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I just wanted to write a little but detailed...

I just wanted to write a little but detailed review about my experience travelling out of country for a proper enbloc explantation of my implants with mastopexy and fat transfer. I first decided to get implants about 3 and a half years ago on a whim. I was actually looking to get a breast lift but the ps at the time told me it would be useless and i needed a small implant to balance out my lower half/shape. Due to nursing i had a very saggy left breast which would fall out of swim suit. I would always be tucking it back in and i would never take my top of with my husband. I was very insecure about the appearance of my breasts. I was super lopsided as well, so bra shopping was a task. I was hoping he could just remove some skin, even me out and maybe throw in a areola reduction. I somehow left booked for a set of saline implants. We disagreed about size and i ended up with a smaller implant that i requested, which eventually dropped. I then had to go under again and get a saline fill. My breasts were like rocks. I started to develop a breast wound which wouldnt heal for the longest time.....week after week of wound debridement and was left with an awful scar. And eventually capsular contracture. Within the same time frame i started to have weird symptoms. My eye started twitching non stop, my face would go numb. my body would ache over nothing to the point i wanted to cry all the time. I became dizzy on and off first and eventually collapsed in the chicago airport on the way to see my husband. my bp was low but other than that they couldn't figure it out. I questioned my implants but ended up thinking that i was crazy and my ps at the time said it was likely not my implants but that my cc and wound should be fixed so lets go in and see if there are issues and replace. I don't regret this because i truly believe everything happens for a reason and i would not have found Dr Urzola or explanted properly (full capsule removal) if i had done it then. Replacing did not help my health and i ended up being diagnosed with Lyme disease. The thing is many women who have breast implant illness are also diagnosed with lyme. There is a definite connection and a fair amount of controversy surrounding this...

I treated my lyme and got somewhat better but my LLMD (lyme doc) told me i needed to remove my implants due to potential biofilms being able to hide in the chest wall. My autoimmune issues aswell, and toxic load ( i was also diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at 37 which is rare. I've carried the gene my whole life and just started to get signs on my MRI of sacroilitis which usually occurs at a younger age if you are to be affected). I've suffered from back pain and neck pain with terrible headaches on top of a long list of other symptoms. I didn't want to take a chance with this. I was also reached out to by a girl who is now a very close friend of mine who has lyme, removed her implants and is a lot better. I knew what i had to do but of course was terrified of results so i did my research and met another lady who introduced me per say to Dr urzolas practice , who also suffered from illness, and is now better. He is supportive of our issues and also cares about results so he was perfect for me. I needed a doc who didn't think implant illness was just the craziest thing in the world and i really wanted to some reconstruction as well so as i could feel comfortable in my own skin.

Moving forward to deciding to take those puppies out! I planned my trip to Costa Rica 3 months out which gave me plenty of time to sort out babysitting, work, etc. I had 1 skype consult with Dr Urzola and fell in love with who he is a person and a doctor. It's very rare you find such a talented surgeon who truly does care about his patient, their conditions and their very specific needs. He really listens and i really talk lol. I decided to go all out and try for fat transfer which doesn't always take. Especially if you have bigger implants/pocket and do the procedure all at once over waiting 6 mnths for the pocket to heal and then inject the fat. But i really just wanted 1 surgery in my current condition. He uses platelet rich plasma which basically feeds the fat and provides structure for the growth of blood vessels to promote the fats survival. It also helps with healing of the area. I expect to loose about 50%. At week 3 now and i'm hoping i've stabilized. By one month the fat should be stable he says. He also advises HBOT to help the fat survive. So you go to these sessions right after your surgery ideally. Alot of what you see in the beginning is swelling too which i realized quite fast. I will post pics so you can see what the dif is and what is actually swelling and what is fat loss.

All in all. I'm very happy with my results and i wouldn't think twice about recommending him to anyone for any procedures. He provides a video so as you can see that ALL your capsule is removed from your chest cavity as far as enbloc removal goes. I was not an easy case according to him and he took almost 6 hours to make sure he had gotten it all and also provided me with the best results that my body would allow. Post op i was pretty sick and he was there for me and covered all basis. Even now that i am back in Canada he still is reachable if you have any issues at all or questions. He is a very very talented doctor and a wonderful human being.

I'll post some pics from pre explant and then the beginning. Day 1 after explant, then day 4 (when i was verrrrry swollen) then 2 and half weeks as it started to subside and then 3 weeks with my tape off and the swelling had dissipated. I will end up being a B cup i think which is just fine with me. I have no denting as of yet or wrinkling. I love my small nipples and if i want to i can probably go braless! wooooooo hoo lol. I think if anything the fat transfer helps with just filling in small spaces so you appear more even and the skin is smoother. I had very little breast tissue.

I've had no headaches or neck pain thus far.My headaches were horrendous. My nails are oddly growing again. My sweat smells better. Other symptoms will take some time im sure but any symptom gone is a win for me.

Any questions let me know. I hope this was helpful xo Mia :)
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