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All my life I wanted smaller arms, even as a kid I...

All my life I wanted smaller arms, even as a kid I had a hard time finding clothes because the arms would be too tight. After having 9 children and gaining weight to 215 pounds I decided it was time to work on me.

From 2008-2014 I used various methods to lose weight including diet pills. I never had any weight loss surgeries so I would only lose 10 pounds here and there.

In 2014 I had some plastic surgery done which is also posted on this site. The plastic surgery took away a lot of fat and bulk which gave me energy to start working out at the gym.

Now two years later 2016 was my goal to have my arms and thighs done. The gym has been very helpful however I knew 20 years ago that I was going to have to have surgery on my arms and thighs.

In 1991 I want to see a plastic surgeon and he told me that my arms and thighs are stretched where the muscle is and will never shrink back to its original form. He said it's like a rubber band that loses elasticity and no matter what you do it will not be tight again. He told me to have surgery after I was done having kids.

Needless to say the plastic surgeon was correct in 1991 and here I am now, July 2016 getting my arms and thighs done.

My surgery was done in Costa Rica. In 2014 that plastic surgery was done in Miami FL. There is a big difference between having surgery done in the US as opposed to Costa Rica.

I will start by saying surgery in Costa Rica is a much better complete Total Care experience then what I had in Miami FL and the cost was less. Let me explain:

Arm lift with incision, Inner Thigh lift with incision in the growing was under $6,200 total. The same procedure where I live on the West Coast would have cost $15,000. In Miami which is about the most affordable U.S. location would be $7,000.

In Costa Rica plastic surgery is designed to be a complete package. Recovery centers are highly recommended instead of a hotel. They pick you up from the airport take you to your surgery and all of your doctor's appointments. The surgery centers have nurses on the premises 24 hours that take care of you and change your bandages, help you shower and give you your medications. The surgery center also provides all of your meals and brings them directly to your private room with private bathroom. Another feature is daily massages, this is vitally important to your healing process. Massages are either done daily at your recovery center or at the doctor's office when you have your appointments. When it is time for you to return home the surgery center will give you a ride back to the airport.

Average price a day at the Recovery Center is $85 that includes 24-hour nurse care, all meals and transportation. Hotel in Miami cost me $105 a day, no nurse, no transportation, no food and no daily massage.

My healing process was so much better in Costa Rica. After surgery I stayed there overnight at the surgery facility where a nurse take's care of you. In the morning your private nurse that you're assigned to gives you breakfast, shots, meds, a massage and a shower. A Dr. will see you, check you and then your released to leave with the Recovery Center who is in the lobby waiting to take you. NOW THAT IS CLASS!
At the Recovery Center (Che Tica Ranch)My room was a private Cottage with a kitchenette. The nurses came in and checked on me several times throughout the day, gave my shots, meds and change my bandages, gave me showers and cooked my meals. On the weekends, a massage therapist comes to your room and gives you a full body massage.

Your Dr. Appointments are every other day during the week, this is included in the price. At your follow-up appointment your same assigned nurse will give you any medications, breakfast, a full body massage and a shower, the Dr. will check you out and release you to the Recovery Center that is waiting in the lobby to take you back. (There are several Recovery Centers to choose from, mine was 45min from the Dr. Office, Better to find one closer like 10min away) You can also have guest stay with you at any Recovery Center for a extra fee.

In Miami 2014, after surgery I left the building one hour later. Paid a taxi to take me to the hotel and suffered. No help, in horrible pain, no appetite and was very uncomfortable. Each day I had to pay money to go back and forth to the doctor. The hotel food was expensive but I didn't have a choice because I was restricted to the room and in so much pain.

My mom came with me to Costa Rica and when I started to feel better we would go to Walmart or short visits to a shopping area so I could have fresh air. The Recovery Center can give you a ride to other places but there is a $20 cost each time. We used Uber all the time and paid $4 to $12 max each ride. Uber is very dependable and good in Costa Rica and the drivers came within three minutes each time. We bought a cell phone for $42 that had minutes on it and internet at the airport when we first arrived. This phone could be used to call the u.s. as well as local calls in Costa Rica. The Recovery Centers have free Wi-Fi and will let you call the US for free from your room.

Finally the cost of an airplane ticket to Costa Rica is not that expensive. Check online with Orbits or Google Flights to get the lowest fares.

I came back to the US after 10 days, probably should have waited but I enjoy my community and felt my healing would be more comfortable in my own surroundings. My Primary Care Physician requested my Operative Report so he could continue with the follow-up care while back in the U.S. I have had the same Dr. for 30 year's and get his permission before any surgery's, this way he is included in the Pre-Op process and will continue all follow-up care necessary.

Recovery Center

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So Unhappy and disappointed

Initially I was told by Dr. Rosenstocks office that having my arms done would make them slim and much smaller with immediate results. They said I would have a terrible scar but that is the exchange for having a small arm. I explained how a lot of the problems I faced was my arm not fitting into my garments because they were too large and the look of them was terrible so I was willing to take the scar in exchange for a small arm.
Needless to say after surgery my arm did not appear too much smaller to me. I was told my arm would get smaller over time. Three months after surgery I took pictures and sent it to them explaining my dissatisfaction and how I felt they did not remove enough of the fat to make my arms smaller. Their response was I have to wait at least 6 months for any type of adjustment.
When I reached out to them to show them how disgusting and fat my arm still look I was told I would need to repay and they would do a scar revision and liposuction. Im so upset.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

I'm not happy at all with my results on my arms and legs. The only service I'm happy with is my scar revision around my breast from a breast lift in 2014 at a different location and my nipple reduction. My arms look terrible and so do my thighs. I spent so much money and now I'm being told by the doctor's office that I will have to pay again. Really Sad.

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