Going to Costa Rica to Turn Back Time!! Facelift with Dr Arguello on November 2!! - Costa Rica, CR

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This has been a long journey for me, at times an...

This has been a long journey for me, at times an arduous process. Dealing with this thing called growing old.
For me it began in my late thirties. I started to notice the jowls forming, the same genetics as my dear mom. I was married to a man 10 years younger so the negative feelings of getting old were magnified. I had gained and lost 265 pounds through 8 pregnancies and by 45 years old I was ready for my first facelift. My husband was supportive, I found a competent PS and was granted a sabbatical from work. Unfortunately a week before surgery my precious son called to say he was diagnosed with cancer. Needless to say the facelift was not meant to be. As I firmly believe there are no coincidences in life so I was able to have the time to help my son through his 3 rounds of chemo and 2 surgeries. Happily his cancer went into remission and mom went back to work putting the facelift on the back burner.
Fast forward 11 years and menopause hits with all its devastation. I hear from friends, family, doctors, over and over.."it happens to everyone. Just accept you are aging..just grow old gracefully. NO, NO, NO, not happening !!!
A year ago I began my research once again hoping it would culminate in my trip of a lifetime. I compiled the data, began by having consultations with 2 local plastic surgeons. They both recommended a trichophytic browlift with forehead reduction, upper and lower blepharoplasty, mid and lower facelift and neck lift. Grand total- $18,000. At this point in my life I am a single parent with my youngest in college. I knew this was out of the relm of possibly. My next option was just a lower facelift for $11,000. My PS agreed to do it but felt strongly I was not going to be happy with the results. The lower face would look young and vibrant but the eyelids would remain droopy..a telltale sign of age. I felt frustrated and was back to square one.
And then I stumbled upon this website..REAL SELF..a real miracle for me!! So very thankful to all you ladies that are so willing and open to share your very personal life experiences.
After reading so many profiles about medical tourism I began to think maybe my dreams could be realized..turning the clock back and staying on my budget!! Something drew me to the country of Costa Rica, all three of my daughters have travelled there and loved their experiences. But I was drawn to Dr Arguello in particular. He certainly has an impeccable resume and I was impressed with the photos of the women that were privileged to have their bodies transformed by his skillful hands. Many plastic surgeons certainly posess the mechanical expertise to perform surgery but it takes a doctor with a special eye for detail and most importantly an artistic flair to put it all together. All of these components equal a plastic surgeon with superior qualities, just what I am looking for...a surgeon who can perform surgery with virtually no bruising and sutures that can only be described as amazing. I have seen many, many photos of women with issues after a facelift. I have limited time off from my job so a quick healing process is on my short list of must haves.
A phone conversation with Dr Arguello affirmed my decision, I had absolutely made the right choice. He was charming, humorous, and most importantly was extremely knowledgeable. He answered all my questions, made me feel at ease, a true consummate professional.
So the decision is made..I am so excited!! I am flying to San Jose on October 30th and will be having my facelift on November 2nd. I have decided to stay at Verdeza because I am traveling alone and want to feel as medically supported as possible. Honestly don't want to do any after surgery care for myself. I have to say the thought of having someone care for me for 2 weeks will be a dream come true!! After being a mom for 40 years I am ready to have it be all about me..lol..if I had surgery in the US it would be 1/2 day in the hospital/clinic and goodby and good luck. A much better alternative for sure!!
I will do my best to pay it forward as so many of you beautiful ladies have done for me. Just wish to thank you all so much for being apart of making this dream come true!!

Summer of 2015..can't wait for my transformation!

My cost for surgery

The detailed cost of surgery in Costa Rica:
Doctor - $6500 (paid in cash)
Verdeza - $2080 (paid in full charge, 16 days@130)
Unibe clinic - approx $2000, can be charged
Misc expenses:
EKG - $100 cash at pre op visit
Chest X-ray - $90 cash at pre op
Blood work - $180 (insurance paid most)
Extra taxi rides- approx $100
Lymphatic massage therapy 5 visits @$55- $275
Garment - $60
Airfare from Newark - $500
So total cost is about $11500

The estimates I got from the plastic surgeons in Connecticut were:
Doctor- $14000
Hospital - $4500 (surgery and half day recovery time)
EKG - $500
Total cost &18500 and no one to help with recovery. Most likely I would have had to hire someone for a few days to help out and I can only imagine the extra cost.
Yes definitely made the right decision!!!

All packed!!

Feeling so much emotion. Yesterday was the last day of work for job number 2. ( I work 2 full time jobs). It was bittersweet..I work in a subacute psychiatric unit for children ages 5 to 12 years old. Unfortunately they are all trauma and abuse cases. As I walked in the door yesterday morning the kids had a big poster hanging that said Happy Birthday Miss Laura. So sweet. As I tucked them in last night I knew it would be the last time I would have this privilege. Most of them will be gone when I return. I am taking 5 weeks off from this position because it is so physical. Some of these kids are violent and aggressive and we have to have the ability to restrain them if necessary. My boss was very kind to give me the extra time to heal. At job number one I am a nanny to 3 toddlers ( a piece of cake compared to the other position) so shouldn't be a problem returning to work 2 days after I return. At least that is the plan for now.
I honestly can say I am feeling zero fear about my upcoming adventure. Perhaps because I have waited so many years for this to happen. It is truly a dream come true for me. I have been so open and honest about it with my family and friends. In the beginning I decided to keep it very private. Just telling my best friend and a few family members. But as this process has progressed I am so full of joy and excitement and honestly proud of myself that I am pulling this off, I don't care if the whole world knows..lol..my kids and sisters are happy for me. My friends at work were shocked and surprised, heard some say " you know you really don't need to do this". This is true but I WANT to do this!! And that's all that important. I know you ladies understand. That's what is so wonderful about this community. You just know.

I am here!!

Hola ladies!! It has been a very long wonderful day. I have been up since 1:30 this morning so I will fill everyone in tomorrow about the details but wanted to let everyone know I arrived safely. Until tomorrow!!

Loving Costa Rica!!

My adventure began at 6 am yesterday, my flight left Newark with a layover in Orlando. I arrived in San Jose at 11 am. As the plane landed my anxiety began to rise, what if my luggage is not here?, what if I have issues in customs?, my phone has no service and what if I can't find Carlos? , OMG what if I don't make it to the hospital on time for my appointments??!!! As usual all my what ifs never materialized. Luggage was the first to appear on the conveyor, customs was a breeze and Carlos was there to greet me with his warm smile and calming voice. The ride to the hospital proved easier than Carlos expected and I was dropped off at the cardiologist right on time.
Dr Deliyore was initially very direct and to the point but softened quickly even showing me a video of his sweet grandson. I passed the heart assessment with a prefect EKG according to Dr Deliyore and was escorted to X-ray by a very nice receptionist. I have to say everyone here is so friendly and goes out of their way to help in any way they can. I have so appreciated that.
As I was waiting to have my chest X-ray Dr Arce appeared and introduced himself. He walked all the way over from his office to make sure I was ok and walked me back so I didn't get lost!! Ok have to say no doctor in the US ever did that for me!!
And next I got to meet Dr Arguello. Oh my gosh, he is everything I imagined him to be. Just let me say first off, so handsome!! Ok not necessary for your surgeon to be gorgeous but it doesn't hurt..lol..seriously though his kind caring manner put me right at ease. He explained the procedures in detail, showed me amazing before and after pictures of previous procedures and wanted to make sure he addressed all my concerns. No rushing me, I knew he genuinely cared about his patients.
So I am having the brow lift, unfortunately he can't lower my hairline as much as I wanted because fear of having the startled look. Probably about 1cm, maybe 1 1/2. I will have the full facelift and he promised me an amazing neck and jawline. So excited to get rid of those jowls!! I am going to have fillers in the frown lines and forehead and also one syringe in my upper and lower lips. So.. that's the story on the procedures. I met with Dr Arce after to go over instructions for surgery and have those dreaded before photos. Just wanted to say about Dr Arce he is truly a warm, friendly and kind human being. Again haven't had many doctors with those qualities, a few but not many.
Carlos was waiting for me outside the hospital, such a nice man. He made me laugh the whole taxi ride to Verdeza. Once we arrived I was taken to my room and settled in for the night. Verdeza is all I expected it to be, has the hospital feel to it, lots of nurses around. My room is very spacious, full size bed as well as a hospital bed. The staff is very attentive, I had a little problem with wifi and someone was there almost immediately to address it. I had dinner here last night and Jacquie was right, definitely restaurant quality food. Very pleased!!
So I am up early, still on EST time so I am going to get out of bed soon and explore the city. Have a wonderful day ladies!! I will check back in later.

Almost here!!

I am so in love with Costa Rica, this is truly a trip of a lifetime for me. Some people spend this much money on just a 2 1/2 week vacation and I get a transformation to go with it!!
Got up early this morning, enjoyed a wonderful Costa Rican breakfast. It don't usually eat breakfast but it looked so healthy and yummy I splurged and it was worth every extra calorie. Went for a three mile walk around the neighborhoods. It's a beautiful day here sunny and 82. Perfect day for rest and relaxation!!

My new home..lol

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!!

Time to reveal the dreaded before pictures. The Good is I never have to look at this face again after today!! I think the bad and the ugly speak for themselves..lol

Photos didn't upload, trying again!!

On the other side!!

Sorry I didn't post sooner but having issues with pain like Jacquie did. Dr Arguello is amazing, honestly could not have asked for a better doctor. He came in last night and made sure I got all the heavy drugs I needed. I got home from the clinic I few hours ago and have been icing and more icing. I will post more details later. Just wanted everyone to know I am doing good.

Day two!!

I am feeling much better than yesterday. Surgery went as expected, no complications however i was not prepared for the pain afterwards. My brow area and my eyes and mouth hurt the most. I guess after reading all the reviews on this site I assumed it would be pain free which it was definitely not!! They had given my Tylox and that wasn't working. When Dr Arguello came in around 7 which I was so grateful for, he told them I don't want her in any pain and they gave me morphine. What a relief!! So much better. Since I have insomnia the night doctor ordered something, I think it was liquid Ativan and I slep for 4 hour!! That is a lot for me!! I woke up and pain and I got 2 Tylox this time. I wish I had know before hand pain was going to be such an issue I would have talked more with Dr Arguello. The 2 women that are in the room next to me had similiar experiences. One of them had to receive 3 shots of morphine. So maybe it should be said it certainly not always pain free.

Day Three!!

Today was definitely rough as far as pain goes but I seem to feel better tonight. I had my office visit with Dr Arguello this afternoon, had my drains taken out which may be why I feel better. I can no say enough about what an amazing doctor I have , so kind and caring. His work is awe inspiring. I am SO pleased. I owe him so much!! For a person to be able to look in the mirror and finally be able to smile inspite of the bruising..I will always be grateful.

Day four!!

I got my heart shape face back!! Honestly I don't think I looked this good at 40..lol..can't beiieve I am 59!! Couldn't say that last week!! I know I say this over and over but Dr Arguello is a true genius. No more lines on my face, no more jowls, saggy neck. I haven't felt this good about myself in a very long time. Thanks.
Today has been better, I am just relaxing, taking it easy and waiting for my sweet Real Self friend to arrive tonight. Hopefully I can stay up late enough to greet her!!

Day 5!!

I was feeing a bit melancholy today, something I have read about on this site but wasn't sure I would experience it. I am still in pain inspite of Dr Arguello's valiant efforts to alleviate it. I told him it is not his fault, I seem to be hypersensitive to any trauma done to me body and the pain is always worse then it should be. Each time I think it will different but it never is. Surgery, dental all involve major pain for me. They have tried to figure it out But to no avail. But as I was feeling sorry for myself and realizing I am being a baby compared to what my precious son went through with is 3 rounds of chemotherapy and 2 major surgery. I decided I need to follow his example and be a fighter..I will get through this!! And it will so be worth it!!
I had the wonderful please of having dinner with my Real Self. I think we connected and she makes me laugh!! Laughter is so good for the soul!!
I have so many positive comments about Doctor Arguello's work on my face. They all were amazed as well as I. So grateful every day when I look in the mirror something I have not been able to do for along time.

Day 7!!

Hey ladies..had a busy day yesterday. I had my first lymphatic massage and it was wonderful!! I am still having pain but gets more manageable as each day passes. Again don't want anyone to think this has anything to do with surgery. My nerve endings everywhere in my body are hypersensitive to any kind of trauma. I know it will pass.
I so appreciate of my new friend from NYC, my Real Self buddy. She is such a godsend to me. We have one wonderful conversation after another. Honestly it is just amazing how we have connected!! So very nice!!
My face is healing right on schedule, Dr Arguello looked at my sutures yesterday and said everything looked perfect. So pleased!! The only place I have bruising is around my eyes, no bruising on my neck or my forehead. Wow, just amazing.all due to Dr Arguello's technique!! Can't say it enough, such a talented doctor!!!

Day seven!!

Day seven!!

Day seven!!

Day eight!!

I went to see Dr Arce this morning, he took out the stitches in my eyes and along my ear line. He said everything looked wonderful, no redness anywhere!! I am going to have stitches alone hairline and back of ears on Friday. While I was taking the elevator down from the 7th floor of the hospital a woman I was riding with said to me "eres bonita". Made me feel so good"!!
I took a 3 mile walk along the Aviends de Escuza. I love it there!! Sat in a cafe and had a glass of wine by myself. Miss my real self friend. She had her surgery today, I am sure she looks beautiful!!

Day 10!!

i am not feeling too well today. I have interstitial cystitis, an autoimmune disease that flares every so often. The symptoms are the same as a UTI, lots of burning. I never know if I truly have a UTI or just a flare. Carlos drove me to Walmart to get pyridium which numbs the bladder for a couple of hours. I am a little nervous about having a full blown UTI here but Dr Arguello is so supportive he said he would order any necessary tests and give me antibiotics if needed. Amazing, before I left for Cost Rica I had a flare up and called my doctor. Had to wait all day for her to call me back!! So trying to rest as much is possible.. for me. My app said I walked 5 miles today which definitely lowered my anxiety level. Had another appointment at the spa which has helped with swelling of my face. Bruising is almost gone, really under one eye that is still red.
Spent a little time with my wonderful RS friend. She really looks wonderful!! Tomorrow I will post more photos of my face when I feel better. Good night ladies!!

Day 12!!

I am feeling so much better since beginning the antibiotics for my UTI. My stitches came out today, Dr Arguello partially removed the ones on my brow, said they would come out naturally. So happy with the results!! I could say it over and over, Dr Arguello is so amazing in every way. I will repeat what Jacquie has said many times, when you are Dr Arguello's patient you feel as though you are his only patient. I will miss him and Dr Arce so much..but feel so privileged to have been their patient. I know I will never experience that level of care back in the US. Hopefully I will return to Costa Rica next year to have an arm lift. And hopefully with my RS friend, can't imagine anything better!! She has been amazing too, a true blessing!!

Back home!

Good morning Ladies!! Sorry it has been awhile since I have posted. I arrived home on Sunday evening. Very sad to leave Costa Rica. If I had to do it over again I would have stayed an extra week for my emotional and physical well being. Verdeza was a wonderful place to recover, the nurses were wonderful, I felt all my needs were attended to and the food was so healthy, low carb, high in protein. It was a nice surprise to get on the scale at home and see I lost 7 pounds!! I also attribute that to warm weather which prompted he to take long walks every day. Felt like neighborhoods around Verdeza became my neighborhood. My health app said I walked over 40 miles during the time I was there. Definitely helped keep my anxiety low. ??
Dr Arguello not only surpassed my expectations as a plastic surgeon but he is one of the most caring and kind human beings I have met in a very long time. He went above and beyond meeting all my medical needs while in Costa Rica and when I had the extra medical issue, my UTI, which potentially could have sent me over the top with fear I knew he was there with me every step of the way. I am so grateful. Dr Arce was warm and understanding, texting on a regular basis to make sure I was doing well. Again I know for sure I made the right decisions, choosing Dr Arguello and Dr Arce, choosing Clinica Unibe, choosing Verdeza. Carlos was amazing, another person to lean on if you needed support. And of course my RS friend, what an added bonus to have had her to lean through all my ups and downs of this process. I know she will be a friend for a very long time
A few things I would do differently..besides staying in Costa Rica a week longer: not sure why but didn't anticipate the strain that finding my way through Newark Airport would produce, going through immigration, through customs, lugging 60 pounds of luggage, finding the air train and then finding my way to the hotel shuttle..driving almost 2 hours to my home in Connecticut. So exhausting!! The one positive thing that happened was the customs office looked at my passport, looked at me and said"wow you look pretty." Felt good. ??
The next day I was in some pain, rested so felt better by the end of the day.
Here's is another change I would make. While I took 5 weeks off from my job on the psych unit because it is so physically challenging, I decided to go back to my job as a nanny to 3 toddlers under the age of 4. Not sure why I thought that job would be any less physically challenging but I love that family and they love me and I knew they needed me back. So yesterday I worked 12 hours. By the end of the day lots of pain in face and back of ears. I don't have to be back to work til noon today, resting again, pain is much better this morning. Day by day for sure!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Sorry haven't posted in a while. Coming back and adjusting to the rigors of work again have been challenging. Been feeling pretty exhausted both physically and emotionally. Wish I didn't have this pain from nerve endings being hypersensitive, probably my autoimmune stuff. I just know my healing will be months and not weeks. But I am so grateful I was able to have my facelift with Dr Arguello. As far as I am concerned I had the best plastic surgeon, so privileged for that opportunity. Can't say enough good things about him. He made me feel so supported even when I returned to the US. Probably one thing I would do different would be to stay longer. I wasn't really ready to come home especially emotionally. But I know for next time.
I was a little concerned for a while about my forehead, just didn't know what to expect from the healing process. Sent pics to Dr Arguello and he thought they looked fine but had my gynecologist look at them the next day at my appointment and she said they looked perfect, no sign of infection, she was impressed with Dr Arguello's work so made me feel at ease.
I will post more pics when I am able to get my hair colored. Probably not for a couple more weeks, have to ask Dr Arguello but don't want to take any chances with my forehead and the healing process.


Lessons learned.

This has been a challenging week but definitely ended on the positive side. Just wanted to share some changes that I made that have made my recovery easier. As I thought about recovery in Costa Rica I realized that I took a few steps backward when I returned home. I began to ask myself why?? I think there were four main reasons why that was...Number one the importance of the lymphatic massages. I would highly suggest getting as many as possible while you are in Costa Rica. For me the swelling definitely has contributed to the pain. This week I began giving myself massages ( not as effective as the ones I received at Dr Arguello spa) but has helped with the swelling. Number 2..I ate so healthy at Verdeza, high protein, low carbs, fresh veggies every day. This week with a few exceptions went back to eating at Whole Foods, only organic. I don't cook so that's as close to I good to eating healthy. Number 3 realized I needed to reduce alcohol consumption to once a week til I am healed..ok that one is difficult..lol..and number 4 I relieved my health anxiety by having my PCP exam all my incisions. Her words were amazing suturing!! Wow!! She was very impressed. But all who are familiar with the work of Dr Arguello understand the response.
So in the last 2 days thinks are much better. So thankful!!!

Almost six weeks!!

Everyday has its challenges, swelling and pain but not for one second to I regret my decision. Today I got my hair cut, I realized that have always wanted the stylist to turn the chair around so I did not have to look in the mirror. Today I just smiled, loved what I saw, so exciting. Today as I got out of the car saw my reflection in the window. For the first time in almost 20 years liked what I saw. Feeling so grateful to Dr Arguello. We are just so fortunate in this day and age that we have a choice. Happy I choose to feel young again!!!

10 weeks

So happy with my results!!! Dr Arguello did an amazing transformation. This process of healing has been challenging for me but that is my body responding to trauma. I have this issue with every surgery or procedure I have ever experienced. Always have more pain and take longer to heal than the majority of people. My incisions are healed, look awesome but continue to deal with swelling, pretty normal for only 10 weeks. This week was pain free for me. So grateful!! Things are progressing!! Yay!!

Neck and jawline comparison

I found this picture yesterday while going through my things. I was 29 years old on vacation in Mexico. I took the second picture yesterday as a reminder of the 3 month anniversary of my facelift and realized how similiar my neck and jawline look compared to 29 years ago and it made me smile. Thank you Dr Arguello. :)

3 months

Three months this week..continue to be very satisfied with my results. The eyelid swelling seems to be better depending on the day but I can finally wear makeup which I am still experimenting with. I was able to get eyelash extensions with minimal pain this past week. Was afraid the glue would be an irritant but not too bad. I have so much crepey skin under my eyes that it is difficult to appreciate the results in that area but does look so much better than pre surgery...aren't we always our own worst critic right? Lol..
I continue to have swelling on both sides of my face, jaw, neck and top of my head. I am thinking now that the swelling will remain fo at least 6 months which I know is normal for some people after surgery. The pain is more a discomfort now, does not usually last all day, annoying but tolerable. And temporary, there is an end in sight. :)
I have developed a raised area on one of the incisions behind my ear that was becoming painful. I texted a pic to Dr Arguello, he said it looks like a keloid and would need steroid injections. My PCP confirmed a keloid although she said no inflammation or infections. She looked at all my other incisions and said they looked great. So now waiting until the end of February for appointment with the dermatologist. So frustrating nothing sooner. I have never had a keloid before and never has any family member..and unusual for women in my age category, menopause means a dramatic drop in collagen. Just hope I can have another procedure without worrying about this but I guess there is always that chance.

4 months and one week!!

As they say where does the time go, 4 months already. The healing process continues to be slow but steady. I am still having swelling and some discomfort especially surrounding my keloid. I went to the dermatologist to have steroid injection and that has helped minimally. Have to go back on April 1st for second injection. From my research and reading on this site seems they are stubborn to treatment but I am trying to be patient. As I said before it is behind my ear so not a big deal except it is tender. I continue to be very happy with my results. My incisions healed very nicely, it is the nerve regeneration that seems to take forever at least for me. I am back to working 60 hours a week, don't have my energy back totally but much better than a month ago. My eyes are still red and swell depending on the day but are looking better. I was able to get my eyelash extensions although had some discomfort for a few days from the glue but fine now. And I can wear makeup again with out looking 10 years older!! So happy!
Going for my botox next week, don't want the frown lines to return. Also getting botox above my lips for lip lines. I am starting to think about skin resurfacing, just not sure at this point I can tolerate CO 2 laser, may have to go with Fraxel Dual. Trying to be kinder to my face..lol..also thinking seriously about returning to Costa Rica for a lip lift. My friends have said to me, why don't you just do it local? Not a chance. Dr Arguello' suturing is too amazing..so important especially when this incision is so highly visible!!

My mini revision

Update..such a pleasure to be back in Costa Rica!! It is the 6 month anniversary of my face lift, with the exception of the keloid I developed and some skin puckering on just below my temples, everything healed just as it was supposed to. I had my doctor here look at incisions every few months and they always stated your surgeon did an excellent job. They didn't have to tell me, I already knew I had the best surgeon I could possibly have. So grateful..I know I have said this many times before but this experience has changed my life in so many ways. I realized the strength I possess as a woman to travel to a foreign country and to have surgery in a place I was not familiar. I really was apprehensive, people in my life told me I was crazy and I thought perhaps I was too. Until I had my first phone consultation with Dr Arguello..at that moment I just knew I was doing the right thing. I just knew. He answered every question in great detail..didn't make me feel I was taking up his time, and made me laugh which was an added bonus. And he was everything in person and more. I have not one regret. He gave me 20 years back I honestly feel. In the past 3 months I went back to online dating, a nightmare but that is another story..lol..however the comments that I receive from men..why do you look so young? You can't possibly have a 40 year old when you look 40 yourself, the last one thought I was 35..lol..ok it was dark and he had a few drinks..lol..I can only say thank you so much Dr Arguello!! My self esteem has gone up so much since my surgery. I truly feel like I was born again.
At the 5 month mark I noticed the skin puckering on the side of my face had not resolved, especially the right side. No one ever noticed but I did so called Dr Arguello and let him know. His response was..of course Laura any revision you need I would be more than happy to do it. A revision and a good excuse for a long weekend in Costa Rica. So excited I was going back!! So I arrived on May 12th and that afternoon had an IPL treatment with my other favorite doctor, Dr Arce. He was so kind and gentle with my face. I was so concerned I was going to have issues with pain because I have hypersensitive nerve endings. No pain at all and my skin is so much brighter with only one treatment. He said I will probably need 4 to get the results I want. Can't wait!!
The next day my mini revision was done by Dr Arguello and Dr Arce, so nice to have them both there..felt very special. But they always make me feel that way as they do all their patients. So I received a local anesthetic and Dr Arguello lengthened the incisions on both sides in the temple area and removed a strip of skin. I also had fillers done in area of frown lines and lips. Everything looks great..I am so happy!!
And my big added bonus..I got to met and enjoy the company of 2 Real Self friends I have corresponded with online. I have enjoyed there company immensely. So blessed.
Before I end this update I wanted to address the disturbing series of events that has been happening concerning Dr Arguello former liaison. It is so upsetting to me that this woman is trying to undermine Dr Arguello impeccable reputation because she is disgruntled former employee. Please please please ladies do not believe her lies and accusations. I mean this in every since of the word she is crazy. DO NOT let her effect your plans of going to the best possible plastic surgeon that you can have. If you have questions about anything feel free to private message me.

Makeover Part 2: Back to Costa Rica YAY!!!

After much thought I have finally made my decision to go back to Costa Rica to began part 2 of my makeover. I feel that my facelift surgery has given me a new life. Literally. I am so grateful to Dr Arguello.. so thankful for all he has done. What an amazing experience that was and there was no question in my mind that when I decided to have plastic surgery on my body, Dr Arguello was the one I would choose to do it.
So..I am contemplating having a mommy makeover including a breast reduction with no implants. I am a 36DD and hopefully with reduction I will be a 34B. I am 5'2 and 115 lbs so the DD is causing neck, shoulder and back pain. I have not been a B since 7th grade so probably will take some time getting used to. But I sent Dr Arguello my pics and he said no problem so good to hear. I may also have a tummy tuck done but since I only have 3 weeks off from work and my job is so physical ( I must lift a 25 lb baby on a regular basis) not so sure. But I figure women have casereans all the time and go home to toddlers so not much different. We shall see as the time gets closer.
I am aiming for going sometime in the middle to end of November. Already got the time off so I am very excited for my next adventure.

Nov 28th

I confirmed with Dr Arce this week November 28th will be my surgery date. I will be flying in to Costa Rica on Black Friday around noon and hopefully getting all my preop surgery stuff taken care of on that day. Still have not decided exactly what I am having done..breast reduction is a definite..I will update as soon as I know..I am very excited for sure!!

Lip Lift

I arrived in Costa Rica on Thanksgiving morning..so happy to be back in this beautiful country. I am staying at Hotel Cristina because decided it was not necessary to stay at a recover center for relatively minor procedure..I have a 2 bedroom suite with buffet breakfast for $75 a night. I am enjoying my stay this far and have been taking Uber's around the city..such a deal.
I had my pre op visit with Dr Arguello and Dr Arce on Friday..we went over the procedure, what to expect..Dr Arce took the before pics..not as bad as last year before the facelift..lol..Got all my Botox done ( about half the price as the US and Dr Arguello is an amazing injector..) I have had so many so called professionals screw it up over the years. Anyway..
Dr Arguello did the measurements for the lip lift..he said probably removing 7 to 9 mm. My philtrum was 20.
I arrived at Clinica Unibe at 7am on Monday the 28th. Got all the paperwork done and was ready for the surgery at 9 am. So comforting to see Dr Arguello's face, took any fears away that I had.
Surgery lasted about an hour, including fillers for temples and lips and he also fixed a scar that I had previously that had widened a bit. The nurses were all commenting after the surgery..Que linda..made me feel so good. I stayed for about an hour at the clinic after the procedure and then headed home. The Uber driver asked me if I was a student at the university??? ..lol..Told Arguello this morning when he checked in on me.."you have truly made this one of the best years of my life" I am so so grateful to him.

Day 2

The swelling began this morning..very happy with the red lip show and the new size of my philtrum..about 12 mm

Day six

This is my last day in Costa Rica. Sad to leave but so thrilled with the results of my lip lift so far. The swelling continues to subside and no pain at all. As I have read in this site, swelling moves around every day. Sometimes cheeks, even jawline. Nose is definitely swollen as well as my pores look bigger..but trying to be patient with the healing..going through the facelift I am all to familiar with actually how long the healing process takes so yes patience..
Dr Arguello is taking the stitches out tomorrow..not many doctors would be so kind to go to the office on a Sunday but really didn't want to have stitches removed by another doctor so I am meeting him in the office before going to the airport..feeling gratitude for sure.
Costa Rica Plastic Surgeon

If I could give Dr Arguello 10 stars I would. He is amazing doctor as well as an amazing human being. From the moment we had our phone consultation I knew he was the surgeon for me. He answered all my questions in detail, going over each procedure I needed, never making me feel rushed. When I arrived in Costa Rica and meet Dr Arguello in person he was everything I imagined. Besides being charming and possessing a wonderful sense of humor, I could see his eye for detail. He looked at me and knew exactly what he needed to do. I couldn't be happier with my results..But I think the thing I appreciate the most about Dr Arguello he is always there whenever I had a problem or concern. Something I never see in my US doctors. When I returned back to the US I have had some issues that came up. I would text Dr Arguello and within 15 minutes I received a reply. Just amazing. Honestly will never have another plastic surgeon touch my face. It is worth the trip to Costa Rica to get the best!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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