32 Years Old, Mother of Three, Ready to Get Rid of Leftover Belly and Improve my Booty - Costa Rica

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As many of my sisters here, I have been stalking...

As many of my sisters here, I have been stalking this site for years. I have always been small and fit, but after my last kids, no matter how much I exercised I could not get rid of this hanging belly. I only wanted a lipo or tummy tuck but then I found out that you can use your fat to improve your butt so I said to myself, why not? I live in Costa Rica and I researched lots of doctors until I finally found the right one: Alberto Arguello Choiseul. I really like how he treated me, his team is awesome and all results/reviews I could find were very good. So I have already paid for my surgery and it has been scheduled for March 26, 2015. I am very excited and looking forward to it. I am also a bit nervous and anxious but I try to control those feelings with yoga and meditation. I will be posting before pictures soon and hopefully some after pics as well :D. It is really nice to have a site like this where we can share similar experiencing and feel that we are not alone on this journey. Thanks for all the advise and good vibes!

Pictures before and after

Some pics, I also got a mini tummy tuck, which wasn't planned but necessary after the lipo, it has been a rollercoaster of emotions but still looking forward to final results

2 weeks post op, feeling wonderful

Hello ladies! It's been almost two weeks since my surgery and I have to say I am very very happy with how things went. The first week was tough but the last few days have been really good. I decided to take a few pics after shower yesterday without a garment and I loved the way I looked in that dress!!!. I went to the doc yesterday and he said I am healing really well and I am swollen so I can expect a flatter tummy and smaller waist in the next few weeks.. Dr Arguello is absolutely the best!!!

Some new pics

I went to the doctor today and got some stitches and the small drain removed. I took these pics before the appointment, still very happy!!!

3 weeks post op

Hello ladies! Posting some new pics with some clothes on. I am feeling pretty well and very happy with the way I look. I had a persistent seroma right above my incision that I have been having drained but it seems the ugly monster has given up now and it's not coming back. I am wearing my garment underneath, but doctor said I'll be needing a smaller one soon. The butt has come down a bit and that is awesome because I didn't really like that huge thing I got right after surgery, it is looking more natural and proportionate to my size. Very happy!

One month post op update!

Hello everyone, I wanted to show some more pictures of my progress.. it has been a month since I had my surgery and although I am still recovery I have to say I am very happy with the decision I made. People keep asking me why I did it since they think I looked fine before but they do not understand how bad you feel witu that pouch hanging. I can only say I worked hard to be able to afford the procedure and I am happy, and I guess that is all that matters, how you feel and not really what others think :)

Almost 2 years after surgery

It has been a while since I had my surgery and I love my results.!
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

So far my interactions with Dr Arguello and his team have been awesome. Very professional, caring and friendly.

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