card games, and cook for myself.
(I have discovered all these free card games for IPad)

So.. This is going to be my next trip..
As far as I'm concerned.. I am doing maintenance on me. Investing in me.

21 Weeks Update

Last night, I pulled a wire stitch out of my right breast. I was shocked and surprised at the wire suture...

I also hate saying this, but I have to...
My right breast has a HUGE lump of scar tissue that protrudes from my body, when I am lying down on my back. It's horrible! It feels like bone. I am so disappointed.
I can honestly say that I think I must have had two people doing liposuction on my breasts.
The left breast was done, thoughtfully, cautiously, and thoroughly... It is clean, nice shape, no lumps under the breast.
The right breast was done with someone too hasty, too sloppy, in a hurry, didn't give a damn about the results.. I don't think I could ever get intimate with someone touching my right breast.. It is awful... the lump is hard.. I am so upset.

In all honesty... I can't recommend the doctors that did this. I don't believe they do all the work themselves.

10 months post surgery

I would not recommend the Rosenstock group in Costa Rica....
I'm nearly 12 months post and my left breast is larger than my right...
but better than what they were before surgery.

my breasts do not look like anyone else's.
Mine look like I'm going into puberty.
No weight on the bottom of each breast that would round them out.
Mine jut forward....

I doubt I'm going to have them fixed.
They will do. I just have no plans to get naked in front of anyone.

Pelvic lift.. Decent job there. I find as I lose more weight, it looks better.
Fat transfer to face.. The smile lines from the nose to the mouth are smooth. That worked.
But as I've said in other posts, they never bothered to shoot the fat into the marionette lines as I had requested..

Incomplete work.
Bad breast job.

Find another plastic surgeon.
They do not do quality work.

Add on to 10 month post surgery post.

Failed to mention I didn't really scar... Underneath my breast you can see the lines..
But for the most part, I didn't scar around the breast.

BUT I do have a dark scar line above my pelvic bone from the pelvic lift. That one looks like someone took a red crayon and drew a line across my lower abdomen.

Really wish they had shot some fat into my marionette lines..
I'll have that done in my city.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Been in emails with everyone. Have read thousands of reviews. Very excited.. Also planning next year for veneers on teeth. At 60 yrs old, this gal needs some upgraded maintenance.

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