32yo, No Children for 'Mommy Makeover' & Liposuction - Costa Rica

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Even though I didn't have too many issues with my...

Even though I didn't have too many issues with my body, I wanted to go forward with the procedures after growing tired of my sagging stomach and feeling embarrassed while in a bikini and being intimate. Personally, I do like to keep in shape and like to run long distances however I haven't managed to keep up with my usual routine, since joining a new job last year, and subsequently gained weight. In the past I have yoyo-ed a bit in size and some 8 years ago gained quite a bit, closer to 200 but lost back down after a year or so. However that left me with a stretched tummy and overall very poor look to my abdomen. I have most recently been 4-6 in dress size but now between 6-8.
Because I am happy with my overall shape I just wanted a bit of refining and slimming especially along my abdomen, slimming up my entire silhouette hopefully.

In order to fulfill all my goals, I decided to have an abdomnioplasty with liposcution of the thighs & sacral region and a peri-areolar breast lift with silicone implants.
After a lot of research, I decided to go with the Rosenstock-Lieberman Center of San Jose, Costa Rica. I did have some finalist doctors in Flordia as well, but I liked the good reviews I found online with Dr.s Rosenstock an Cohen. As well as the communication with their office was always prompt and never felt pressured. All the information give to me was clear and precise with zero notes of being pushy or having other agendas. So with this and the good reviews I found, I decided once and for all to take my surgery with Dr. Rashi in Costa Rica.

First 24hrs Post Surgery

Leaving Rosenstock & Lieberman Cosmetic Surgery Clinic & first day at the Las Cumbres Surgical Recovery Retreat.

March 18th, 2016
Per Dr. Rosenstock's services, I stayed the first night after my surgery at the clinic with a lovely nurse to take care of my needs. I do not do well with anesthesia so I was feeling very poorly & not at all in my best state. From the surgery, I had a catheter which is second on the list of most hated things right behind anesthesia. ???? I was wearing large inflatable boots that went up to the height of my knees, that compressed & uncompressed, keeping my blood circulation flowing & preventing cloths. I had been wrapped in cotton & gauze bandages before having a tight body compression suit pulled over me. The suit started just below my knees and ended just below my breasts- with suspender like straps holding it in place over my shoulders. Separately, I had been given a compression bra to contain my new 'donut' lifted breasts.
I spent the night like that, admittedly very uncomfortable and restless, until the next morning. I was woken to have my catheter removed and have a very necessary, but very painful, massage. The massage is met to help keep all the fluids left in your body from the surgery in motion & draining to the two drains placed in your lower abdomen. Attached to the drains is a reservoir that gathers the liquid to be later taken away by your nurses. After the massage, my driver was notified to pick me up and asscort me to my recovery center.

March 19, 2016
It was a short and easy drive to Las Cumbres where I was given a beautiful room with extra large windows on two different sides of the room over looking the entire city of San Jose. I also was given a hospital bed instead of a normal bed, which has be invaluable in getting up & down and helping me stay comofortable while resting. My nurse, Gretel, came to help me settle in immediately- taking my vitals and managing my medications and anything else I needed to be comfortable. The rest of the day I spent settling in & FaceTiming family to let them know I was ok. The Internet connection is amazing so I have been able to stream Netflix, download and upload as I like, and video chat with family and friends continuously. If you are internet addicted like me, you will be VERY happy with your communication options here! :)

After Three Days @ Las Cumbres

I decided to take my drainage massages ($30 per hour) here at the recovery center so I have not been back out to see the doctors or nurses at Dr. Rosenstock's since I left the day after my surgery. Because it is a holiday week now in Costa Rica, it is difficult to make follow up appointments at this time. Luckily I am having zero complications & Nurse Gretel assures me I am progressing very very well. She is excited about my progress and tells me my scars will be very minimal as Dr. Rashi has done a phenomenal job. I'm experiencing very little discomfort and have since my arrival. I am surprised to see most of the aggravation comes from my breast implants, as my stomach is still mostly numb from anesthesia, even three days later. So really my most painful moments are my drainage massages, which do get better each day.

My prescribed medications currently have me taking iron pills twice daily, antibiotics twice daily, analgesics once daily and pain and sleeping pills as needed. Since I am not in much pain, I generally only take a pain pills 45 minutes before my massage to dull the pain & occasionally before I sleep conjoined with a sleeping pill as well- to help me rest better.
Of my own accord, I am taking a homeopathic treatment, Arnica, very affective in treating swelling and bruising. I'm taking 5 pellets 3x a day and use the Arnicare gel before my massages & later after my showers. The nurse has actually commented on how well it is working and how fast my bruising is healing! It truly works miracles and is 100%. I brought mine along from home with me.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

Traveling out of country to have large surgical procedures by yourself is always a bit daunting. However I felt comfortable with my communication from the start. Dr. Rashi also called me at one point to finalize some details and make sure we were on the right path, which truly set me so much more at ease. He continued to be kind and gentile on my in-person consultation and always made sure the results and my expectations were alined. I actually wanted to have a bit more areas liposuctioned but he talked me out of it, due to me already having so much work done in one procedure. After waking up from the anesthesia, I can attest- he was right! The amount I had done was plenty for that one time! He put my safety and comfort above padding his pockets and that really shows the type of person and surgeon he is.

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